9th October

This is an early blog this week due to a very busy weekend with putting up more kennel panels in the Labrador area and Wendy and Brian are here to get some odd jobs finished before the clocks change and we lose the early evening light.
Wolf dog puppy.
Meli still has one last male pup for sale.
Two weeks for the first wolf hybrid litter is due to be born.
It is a probability that D’Quilla will be the bitch that has her puppies in the whelping area, as she is likely to be the most difficult one who needs watching more than Dora.
In the past D’Quilla has only left us with 3 or 4 pups, as hard as I have tried to watch her constantly with the last litter she had it always seems to be if I leave her for a few minutes she will have a pup when I am not with her.
What has happened in the past is she will eat most of the pup and leave just the head; each one is eaten in exactly the same way.
The reason for this is unknown, the pups she eats may have been born dead.
I am hoping by watching her on the web cam to learn if the pups are born live or dead.
Please be aware this may not be a whelping you will want the children to watch.
I am afraid not all whelping are straightforward and cute little puppies; some can be very stressful for us.
You may ask why would you breed from her, well the reason is all the pups that have survived have been outstanding in nature and health.
D’Quilla was not a female that I purchased from Europe but she came to me from cry wolf kennels, as he had no success in breeding from her, she is a very affectionate dog with a gentle nature.

Male pup from Meli

male pup from Meli

Storm is still looking for a home and Meli.
I have decided to sell C my pure bred Czechoslovakian puppy from Cito and Titan, as this is going to be a busy winter with the lack of staff.
C is nearly 6 months old she lives in the house with the small dogs, she has a really nice nature with people and dogs.
She is very obedient, as she has been going to training since she was 10 weeks old.

With fantastic weather in the early this week the dogs have been quite lazy in the day time so this has given me chance to get some of the house dogs groomed and bathed.
The later part of the week has been very heavy showers on and off all day, which has not made the dogs very happy as some groups are happy to stay out and others are in and out like yoyo’s.

Dora has been acting very strangely since she has been mated, the fire is often smoldering and the dogs just ignore it but the last week Dora has tried to cover it with her nose like she is trying to bury something when she did not succeed, she then proceeded to kick back the soil around the fire and try to put it out.
But in general she is her normal soppy self always chatting and wagging her tail when you walk past her kennel.
Eba her daughter is going to have to be moved into another pen when Dora whelps as Eba has not yet had puppies and I am not sure how she will react.
I think there maybe some more dogs having to swap around as I may have another pure Csv female coming in soon to be mated and she will go to Reo.
I will keep you updated on her arrival.

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