9th June

I had finished the house dogs and cleaned out C then got the labs group out before Sam arrived, so she did the whelping area and I finished off washing bowls, then Sam got them in and we put Razzles group out and did the hybrids, put Kiro out and the garage dogs.
Then kiro was cleaned out and we cleaned the yards and went up to the top.
Sam took the feeds up and we feed everyone and finished off their pens.
We did the house dogs and vet beds into the wash.
Mother was still here so she cleaned up in the house before people arrived.
Sam wrote her list of things to do and in what order dogs had to go out, what time the pups needed feeding.
I got he feeds ready for Sam and then left with Shone to go to my sisters for lunch.
Shone and I had a really nice afternoon, it was good to get out after the last few days.
We came home and finished off odd jobs and feeding pups.
I went to have a look to see how Dave had got on with the painting.
Coosa and Matzi came in and very shortly afterwards the puppies arrived for evening training.
After everyone had left I went round and locked up gates and dogs.
I had a short time with the house dogs before bed.
Monday morning was great it was nice and Sunny so firstly I let Matzi and Reo’s pens out, put Coosa in his day pen, fed the lab group and then came in and let the house dogs out, while they were eating their breakfast I fed the pups in the whelping area and the pups in the house and gave them a quick clean and took out all of the dirty paper.
Some of the house dogs came in and I fed the hybrid pups.
Razzles group stayed in the yard and had their food and then went out later.
I fed and cleaned out Kiro and the hybrid pups.
When I went up to the top I brought the two groups in and let Coosa and Moons pen out and fed them in the field.
I cleaned their pens and Idaho, when they came in I went out with Shone, Narla, Chief and Ranger and checked all of the fencing in field two as when I arrived home on Sunday evening Taska was by the fence and it looked like she was digging.
I left them out for a while and came down to do a quick repair and put up some wire until my new gate arrives for the bottom block, as C got though earlier and so had Narla first thing this morning.
I brought the four in and put Cito and C out while I burnt the rubbish.
Next was Coosa in and Razzles group out.
I did the puppy feeds and then I spoke to Malcolm about Moon and Bobby as I was hoping they would have moved by now, I need their pen as we are moving Kiro up their so we can have her kennel to whelp the next litter in.
When they came in Malcolm and I went out in the field with Moon and Bobby for a while.
I also took Kia with me, after a while it was too hot so they came in.
I put Reo out and came in and phoned the plumber to have a look at price for the new kennel that was easy as he lives up the road from me he could call in on his way home from work.
I fed the pups and had a play with the hybrid pups before cutting up the chicken and feeding all of the little dogs.
I cleaned the yards and then power washed Coosa and Matzi’s pen while they were out.
The dogs had an hour where they all stayed in as it was too hot for them and they didn’t want to go out, so while it was quiet I printed off the paper work for the pups going out this coming weekend.
After I had finished I put the lab group out and then Reo out for a while as he is not keen to be out long.
Coosa went back out for a few hours and the Moon and Matzi.
I let C, Cito and shone out while I cleaned the bottom yards and fed Ranger and Chief.
Rainn went out while her pups were eating, well playing in their food, they were a right state but that pleased Rainn as she could clean them all up.
The plumber arrived so I locked Kiro away so I could show him where we need to connect to down this end for the water in the new kennel.
We went up and looked around so he could give me a price, he is a nice guy and I think we will get a reasonable price, the last plumber that did the outside loo at the house was ok but we didn’t really click, this one is different he is nice and straight up, he just tells it like it is without dressing it up in bull …, I thought thank god for that as I have had enough of that lately to last me a very long time.
People are my worst nightmare why can’t they just be like dogs so you know where you stand.
After Steve the plumber had left I spoke to mum and my son on where we go with the water heater we are looking for and about having a hot and cold water feed to taps in the main kennel area to hose down with.
I finished cleaning and then fed the pups, I stopped for dinner around 6.30 and then back out to get the last groups in and lock everyone in and do a few odd jobs until I came in and got the morning feeds ready at 8.30.
I spent some time on the computer and the phone before washing up and then letting dogs out before bed.
C has come into season so this is causing hassle with the male dogs outside and Daisy is due to have pups soon so she has moved into Shone’s bed and Shone has moved up to my bedroom at night.
Tuesday morning was Sam and I all of the house dogs were finished and one group had already been out in the field before Sam arrived.
I had done the first clean up in the yards and fed all of the pups.
We got dogs in from the field and then put Razzles group out and cleaned all the pups down the bottom.
Sam did the whelping area and I did Kiro.
We did the dogs at the top and then unloaded the meat delivery and fed everyone then froze the rest of the food.
I went into town as I needed stuff from the builder’s merchants, I also popped in to see Malcolm to see how he was getting on with putting the kennel together and the fencing in his garden.
Sam did the lunchtime feeds so when I got home I wormed all of the puppies as they are due to start leaving this weekend.
I spoke to a couple of prospective Coosa pup owners visit but at this time I didn’t feel they would be suitable, I am looking for very special owners and if I don’t find them then I will keep the pups.
As the dogs are out longer and its late when I get everyone in I got the frozen feeds ready in the bins and left it in the freezer to get out late after I have locked everyone away.
I took Rainn out for a short walk as she is not really keen to leave the pups or to be on a lead.
I spent some time playing with the hybrid pups while Rainn was out eating her dinner, they are amazing they climb all over me and are now starting to rag my coat, they are better with their food now they tend to just get on and eat it as before they were bathing in it.
If I am not playing with them I am speaking to owners and prospective owners.

