Christmas week 2012

Sunday 23 rd.
Wendy and Brian came down through some terrible flooding to help out with picking up dogs that were staying here for Christmas but the transport bringing the pups had broken down so thankfully Wendy and Brian met them and brought the pups home as I did not want them sat on the road side.
While they were here Brian unblocked the drain pipe going into Roxy’s pen, it seems like the soak away blocks when we have a freeze.
He also mended my coffee table in the lounge which was good as I would have had nowhere to put my wine glass on Christmas day.
Then lagged the pipes in the bottom block.
Kirsty came to the rescue as Lisa apparently could not get in due to flooding, Kirsty did three hours and we were absolutely flat out, then off she went to pick up two of my hybrid puppies that are coming in for some house training before they fly to their new homes.
After we had got all the dogs out and kennels cleaned we scraped all of the water out of the new build now the roof is on.
We are now ready for the windows to be fitted in January.
I did the lunchtime feeds and got everyone back out again for a long run.
After feeding all the dogs, went to bed quite happy.
I gave all of the house dogs bones and then wrapped the remaining presents that I had just bought.
Monday morning, Christmas Eve, Kirsty and I did all of the small dogs, Kiro and the puppies then I went off to the vets to get Taska scanned as she had been bleeding.
I was lucky I was the first person to get to the vets at 9 am so we got in before all of the morning surgery people with appointments turned up.
The good news is that Taska is in pup she is about 30 days so half way, the bleed is nothing serious if it stays like this it won’t cause a problem.
When we came out of the consulting room into the waiting area I heard a small dog nearly choke it leapt off from its owners lap and reached the end of its lead before getting hold of Taska.
Everyone looked shocked but Taska didn’t even turn her head to look at the dog she just walked out quietly.
When I got home Kirsty left as she really needed to get some last minute shopping after covering for Lisa she had not managed to go out on Sunday as planned.
I finished off hosing and cleaning then mother turned up with a car load of presents and food.
It rained on and off all morning but thankfully it let up for a couple of hours in the afternoon, this gave me a chance to get everyone out and all of the groups of smaller dogs were fed outside then the wolf dogs were fed.
By 5 pm I was really cold and tired so I decided that an early finish was in order.
I had a call to rehome a dog that has been shunted from one disaster to another but they could not tell me where the dog had come from or any details so I said no not without microchip details or paper work.
Mum and I had dinner then let all of the house dogs in the lounge with a large bag of beef bones.
I did some emails then a couple of phone calls and finally bed at 12.30.
Christmas day Tuesday
Kirsty came in for two hours and we blitzed everything at full speed so she could get home to her boys and I could spend an hour with my son while I had a couple of groups of dogs out.
The first hour and a half was not too bad but the rest of the day was heavy showers on and off all day.
Nathan came over at about 10 am and stayed till just before 12, we did the coffee and presents then Nath fixed my light in the garage.
We then popped down to the new build to have a chat about the electrics and where everything was going.
Nath went off to dinner with his girlfriend’s parents.
We had a quick bit of lunch and then outside to feed and swap dogs over.
The last Kiro female puppy that is left lives in the house she is called Shoshone but we call her Shone for short.
She is a great pup very fast to learn she can sit, down, recall go to bed go outside and nearly clean in the house.
She is not bothered by the other dogs or anything really.
She starts at training club in January if she is still here.
Everyone was out of short runs as the weather was still horrid and drizzling quite heavy.
I came in and we had dinner for just after 5 which is very unusual here.
It was very nice and peaceful we had fresh duck breast as I do eat turkey but I prefer not to at Christmas.
All the house dogs then came out for the evening with chews.
We all had a late night and all dogs went off to sleep peacefully at just after 12.
Wednesday morning Boxing Day.
Kirsty came in for a couple of hours, we got as much done as possible then I carried on as normal for the rest of the day.
I managed to spend a lot of time with the dogs and Jake the last Kiro male puppy that was left came into the house for a couple of hours in the afternoon to give kiro a break and some more social time with the house dogs for Jake.
