9th January

It’s been a good week cold and wet but everything has run smoothly, the dogs are all happy.
Mums and pups are doing well, a few Labrador puppies left to sell they are now three weeks old.
May be one labradoodle left; I have plans to keep two pups from this litter.
All the poodles are now sold.

Rupert is worn out three Labrador girls have been mated this week, so lots of doodles for March.

Cheauah has had her bva hip score back this week she was a 7.7 and Jezebel the lab was a 5.4.

Kiro is spending a little time in the whelping pen this week as she is due in the next few days, she may have her puppies in the house then move outside once they are born depending on how she gets on as this is her first litter.
Pictures will be taken of the litter and updated weekly we will not take individual pictures of the puppies until at least four weeks old I do not want to cause Kiro any unnecessary stress.
Deposits still to be taken for this litter.
New owners can come and pick the puppies and meet Shaun Ellis and his partner Isla at the time of working out pack positions and ranks of the puppies.
If you are interested in learning more about wolves and wolf dog behavior a few places are still available on Shaun’s courses this year, please check the link on my web site to contact Isla for more information.

A’Lupa our little csv female is doing very well we had some fantastic pictures of her this week.
She will be joining us later in the year.

Rachael has had a good weekend in Scotland racing with her Eskimo dogs and her wolf dogs, well done to all the wolf dogs that were competing.

We have a few older dogs for sale pictures are on the web site.
Titan pure csv he needs a very loving home were he could live outside with good fencing and a female for company.

Smokey Inuit male he cannot live with children.

Luta she is a good girl and can live in or out and with children.

I have just put a deposit down on a stunning parti poodle boy to join our little dogs in March he is so cute, still thinking of a name.

Anyone interested in learning more about wolf dogs we have a few days available in the spring and summer for you to come and meet the dogs spend a day here mucking in with cleaning grooming and general jobs involving the dogs.

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