9th December

Last Sunday was Kirsty, Kate and I.
We got the first group out and then did all of the bitches pups and labrdoodles together.
Kate then did the house dogs and we did the top groups.
We had the guys working on the new building and a constant stream of visitors right up until early evening.
Apart from howling from coosa and Atlz the dogs were all good.
We have started to move the pups away from Kiro as we have not been able to take her away from them.
Even though she can give the impression she does not want to be with them she certainly goes mad when you take her away.
Bless she was so cold outside tonight that she ate her food and went to the toilet and was back in her pen within five minutes.
Monday morning the labradoodles went out while Kirsty and I did the bitches and pups.
It wasn’t raining but they came in absolutely filthy.
We did the top kennels then back down and did the bottom block.
We did Idaho then Roxy and Atlz.
Or next task was to vaccinate puppies that are ready to leave.
We wormed the next group of pups.
All of the puppies microchips were checked and made sure the correct collar colour puppies were allocated to the right owners.
I started lunchtime feeding while Kirsty did muck buckets and water in the fields.
Kirsty then went on to do the stocking up of paper, shavings and straw bags and towels for each area.
I had a couple of urgent phone calls to customers and builders to sort out.
Then I did a few emails.
We did a quick puppy clean out after feeding then I went on to hosing all of the outside yards before it started to freeze again.
Everyone had been out and fed, I left everyone in with bones.
Kate came in to give me a hand as I had to take pups for vaccines for their passports.
Andy came down to look at Koko my Czech bitch, I decided that I was not going to breed her as she was smaller than I would like.
I have been keeping a watch out for a nice home for her for the last 14 months.
As she is one of the more difficult bitches we have here I was adamant that unless I found someone completely understanding of a dog of her nature that she would not be leaving here.
Thankfully Andy has a vast amount of experience with very difficult dogs.
They clicked immediately which was very satisfying as Koko has never been happy around men.
Off she went to Bristol with Andy to her new home.


