9th November

Saturday night was so wet and windy I was dreading what I may find in the morning.
My sister came over until very late as we needed to work on the plans for renovating the house, when she left I went out with Kiro and Reo for a while at 1 am and it wasn’t too bad a few things had blown over but nothing serious.
I let the house dogs out and fed them.
I went down to the kennel and let the bitches out, Coosa’s group stayed in the paddock until I had time to check on the fencing in his field just in case a tree had blown onto the fence and left them an easy walk up the tree to freedom.
I finished cleaning the kennels and then put Narla’s group out and Coosa in field two, Cito, shone and the eight puppies came out in the drive for an hour with me while I picked up the sheets and stuff from the night before, I picked up from all the dogs that had been out in the drive and then it started to rain so the puppies went back to their kennel and the house dogs went back inside, as it wasn’t too heavy I left the hybrids out.
Rupert went out with Molly as he doesn’t like the puppies pulling on his ears.
I cleaned Rupert’s ears and trimmed his feet ready for Hannah coming next week.
I had several emails to reply to from the evening before so I did them while Razzle’s group were out with the bitches.
I sorted out room in the container for the delivery of shavings that is due next Friday.
I finally found a fantastic home for Molly after 30 enquiries she has the perfect home; she will be loved and very happy.

I cut up the chicken for everyone for lunch and then did the feeding in the kennels and up to the hybrid groups and the house puppies.
After lunch the house dogs and the kennel .puppies all went out in the drive for an hour or so.
I put the dogs back in their yard and then let the yorkies out for a while, when they were out I sorted out some paper work .
Coosa’s group had been unusually quiet so I thought it would be a good opportunity to go out and spend some time with them.
When I came in I got the frozen feeds out for the morning and took all the feed bins to the respective kennel areas and then got the evening feeds done and the biscuit feeds out ready for the morning.
I fed the Narla’s group down from the top kennels to the bottom block and fed then and then locked them up for the night.
Next was Coosa’s group in, I finished off in the kennels and then locked them up and let Kiro out for the night.
I came in and fed the house puppies and Cito.
I spent the evening doing paper work with the house dogs.

Monday morning was a cold dry start I let the house dogs out and fed them I left the puppies in the bottom block so they would stay dry if it did rain.
I put Kiro away and then went down to the kennels to feed the bitches and get everyone out.
After I had finished cleaning I put Coosa up in his kennel area, he wasn’t there long before he was howling, so I put him out in the field and put Narla’s group out in the other field.
While they were out I went out in the drive with the house dogs and the kennel puppies, after about an hour I went to sort out emails and left the pups out on the drive playing with Shone.
I put the house dogs away and then fed the puppies, I got all the other dogs fed.
It was still cold and dry so I moved Coosa to one of the top pens where he could look down over the yard, I thought I would paint the wall in the bottom yard, well that was a bad idea the rain came down like you would not believe, the paint was running down the yard like a stream.
I gave up on painting as a bad job.
I changed the puppies paper in the house and then went down to the kennel ready to get dogs out as soon as it stopped raining.
Everyone went out for the last time, in for food and then Coosa’s group came in, I locked them up and then brought Narla’s group down to the bottom block.
Kiro and Reo went out with their food.
I fed the house dogs and had dinner myself.
Tuesday morning I moved Narla’s group up to Coosa’s pen and fed them.
Shone and Cito went out in the back of the bottom block with food and the house puppies went in the front of the bottom block with their food.
I Put Kiro away and went down to the kennel, the three bitches and Razzle’s group went out on the drive and Budd’s group went out in the field.
While they were all out I fed the puppies and then cleaned everyone out ready for the dogs coming back in.

I put the yorkies out in the drive and then put Coosa’s group in the paddock and then cleaned up in the drive and opened the gates for the deliveries of meat arriving and my hoover I have ordered for getting the dust from the high up places in the new kennel.

