September 19th

Another week goes by and puppies leave for their new homes.
We have had four additions this week as Shaun and Isla have been away, so Heara, Elka,Wayakin and Seattle have been back home for a visit, they have been great, all bred here but this was Wayakins first stay.
They have all enjoyed themselves it’s been really nice to have felt they were just like one of my own groups.

Nook’s puppies are doing really well they are now totally independent from mum and fully weaned.
Some of the litter has been chosen but some are still available they will be on the web site very soon.

Zodi and her pups are coming along nicely; they are having a visit from Shaun tomorrow to select a puppy as a sniffer dog.
Another hopeful pup in a long-term job.
This litter has special qualities as they are ¾ Czechoslovakian and ¼ Polar speed husky.
An ideal working dog bred for speed health and to be very intelligent.

This seems to be the week for everyone to come into season, poor Eba is feeling a bit blobby and just trotting around not like her usual mad self galloping down the field.
Boots and Taska are both taking theirs in there stride with not a care in the world.
Smokey has other ideas but no more females are being mated in this next month.
By not mating any of the other girls this will leave more time to spend raising the hybrid litters due from Dora and Quilla who will be the next girls to have pups.
Both litters will be born very close together but as we know there will be very few pups born, this was our main reason for selecting these two girl for the hybrid litters.

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