I have a male going to a really nice couple in Cornwall, Jerry and Jude they are very exceptional owners with a Huge amount of knowledge and understanding of primitive animals they already have one of my females and she is fabulous they have put so much into both of their dogs.
Howard and Sarah are also having a male they come up every week the same as Jerry and Jude and spend time with the pups, this is nice as I can just leave them in the pen and they are totally trustworthy.
Pearl also has a number of my dogs including a hybrid from Camouse, she came down with the family and picked herself a beautiful Coosa female to join their pack, another pup that will have an exceptional home.
Mark has one of my boys and he is also looking for a girl to join his pack.
This will leave two females to find nice homes for as pets.
I went out and gave Coosa a brush as his coat is still very heavy and he is feeling it now in this heat.
I fed the pups and then power washed the yards, by the time I got the last group in it was just after 9 pm, so I locked everyone up and came in for dinner.
Wednesday morning I put the house dogs out and the lab group straight into the field while I fed the bitches and pups.
Sam arrived and we got the labs in and Razzles group out while we cleaned them out and Sam took the feed bins up and she went into the whelping area cleaned the pups and washed the vet beds.
We went up and did the top groups and burnt the rubbish.
I went into town while Sam cleaned the housed dogs and changed bedding.
When I got home I sorted the shopping out and then cleaned the yards.
Hannah was here grooming but I didn’t have time to help her with any of the dogs as I had people coming.
We did the lunchtime feeds and wormed and microchipped a couple of pups, then did the vaccinations on pups leaving soon.
I sorted out loads of printing for the puppy packs while Sam did the odd jobs.
I got the folders finished for the first litter and the rest of the paperwork is upstairs waiting to be finished.
Sam stayed on for a quite a while to help and to help Dave in the new kennel.
I stopped for lunch as I knew by the time I finish very rarely do I feel like eating at 9 o clock at night.
I got all of the washing in and put away, I got everyone’s bowls ready for evening feeding,
I put Coosa in and went out in the field for 45 minutes with the lab group as I feel they don’t get as much time spent with them as the wolf dogs.
I put the next two groups out and then spent some time with the cockapoo pups.
I got he disinfectant buckets done ready for evening cleaning and fed all of the pups.
I cleaned the yards and started to get everyone back into the kennels for the night.
I did the biscuit feeds ready for the morning and then got the frozen feeds out.
I locked everyone in and cleaned the yards while the house dogs were in the field, I left the kennel doors open until around 11 pm as it was hot.
Thursday morning was an early start the lab group were out by 6 I fed the pups in the whelping area and then the house dogs were all out and fed.
Shone and Narla stay out in the bottom yard in the morning and then the hybrid pups go out there to join them while we are doing the rest of the dogs.
Sam arrived and we put Razzles group out and did the bitches and the bottom groups, then up to the top kennels and did them and Idaho, Sam quite often does Idaho on her own as she is very good at listening to what needs doing and not trying to get too familiar with certain dogs to cause herself a problem.
We burnt the rubbish and then Sam did the house dogs while I popped out to find out what was happening about Moon and Bobby leaving this weekend.
I got home and got the feeds ready and then spent time with Pearl and family with Rainn and the Coosa pups.
Sam left and I did the dogs and got the morning feeds ready and the disinfectant buckets ready to do the yards.
I put everyone into day pens and went to cash and carry while Sam did some cleaning and kept a listen out for the dogs.
I got back and unloaded all the van with Sam’s help, we bagged and froze all the chicken for the little dogs.
Sam and I got everyone locked up for the night.
I dropped Sam home and then came back and cleaned all of the yards, by the time I finished outside it was just after 11 pm so I came in and spent an hour with the pups and house dogs then bed.
