October 3rd

We have had a good week and managed to beat the weather, the new store room is nearly finished.
The roofers had a couple of damp but successful days on the main kennel block, Nooks puppies were fantastic they slept right thought the roof being taken off and the new sheets replaced right above their heads.
So now with the main block and back pen all done with anti condensation sheets it’s looking a little posh now.
Only one more outside pen to be done.
The new timbers for that one are being put in this week then the sheets will go up and that will be another job finished before winter sets in.

Next major works are rendering all the outside of the main kennel block and more ventilation going in, this should not be to more of an upheaval for us as it only affects one pen.

Dog news.
Well Zodi has been a bit of a worry she broke into the kitchen a couple of days ago where all the liver had been chopped ready for the weekly liver cake to be prepared.
Unfortunately she managed to gulp a very large mouthful probably ¾ of a pound, this has upset her so we have had 8 clean vet beds in just over 24 hours from the unpleasant mess her and the puppies keep leaving.
The poor pups are feeling it from the milk and the food she has regurgitated.
I am hoping she has just about got this out of her system by now.
Typical csv very greedy.

Kirsty one of the girls who works here brought her little Nook puppy for a visit last night, I was so pleased with the progress the two of them have made, for Kirsty’s first wolf dog she has done exceptionally well with her pup Neaka she is a real credit to the breed.
Poor Kate our newest member of staff has been a little trooper this week, she has had a very sad time her little Jack Russell went missing then very unfortunately she was found dead near Kate’s home, despite this awful week she has done well and been to work everyday lots of tears but she has made a real effort so thank you to Kate.
My girls may seem to be a bit behind the scenes but they are a big part of the running of a successful kennel.

Bisto the Labrador is getting ready for her little Labradoodle puppies, that should be fun as Bisto was not a very good mum last year, fingers crossed for a more successful litter this time round.

Doodle the little Yorkshire terrier has been pushing her luck with Kiro the csv guard dog who lives in the house, for the last few nights when Kiro is brought in Doodle has run up behind her a bit her back legs Kiro obviously having had enough by now decided as I am not allowed to bite her back or I would be in serious trouble kicked back as Doodle came running up behind her tonight, well I think that may even the score now as Doodle went flying she then skulked off to sit with her pups looking dejected.

Cujo has had her hip ex ray done this week ready to leave next weekend to join Paul Collins of Orkwolf and his family in Scotland as their newest brood bitch.
Cujo will be mated to a dog bred here called Zav vie he is a pure bred csv.
A Nanuk female sired by Reo our import csv will also join her.
I am sure they will both be very happy with their new pack.

New pictures of the puppies available will be on the web site tomorrow.
There are still a few left.

All the rest of the Wolfzone pack is doing well, nothing exciting to report this week.
I am now off to chill out as I have a really nasty head cold.

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