9th September

Last Sunday was a little damp but not as bad as expected, Kate and I got all but two pens finished when I went off out for a walk with Coosa, lupus and Kirsty, we parked in the car park on the edge of South Molton and walked through town then round the housing estate and on up to the park, we went right through the park back round the industrial estate in through the top of the park and back through the high street.
It was a really nice walk and we did not encounter any difficulties.
I got home and did the blog then helped Kate with lunchtime feeding getting the vet beds washed and doing the yard.
Kate is fed up with Atlaz he has been howling most of the day, but this has been going on for weeks it’s just getting worse.
We cleaned all the ears on the labs and outside doodles then took he stitches out of Honey from her spaying, she is off to her new home on Tuesday.
I went out and played with Coosa and his group in the field, and then a family came to view pups.
I fed everyone and put the house dogs out in the field as it was going to rain and I wanted to wear them out so I could put them back in their pen for a while.
I got everyone in and bedded up then went out again with Coosa .
Tuesday morning all was going well, cleaning was good most of them were not too dirty, just as well because the phone did not stop all morning.
I got the van booked in for a service, spoke to Shaun to arrange going out for a walk with Kirsty and Narla as Simon was working.
I thought it would be nice for Coosa to meet Peaches’ and Shaun’s labradoodle named fat back.
I had a call waiting come through and a very disturbed relative of mine that was looking after my sister’s farm while they are all away on holiday in France.
Unfortunately their old pony had taken a turn for worse and could not get up.
The real problem was the Arab stallion, he is in the field with the pony and was getting stressed and jumping all around him and rearing up.
I rang Kate who was nearly home and asked her to come back immediately as I was going out the door and explained what had happened.
I got to the farm sorted the stallion out, got the vet to put the pony to sleep and sedate the stallion.
We had to leave the pony with the stallion overnight so he got the idea that he was dead.
I had to go back over the next night and take the stallion out of the field to get the pony out.
Kate was brilliant she just carried on with the dogs and got Coosa in and everyone done for the day.
I got home I was here 40 minutes then had to leave again to meet with Shaun and kirsty.
We all met up and were following Kirsty well so I thought, I was until she rang me and asked where the hell I was, then I realised that I must have been in a world of my own (lack of food and caffeine) I was following the wrong car.
We did eventually get to the park.
They were all really good even Coosa was walking right next to Shaun, fatback kept licking Coosa on the nose while we were walking.
Peaches must have sniffed every blade of grass and bush in the park.
I got back from there at about 9 pm and did all my house dogs, pups and bitches.
Then all the morning feeds and three hours on the phone and computer answering messages before I could go to bed.
Wednesday morning was really busy Kate and I did the main cleaning then I helped Kirsty strip out Roxy’s pen completely.
I then went on to grooming with Hannah.
Kate did the lunchtime feeds and let a couple more groups of dogs out before leaving.
I spent the rest of the day going from dogs in and out, grooming with Hannah and feeding.
Kirsty and I did some work with A’Lupa on her retrieve.
We finished the last poodle and then straight out of the door to training with C, send aways are still causing us a problem with C at training.
It is so frustrating as she is getting more defiant about doing this exercise as this week she went into a down and was reluctant to get up.
C is very sensitive so you have to keep everything very light and upbeat or she will get upset.
I have never had this with any other dog; none of the four trainers can think what to do with her to get around this.
I got home quite early and checked everyone and let the house dogs out.
I returned my emails and phone calls then went to bed.
Thursday morning Kate and I did the cleaning and then changed all of the dogs bedding in the house as it was good to get this done early and get all the washing dry and put away.
Kate left at lunch time.
Shaun came over as we had a very important meeting early afternoon.
We had a family come to see the hybrids looking to learn about the breed and see the characters of our dogs.
They arrived punctually and by private helicopter, we had Coosa’s group and Kiro and Matzi out in the field none of the dogs were fazed by the helicopter landing.
Even more surprisingly they were all very good about the dress wear of the family.
I was a little concerned that they may be wary, but they all seemed perfectly fine.
We spent time with the two groups out in the field.
Shaun spent a long time talking to everyone about how to pick the correct puppies by the rank for the job they wanted them each to do.
Then went on to explain the training he would do for them here in the uk and at their residence during the two week hand over period.
Then future training when they come back into the uk on holidays several times in the year.
Kia shadowed us everywhere we went.