As soon as I see the transfer has gone in I will take the puppy to the vets for the rabies vaccine and first injections.
We got home just after 7 pm and got the house dogs out.
Tuesday morning Kirsty and I got the labs and doodles out.
We did the bitches and pups.
We moved tory up to the top kennel with Siren.
Hannah came in to groom the house dogs.
Kirsty went home feeling really sick at 10.30.
The rain started at about 10.45 and continued all day long.
I unloaded the meat delivery and sorted out the feeds for the evening.
I cleaned out Roxy and Atlz, then Idaho.
We had the roof sheets delivered for the new kennel, this was a performance as the driver was an ass.
I did the lunchtime feeds.
I spent quite a while up the top as I moved Siren,Tory, Rainn and A’Lupa in together , I needed to stay with them to make sure they were going to get along without any falling out.
It is good that they are ok as a group of four it has given us another pen so when Kiro moves away from her pups she can go into the spare pen with Bracken our Labrador male that will be coming home as the lady that has him is now giving up breeding.
Coosa spent the day down in the yard and running in and out of pen 1.
It was good as this meant I could get on with my jobs without the howling ad running up and down to shut him up.
I did the afternoon feeds and stayed with tory’s group until they had finished eating.
When it is dry I will feed this group in the field as they will have more space.
I was so pleased to get today over with it seemed to go on forever.
Wednesday morning Kirsty phoned in very early to say she was still really ill and could not drive.
Thankfully I had a phone call from training Tuesday to say the test had been postponed until the 19 th of December due to a number of dogs at the club going down with kennel cough.
I was relieved as I knew I was in for a hard day and a late finish.
I had two lots of visitors seeing puppies, which all went well.
I did pretty much the same as Tuesday and finished at 5.45 so a little earlier.
I came in after doing the pups an did the house dogs then spent a couple of hours checking on the flight details and arrangement for the pups going to the airport.
Thursday morning Kate came in as Kirsty was still not feeling good.
Every tap was frozen outside so it was carry water from the house until the pipes had defrosted.
It was so cold I had two coats on and still I was frozen.
We had a good morning the lab groups went out first; we did the bitches and pups then up to the top.
Everyone was out by 9.30 including the housedogs that went out for 45 mins.
Coosa came down to spend the day in the bottom yard.
We vaccinated a couple of pups.
We had a Coakapoo visitor come to pick up their puppy.
We took a couple of pictures before Kate left.
I have started feeding a bit earlier so Tory’s group can get back in before it is too cold.
I left all of the gates open for Coosa to go out in the field or down to the bottom yard, obviously not too cold for him when I went up to see why Ruebin was barking Coosa was taking a bath, in what was our clean water for washing outside pens.
Hence our clean water now looked like beef soup, he had toys bones and lumps of mud in his bath and loved it.
I emptied it out and towel dried him before he went to bed as it is really cold and his coat may have frozen.
I had just finished that and the house dogs started barking, our meat delivery had arrived a day early, great it will mean less of a rush in the morning ,
I finished doing the feed bins and packing the freezers at about 6.30 pm.
I was so cold and tiered by then I came in for a hot drink with a little additive to thaw out.
Friday morning was Kate, Lorna and I.
We had a really cold damp start, the doodles went out first and we all did the puppies and Kiro.
Then up to the top block, Lorna did roxy and Atlz.
Coosa and the bottom groups went out, while they were out Kate did the house dogs and Lorna and I cleaned the leaves from the roof in the bottom block, then we cleared all the leaves from behind the kennel and the drains and gutters.
I was on the roof freezing cold and wet; I was relieved to get that job finished.
We Trigened everywhere then went on to lunch time feeding.
Kate came in and said Coosa was shaking his head and his ear looked swollen, that was my queue to drop everything and go and check him immediately.
When I got up the field it was an Oh shit moment, he had a massive haematoma.
I brought him in gave him a large injection of antibiotics and drained it which made Kate feel very light headed; I forgot since she has been pregnant she is not too good with blood.
I phoned the vet and asked if he had time today to sedate him drain, cut and sew buttons in his ear.
I got an appointment for 6 pm after surgery.
I quickly went up to the town and bought some buttons.
I did the afternoon letting dogs out sorting out builders and plasterers that came to give estimates for the new building.
I got all the frozen feeds ready for the next day.
I fed the pups and put everyone in.
Kate came in for a couple of hours as I was expecting Racheal down for the night, Rach had been stuck in traffic for several hours so she was going to be arriving while I was out.
Kate did the house dogs and washed all the feeding bowls.
I went off with Coosa to the vets.
We had a slow drive as the wind and rain was awful.
I took him in and weighed him, Gavin gave him a sedative of Ketamin, a horrible drug but it meant he did not have to have an anaesthetic as I would always opt not to put him under completely I feel the risk is too high.
After about 10 minutes he was laying on the floor looking dopey and feeling rough.
Gavin clipped both sides of the ear and then drained it he put a very large cut straight down from the top to the bottom of the ear on the inside.
He has sewed four buttons right through the ear so that when the ear tries to fill with blood the buttons will help the blood to drain out.
We carried him out on a very large towel and laid him in the van.
I got home and Rach had started cooking dinner, Kate was outside waiting for me to help bring Coosa in to the house
Coosa was not looking for help so I had to get him in myself.
He spent a few hours in the kitchen with me and Rach, and then he went out to his kennels when I was happy that he was safe to walk properly and that he had recovered enough that he would not squash his nose into the bedding or the wall and affect his breathing.
We had a really nice meal that Rach had cooked with fresh veg and a scrumptious pudding.
We sorted out some paper work and then just relaxed for a while; we had both had a really long hard day.
I thought thank god that one is over at least tomorrow is another day.
Saturday morning was a terrible start with the horrid Atlz howling.
Kate phoned in at 6.45 she was very unwell and would not be coming in.
Kirsty was not due to work so she had plans.
Lorna was in for an hour before going home as her partner had a car accident but thankfully he was perfectly ok Lorna was just shaken up.
I had dogs to vaccinate puppies leaving with Racheal, two other pups leaving and a couple coming to view dogs.
On top of that I had to do a normal day with the rest of my dogs and pups.
I thought this is absolutely impossible I was already bloody tired and running behind.
I phoned Wendy and Brian an hour and a half’s drive away but as always they were coming to the rescue.
The puppies went off fine.
I got everyone cleaned out and fed except for Roxy and Atlz.
We got the pups loaded up and off with Rach, she had a terrible drive what with accidents due to ice on the roads.
Then the next call I got from her was she was sat on the M5 waiting for a recovery truck as she had just had a tyre blow , a frightening experience as I recall myself when I had a blow out on my van when Rach was following me home one day.
Eventually she was back on the road and the pups were delivered and off she went home with the other puppies that are going to her vets for passports and Rach is arranging the shipping of these two.
One is going to Brazil the other is going to Texas.
I am sorting out the other pups for France Germany and Dubai.
Each country has different rules and different paper work to do, it is time consuming pain.
Everything must be perfect every I dotted and every t crossed to the letter.
Wendy and Brain arrived and so did my next puppy viewers.
As always Wendy has brought human food, dog towels and newspapers.
Wendy cooked breakfast while I spent time with the people.
A fast bacon baguette, and back to work.
We fed the pups and a quick clean out, the tory pups have a yard they come out in for a while in the day.
We then swapped dogs and I started disinfecting and cleaning outside yards while Wendy cleaned out Roxy.
We took some pictures of a pup for someone who is looking for a yorkie, vaccinated the pup that the people came to view, this one leaves next weekend.
Brian helped the brick layer load out some blocks, this helps us as we have not been able to use our fire as this was too close to where the lorry driver dropped the pallets of blocks.
Brian has taken a load of bales of shaving up to the top shed for us.
He has repaired the catch on the door on the lean to.
The tap and pipe in the bottom block is now insulated, I hope this will mean it doesn’t freeze.
All the rubbish has been burnt.
As always it is a great help when Wendy and Brian are here as they know the dogs so well and I don’t have to worry about them doing something stupid and causing a problem.
I am happy this week is over with.

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