Friday morning I had nearly finished the house dogs when Sam arrived so she went straight out and did the whelping area and then we put Razzles group out but kept three of the bitches in the yard as they are making too much noise early in the morning.
We did the rest of the bottom groups and then went up to the top and I did the inside kennels while Sam did Idaho.
We had a big meat delivery so we unpacked all of that while the house dogs were out and Sam cleaned the floors and did the vet beds.
We swapped dogs out in the field and fed the little dogs and did the pups.
I did the lunchtime feeds and Sam cleaned yards and did odd jobs.
I spent half hour playing with the hybrid pups whilst waiting for a customer to pick up a pup.
I had another viewing of cockapoo pups, after they had bought their pup I dropped Sam home and took Bobby up to Kirsty’s partner he is only now having Bobby and not Moon as due to some radical changes with family and work commitments Kirsty will not be able to put the time in with Moon.
It has worked out to be a more sensible solution for Bobby to be paired with Beau one of Kirsty’s male dogs.
I got home and got the evening feeds ready and disinfectant for the evening.
Mum arrived and started to tidy up and get dinner ready.
I put Coosa in for a while and got two groups of dogs out in the field so I could be inside and finished for just after 7 so we could eat at a sensible time and get paper work done.
I fed the pups and locked everyone in and just left the house dogs out with the gates open to the fields.
We sat down and watched the voice, I think this is the longest time I have sat and done very little for weeks.
I checked all the pups and let the little dogs out just after 10 .30, I got back in at 11.15 and had a chat with Racheal before bed.
Saturday morning was an early start as I had people viewing and picking up dogs from 10 .30.
I finished the house dogs and pup feeding in the front whelping area when Sam arrived.
I fed Razzles group and kept them in the bottom yard while Sam let the lab group out up the top.
We cleaned the bottom groups and did the first two lots of washing.
Sam took the feds up and I washed the bowls.
I cleaned out Kiro and the hybrid kennel while Sam did water buckets.
We put the hybrid pups in the yard with Shone and Narla to have their breakfast and went up to clean the lab group that were needing to come in from the field.
We cleaned all of the top pens and Idaho and then down to put the wolf dogs from the house dogs pack in the field while we cleaned their pens, the little dogs went out in the yard and Rainn spent the day out with Moon in his pen, this is where she will be in the day time and then back in with the pups at night for a few night before she is moved out and away from the pups before she is sold to a pet home when the right home becomes available.
After we had finished the house lot Sam swapped another group in the field while I was with a customer.
Next we cleaned the bottom yards and mum hoovered the house just before Howard and Sarah arrived with their daughters to spend time with the hybrid pup.
We put together another whelping box and moved the lab bitch down to the whelping area as she is due to have pups fairly soon.
We did the lunchtime feeds and Kate popped in for a while after she left Kirsty popped in for a while to spend time with the Coosa pups.
Next Wendy and Brian arrived to put some paving slabs in the garden so Narla couldn’t dig by the fence.
Sam sorted out all of the washing and did the odd jobs before she left.
I didn’t really get much time to spend with Wendy and Brian as my next job was getting the morning feeds ready and left in the freezer ready.
I cleaned the pups out again and then had a quick sandwich before going back out to swap dogs in the field.
We all went up to the new building to have a look and a chat about the next lot of jobs that need doing.
I fed the pups and put all of the dogs in their outside pens and went down to do some painting as we are now starting to run behind and the under floor heating goes in and the tiler is coming in on the 17 th so I am going to have to spend some evenings painting.
I finished at 7.30 and came back up and cleaned pups put dogs away and washed the yards.
Mum had dinner ready so I ate that and did the morning feeds and then wrote the blog.
Time for bed now just after midnight.

Brengee, Karls hybrid enjoying life in Cornwall

Latest pics of the Coosa pups

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