Next was to meet the second of the females we hope will be in pup, Tory was happy to say hello and then she just sat watching us while we talked outside her kennel.
Kiro was the perfect angel I did explain that she is our main guard dog and this was exceptional for her, she is great as long as people don’t want to talk to her directly.
She will happily sit with me and ignore anyone who is stood next to me; she acts like they just don’t exist.
Kirsty then joined us with Lupus, well as always he was his usually impeccable self and made a very good impression on everyone with his obedience and his very gentle manner.
The girls were so happy to meet him that they wanted photographs of Shaun and Lupus together.
To finish our meeting they meet Peaches, Shaun’s hybrid and Fatback the labradoodle who spend a lot of time together.
The family were very pleased with the dogs, and the meeting I think was successful and everyone had a good day.
Hopefully we will have a future sale to a very kind, loving and wealthy family.
Yet again Kirsty changed her working hours to fit in with us so a very big thank you to her and especially to Simon who allows her to keep changing her days and hours at work to help out.
It is really nice to have friends that are happy to help when it’s important to improve the business or just for the sake of a dog that prefers one person more than another.
This last year since Kirsty had left us to work at the pub she has spent a lot of time here and been very reliable and extremely generous with her time.
Our friendship has grown so much and I really enjoy working with her and going out with the dogs training and just walking with Coosa and Lupus has been great for Coosa as well.
After everyone had gone I brought the dogs in from the field and started putting out others and feeding.
It did turn into a very late night as I also had puppy viewings at 8 pm but I didn’t mind as they are a very nice couple.
Friday morning was Sophie and I, we were flat out all morning as we had more people viewing puppies, it all went well that was the last pup to sell from that litter and they will all be going out on the same weekend, this is always good as the whelping area can then be cleaned and ready for the next bitch to settle in before she whelps.
We had a meat delivery, thankfully not as much as last week so it did not take too long to unpack and burn all of the boxes.
Kate came round to pick up Lobo as she is visiting her family this weekend and hoping to take lobo to a horse and dog show with friends, it will do him good to go out as he has been getting vocal and a bit stroppy towards our other boys, hopefully he will be castrated in the near future now he has matured.
Away from here without having to compete for the girls he is generally good.
I moved my poodle bitch into another pen so her pups could have more freedom to run around.
I have left the whelping area soaked and ready for cleaning.
All the house dogs went out for a run before dark.
I finished the outside dogs and came in to write some of the blog before I forgot what I had been doing for the last couple of days.
I sat down for a while with the dogs at around ten o clock before getting the morning feeds ready and going to bed.
Saturday morning Sophie was working with me and Wendy and Brian made a start on repointing the paving slabs in the house dog’s day pen.
We had a really nice day the sun was shining and Coosa was howling on and off all day.
Kirsty came in and cleaned out Roxy and Atlaz and spent some time with them both.
Roxy has now progressed to licking Kirsty’s face.
Brian fitted my bath panel to stop the yorkies from giving me heart failure when I am in the bath, they get under the bath and I hate thinking it may be rodents, but no only canine rodents as Racheal calls them.
We had a cockapoo owner come up to view their puppy, they had a long drive but didn’t stop long.
Brian blocked the dividing gap on the panel between Koko and Bobby as koko keeps snorting at her.
Wendy has put up some hooks in the lean-to just as well as it is already full up.
Kate popped in and dropped off Lobo after their outing, he was pleased to get back in with the girls.
We scrubbed the whelping area again and moved Daisy the cocker bitch ready for her litter.
I got everyone fed and locked up.
Brian and I got his van loaded up with chairs, gazebo, water carrier, human first aid kit, camping stove, spare leads, collars, blankets and some other bits that we need for next weekend for the seminar.
Then had a mad rush to get ready to meet Kirsty to go out to dinner with friends who are having one of our hybrids from the next litter due.
We took Lupus with us to dinner and they really liked him and would have been happy to take him home, as always he was a really good ambassador for the breed.
We had a really pleasant evening and very nice food,
I came home and let everyone out got the morning feeds done finished the blog and emails and finally off to bed at silly O clock.
Only one more week till the wolf dog seminar and show in Leicestershire.
The evening is nearly fully booked there are still a few more places for the three workshops.
I can’t wait a few days away with some really good friends and the most important male in my life my big cuddle baby boy Coosa moosa.
The only thing I am waiting for is for his new cage to be freighted down as I haven’t got time to go to Kent to get it fitted.

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