Shone my bitch went out for an hour in the pen to play with her mum { Kiro }
This gives her the chance to learn from mum and the house dogs.
She is not fazed by rough play with C, this is probably a breeze after playing with her mum.
After spending most of the day outside in the rain I came in for dinner with mum at just after 5 pm.
We spent the evening with the house dogs and had a fairly early night.
Thursday morning was kirsty and I, yet another wet start and Kirsty was ill.
We cleaned everyone out and fed everyone I popped out quickly to get some more shavings for the dogs.
When I got back Kirsty went home for a sleep.
Stella and her family came down to see Jake the last kiro boy, off he went to his new home.
Kiro spent a couple of hours out in the field with Matzi and then went in with reo for the night.
Tomorrow Siren will have to move down to the bottom block with Bobby as I don’t want to separate Reo from Idaho.
Matzi will go back in with kiro.
This will leave Rainn, Tory and A’lupa without a male with them for now.
When Taska is moved away from Coosa in the second week of January Coosa will move in with the three girls.
I am hoping for Rainn or Bobby to come into season in February.
Faith one of the Tory hybrids was taken to Heathrow today she will fly to Texas tomorrow to meet her new owners.
The whelping area will be cleaned out tomorrow ready for Taska for the new hybrid litter due next month.
I had a visit from Tessa today with her wolf dog and her Czech male.
Tessa is thinking of having a hybrid in the future.
I finished off feeding and letting the last groups of dogs out at 5.30 in the dark and then came in for dinner, you could tell mother had gone home this morning a typical day with no lunch and late dinner.
I spent the evening with the house dogs and on the computer.
Friday morning was Lisa and I yet another wet dark start, we got the dogs from the bottom groups of poodles doodles and labs out into pen 1 in the bottom block so they did not get drowned first thing in the hopes that when the weather cleared a bit they could go out and play in the mud in the field.
We couldn’t clean the whelping area out ready for Taska at the end of January because Kiro will not settle in the top kennel she barks and howls constantly, she can stay for a couple more days with the bedding from the pups then she will have a vet bed and a blanket, hopefully she will realise that they are not coming back and get bored with being on her own.
We did the top groups one kennel at a time so they could get in and out of the field to a dry pen of they wanted to.
I left Lisa to do Roxy and Atlz while I did the frozen feeds and unloaded the meat delivery.
We cleaned the bottom yard and the bottom kennels for the house dogs to go out and have somewhere dry to play.
I had a lady come to view the labradoodle puppies; she bought the little girl and will pick her up on New Year’s Day.
We did the lunchtime feeds and then Kate popped in to pick up some meat, she stayed and helped me with feeding, and then Kirsty popped in to pick up some puppy food and let the two hybrid boys play with Shone for a while.
I had a delivery from dhl that I was not expecting it was a really nice Christmas present from Wolf Echo and Rupert.
I finished off outside and came in for a bath as I was soaked and my neck and shoulder was killing me.
I spent the evening with the house dogs and had an early night.
Saturday morning was a really awful start the rain was so heavy all of the smaller dogs had to go into the bottom block again while there pens were cleaned out.
We did the same with the top kennels one group at a time.
Lisa did Roxy and Atlz while I was checking over one of the hybrid pups that Kirsty has, as Kirsty was not happy that he seemed a little off and a bit quieter than normal, he seemed ok so she is just keeping a close eye on him.
I went into town to try and find a bracket to fix my pole onto a breeze block pillar so we can get the new flood lights put up; it was a wasted trip apart from meeting Kate.
I got home and Lisa had been letting dogs out when the rain eased up, the dogs are getting really fed up with this constant in and out for a short run. They would prefer cold and dry weather.
We fed the pups and then I spent some time training with Shone before taking her off down the drive for a walk and into the new building to show her where she will live later.
I had a couple of phone calls to make then afternoon feeding.
While the last two groups were out I filled up all of the feed bins and tidied up in the garage.
I let the house dogs out and then on the computer for a while.

Shone sleeping after a hard day


Faith asrrived safely in Texas

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