The second Wolfzone blog

The second Wolfzone blog.
This has been a good week even with the rain the dogs are enjoying the change in the weather and already heading into winter mode.
The summer chill out is coming to an end.
Hybrid news
Taska our girl has just had her first season very quick in and out in a few days no fuss from either her or the boys.
Now coming into mating time for the hybrid litters Matzi has been in his element with a mating to D’quilla, we are all very excited waiting for the next month to scan Dqullia and fingers crossed for our next generation hybrid pups.

Czechoslovakian [ Csv] news
Cito is putting on weight so hopefully she is in pup to Titan Lobo we are still taking a couple more deposits on the pure csv litter due end of October.

Zodi and Reo’s pups are doing well all growing nicely and very content mum is still very happy and smiling with her cheeky Czech grin.
Nook and Reo pups are eating puppy biscuits running round and playing all looking content, hopefully practicing how to impress their prospective new owners.

Saarloos news

All three bva hip scores for our last litter of pups from D’quilla have just come back I am very happy to say the results are
Tarna female is 5.5
Tory female is 4.3
Kyle our male is 4.3
Pictures of these three will soon be on the web site the girls are very similar to mum and Kyle our forest brown boy is very handsome and quiet an individual look not really like mum or the infamous El cid.

General news
Good luck to Shoshones beautiful princess Sakari owned by Mandy for her level three search and rescue test coming up next weekend.

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