I moved Coosa’s group out into the top kennel area and put Narla’s group out in field one.
I popped out quickly to get a new pair of boots as the dogs have eaten mine.

When I got back I put Coosa ‘s group out in field two and sorted out the meat delivery and got the feeds ready for lunchtime and then unpacked the rest of the chicken.

My hoover arrived next, I swapped dogs over and put Coosa’s group in the top pens so they could look down and see the puppies in the bottom block.

I took the kennel puppies out for a run and then opened the gates up again as I had two more meat deliveries still to arrive.

I cleaned the house puppies room and then they went out with Shone and Cito.
I fed the kennel dogs their chicken carcasses and then everyone else had their chicken.

I cleaned the bottom yard and the bottom block then let Shone and Cito back out.

One of my customers arrived with her family to spend some time with their puppy.

After they had gone I got evening feeds ready and fed the bitches and then everyone went out for the last run before bed.
I put Coosa’s group in the paddock while I was sorting out the temperature chart in the new kennel.

I brought Coosa’s group in and then locked everyone up and sorted out emails and pictures.
I locked up the kennel and then let Kiro out with her food; Shone, Cito and the puppies came in and had their bones while I cooked my dinner.
I spent the evening brushing the house dogs and writing the day’s blog.
Wednesday morning was a nice dry start so Shone and Cito went in the bottom block with the puppies.
Kiro and Reo in, Narla’s group out into the field.
I did all the kennel dogs and then let Coosa’s group out in the paddock and field two, they did not want to be out so I moved them to the top pen for a while so I could do the fire and sort out a couple of jobs.
I left a group out on the drive and moved Coosa’s group to the bottom block and yard so he could see what is going on; he would prefer to be around me than out in the field with the pack.
The house puppies and Shone went in the house yard.
I sorted out my emails and did the house dogs room in the house ready for the evening.

