Christmas week

Christmas week

A bit of a disastrous start to the week, Meli cut a massive gash in her foot on the ice it was three days on a high dose of antibiotics and anti inflammatory before the roads were safe enough to travel her to the vets.
While loading her into the van Kate shouts Eba has slid down the field on her side and has a cut on her shoulder, well it was a very large cut that made my stomach turn, so another one to take with me.
After a five hour round trip we carried both girls in and caged them in the house for a few days.
I thought all was going well until Luta started to whelp, that was not so good either, one puppy and he was born dead.
I was expecting 3 or 4 as she is a six year old bitch, another one to join us in the house.
Luta is now up for re home as a pet.

Last minute rush to make sure everything is done, I was happy all was sorted for a couple of nice easy days.
That was a great thought snow and ice then a slight thaw which brought more bad news, burst pipes, frozen pipes, frozen gutters.. well for a while until they came crashing to the floor!
Then to top it all on Christmas day the boiler stopped working, no heat is one thing managing in the house with industrial heaters but no hot water is horrible.

All the puppies have two heat lamps over the whelping boxes and heaters in the kennel.

All the dogs that were in the house after their unfortunate week are all now back outside in the kennels.

Other than that all is well and everyone is well bedded up on straw.
Kiro is due on the 14 th of January she is looking fairly large.

Jan in Blackpool has one female puppy left to sell she is 4 weeks old.

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