November 21st

21-st Nov blog

This is a week I am pleased to have behind me, its been a little stressful all-round.
We have two labradoodles going to Munich one has gone on Friday and a wolf dog getting his passport to go to Germany.
Also arranging the importing of our new CSV girls.

We have had some very mixed weather we had to make the most of the dry days a bed up deeply with straw on the wet ones.

Kirsty and Kate managed well on Wednesday when I had a hospital visit I was more stressed about leaving here than the reason I was in hospital,
Coosa gave the girls the run around for a bit but then decided he would come back into his kennel after he had his fun, anyway I have a stay of execution for 6 months.
Thank you everyone for the kind emails and if I eat half of the presents of Chocolate, fudge and shortbread before Christmas I will need to join weight watchers.
D’Quilla’s pups are growing really well they are the biggest pups I have had at two weeks old.
Dora’s puppy has just starting eating and he has taken a real growth spurt he is now much bigger than D’quilla’s boys.

Jacket our little Zodi pup is doing very well, his new owners have been to visit for the weekend.
They can’t wait to take him home.

Wayakin has been in seventh heaven he has been for a visit while Shaun and Isla have been away, a weekend with five girls, its no wonder he likes to come and stay.

Today has been busy with Paul arranging and viewing a group of dogs to join Paul’s kennel in Orkney for his breeding program.

The dogs leaving will give me more space and time for my new pups I have to raise over this winter.

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