Kirsty came down, we had a coffee and then did some lead training with all of the puppies in the drive, we had all of them out together with Shone and Cito, the pups did really well they are improving every time we take them out.
After Kirsty left I swapped over dogs and then got the frozen feeds out and did the evening feeds.
Everyone had lunchtime feeds.
I loaded up my van with freezer boxes to take raw food over to my sister in the evening.
I fed Kiro and Reo as they were going to be later going out for the night.
Everyone went out for the last run and then had their food.
I put Narla’s group in and then put Coosa’s group in and fed the house dogs.
Shiraz and Chianti both came out with me and I put them in the van, I locked everyone up and off to my sisters for puppy play time and we had dinner, we had a really nice evening and then home to let the dogs out.
I did the feeds and then bedtime.
Thursday morning
The day started off dry, so all the house dogs went out with their food and I went down to the kennel and let everyone out and fed them.
Coosa went out into field two for a short time and then went the top pen while I was cleaning the bottom block.
I went back down to the kennel and swapped over dogs, I spent the day letting dogs out and dusting the kennel top to bottom with my new henry, I managed to do all but one kennel.
I left the house dogs and puppies out in the drive; I had some time out playing with them and then back to hoovering before I did the lunch time feeds.
I cut up all of the chicken and then fed the kennel dogs; I left the last group eating and fed the house dogs and then the hybrids.
I spent half an hour with Coosa’s group before letting them out into field two.
I had a quick tidy up in the house and sorted out Hannah’s list for grooming tomorrow.
I sorted out all the clean vet beds and put them back in the kennel.
Everyone went out for the last run I picked up in the drive and then brought Coosa’s group in.
I had to go shopping as Dave was due to arrive in a couple of hours and there was no food in the house.
I got back from shopping and let the house dogs out and cooked dinner.
Friday morning was a cold wet start, the house dogs went out and then the puppies came back in for food, Cito and Shone stayed out in the bottom block.
Kiro in and then we went down to the kennel.
The first lot of dogs went out in the drive with the bitches that have pups while group two went out in the field.
I fed the puppies and cleaned all of the empty pens ready for them coming back in as soon as we had a down pour which was not far away, and yes down it came, I was soaked by the time I had got the field group in.
I washed bowls and did a few bits while waiting for the rain to stop so the yorkies could go out.
Coosa went out in the paddock and field two, while the yorkies were out in the drive.
Dave cleaned up in the drive and opened the gates just before Hannah arrived.
I cleaned the last two kennels and then Mole valley arrived with a large load of shavings and the mesh to put on the top of Narla’s kennel as she is going to be moving down to the new kennel next week after Soldier has gone, all being well the flight to Saudi is going to be booked for mid-week for Soldier.
Dave and the driver unloaded the van while I wiped off the water from the bales.
I got the meat delivery sorted out and Dave put it in then fridges where we needed it.
We put all the boxes up in the old kennel ready for burning the next day as it was so wet.
I got the lunch time feeds ready and fed everyone, while I was waiting for each group to finish eating I got the dry feeds ready for the evening and fed the puppies.
I hoovered right through the yorkie kennel and had to do it while they were in there as the rain was too heavy for them to go out at the time.
When it dried up everyone went out for the last run and then had food.
Coosa’s group came into the kennel and the bitches went out for their last toilet stop.
Kiro came out for the night.
Saturday morning was terrible wet start to the day, the house dogs went out in the bottom block to keep them dry.
We went down to the kennels and got the first group of dogs out and fed the puppies and cleaned everyone out.
They came in and the next group went out for a short time.
Coosa had to stay in for nearly another hour as the rain was hammering down on the kennel roof.
Dave picked up in the drive and opened the gates for Wendy and Brian arriving.
Brians first job was to put a new post in the fence up in the field as the post had snapped off in the ground with the strong winds we have had this week.
I put Coosa out and cleaned his kennel.
Dave went up and bagged up leaves for a couple of hours at the top of the drive.
I went out with Wendy and Brian and we put a new panel with a gate in it the fence going from the paddock into field two, this makes it so much easier to get dogs from one field to another without going near other dogs.
We did get a nice drowning whilst doing that job.
After the rain had cleared we had a massive fire and burnt everything it was impressive even with the rain showers it stayed alight all day.
I got the lunch time feeds ready while Brian put a new roof sheet on the sloping pen.
Wendy cooked us all bacon sandwiches while I fed the dogs in the kennel and then all the outside hybrids.
Brian opened the gates ready for two puppy owners coming to spend time with their puppies.
Dave cleaned all the outside of the kennel doors and windows while I was busy with people.
I moved Kiro out into the field and Brian put a new door on for Kiro as she has managed to totally distruct her door this week, now she won’t be happy as there is no escape for her now.
While she was out Wendy put new bedding in for her and I changed her shavings, so she came into a nice clean kennel with a big deep bed.
I shut the house puppies in and hosed their yard as it was getting too cold for them to stay out much longer.
Wendy took all the metal from the drive that should have been picked up weeks ago by the scrap man and put it outside the drive in the hopes that when I ring them and tell them they can just pick it up when they are passing and don’t have to ring me first that they will pick it up sooner rather than later.
Brian made me another gate so when the dogs go out of the back of the kennel they can go out onto the drive without going into the field if it’s too wet and muddy.
We cleaned out one of the gutters by the front of the house.
I got the evening feeds ready and then did the frozen feeds for the next day.
I put two groups of dogs out and then went down and defrosted one of the freezers ready for a big chicken order coming in next week.
I put the dogs in and let the yorkies out on the drive while I went up to get Coosa’s group in.
After he was in I put the yorkies in and fed everyone.
Kennel all locked up and Kiro back out for night.
I took the hybrids food up for the morning and then changed all the gates ready to run dogs out into field two.
I fed Narla’s group and then came down and cleaned the bottom block.
Shone and Cito came in with the house puppies for the night.
I got the feeds ready for the house dogs for the morning and then cooked dinner.
After dinner I wrote the blog before sitting down at nearly 8 pm to watch the tv.

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