8th September

Last Sunday morning we had quite a heavy frost and it was really cold until about 8.30 when it started to warm up, this is a sure sign winter is on its way.
I let all of the top groups out and cleaned three of the kennels and Idaho’s pen, everyone was fed.
I left Shone and Narla out in field two and the pups in field one and came down and let the house dogs out and fed them and the puppies and bitches down the bottom, I cleaned everyone out and changed water buckets.
Mum came over to pick up paper work and bring me some more grout; she was cleaning in the house and sorting out washing.
I cleaned all the bottom groups out and took all the bags up to the fire.
I brought the two groups in and cleaned the last pen up the top.
I had someone come and pick up a puppy; they were here for a while.
I swapped dogs in the field after they had gone and then did some adverts and answered emails.
I fed the puppies and re cleaned them, then I cut up all of the chicken for the little dogs and fed the poodles and labs.
Mum had made lunch, we were just about to eat and the phone rang it was Manchester dogs home, a dog I had sold 6 years ago had been taken in, I am shocked that people don’t think to tell you when they have lost their dog, it was only last week one of my hybrid pups was picked up off the street in Oxford and the lady returned it to the owner, who didn’t even bother to thank me for getting the dog returned to her.
After sorting out the dog and contacting the owner we finally had lunch.
I had to go back on the computer as for some strange reason my adverts were being published in Scotland, not that I could find out how to change the location of the area.
I cleaned all the yards so the evening cleaning would be a little quicker, all the frozen feeds were done ready to just take out, biscuit feeds done for the evening feeding.
I had a mass of paper work to file from the printing I have been doing over the last couple of days.
C had dug up all of the flower bed onto the stones so I spent an hour cleaning that up, so much for a reasonable finish time.
Mum had hoovered everywhere so I washed all the floors in the house and shut the dogs out in the yards for a while.
I fed the puppies and the Coosa pups and let the next lot of dogs.
I defrosted one of the freezers and did the frozen feeds ready for the morning.
Biscuit feeds done for the evening.
All pups re cleaned ready for feeding, new shavings in the kennels for the morning, blue rolls replaced everywhere.
Feeding done and yards cleaned, dogs all locked in 7.30 except Coosa and Narla and Shone who were still out.
Monday morning was much warmer thankfully, all the dogs were out up the top and two kennels cleaned, everyone fed by 7.15.
I left Shone, Narla and the pups out in field one and Reo in two.
House dogs all out in the yard while we fed the puppies and cleaned them all out, next the poodle group and Razzles group out fed and cleaned.
We went back up to the top and cleaned the last two pens and Idaho, rubbish burnt and water buckets in the field changed.
Next were the bitches in the house cleaned out and vet beds changed, floors cleaned and bowls washed.
All the yards cleaned and hosed and swept dry.
I brushed Kia and Shone who are both blowing their coats; Kia still has a massive swelling which is worrying, Gavin has said leave it for now and if it gets any bigger than we may have to do something with it.
I had to split all my doodle litter up to DNA the puppies as it looks like my poodle has got to my lab, which is disappointing as she went away to my stud dog that Helen has.
All the frozen feeds done and ready for the morning.
Coosa’s group stayed out all day as they were nice and quiet, which pleased me as I had lots of phone calls to make to get more stuff ordered for the new building for drainage and to sort out gravel, a mini digger and taps for the sinks, the list is endless.
I did the puppy feeds and cleaned them out again; all the little dogs were fed.
Two meat deliveries arrived within half an hour of each other.
The yards had a quick wash down and C had dug up the flower bed again, I cleaned all that up and hosed it, she has now been moved into one of the yards.
I had a delivery of drainage pipes and stuff for the new kennels.
Micky arrived to do some of the last tiling to finish off the edges.
I went out in the field with Shone and the Coosa pups and picked up bones, bad idea more were coming out of the bucket than going in.
I did the night feeds and re cleaned everyone and locked everyone in by 7.30
Tuesday morning I put two groups out at the top and cleaned their pens, then swapped them over and cleaned the Idaho and fed everyone up there.
Coosa’s group were back in the pen with food after an hour out in the field.
Shone and the Coosa pups stayed out in the field for just over an hour and Reo was out in the other field.
I came down and fed the house dogs and then Maddie arrived and we fed and cleaned all of the puppies and Razzle and the poodle group.
Hannah arrived to groom the little dogs, Maddie and I cleaned the top two kennels and then did Idaho’s pen right through as she is always dirty.
Maddie burnt the rubbish while I helped Hannah for a while.
I popped into town to post the DNA from the doodles and went shopping.
I got home and we cleaned all of the yards and I ordered the shingle and mini digger for the weekend.
I had a day of idiots ringing for puppies, none of them were sensible enquiries and this was for the little dogs.
I still have lists of things to get ordered for the new kennel and not enough time to fit it all in.
Hannah is checking with her dad when he comes back from his holiday about painting the doors and frames in the new kennel, I would have liked to do it myself but can’t find the time.
We fed the little dogs and the puppies.
Maddie did the odd jobs before she left.
I did the frozen feeds for the next morning.
All the dogs stayed in outside pens for the afternoon as it was too hot for them to be out in the fields.
Hannah and I cleaned all of the little dog’s ears so when she comes back on Thursday it will be a little bit easier for her.
I had people here from Europe looking at the hybrids for future puppies this took up a lot of time.
Each group stayed out in the field for quite a while so it gave me time to get on with lots of other jobs.
I fed the puppies and then brought everyone in and locked them up at 8.30 it was already dark by this time.
Wednesday morning was an earlier start as I wanted to be organised with needing to leave for training with Shone for her Bronze test.
I had fed all the top groups and everyone had been out by 7.15, I had cleaned two kennels and left Shone and the coosa pups out in the field, while I was feeding the house dogs and getting the puppies feeds ready.
Maddie arrived and we fed and cleaned all of the puppies out and then we did the little dogs.
Maddie did all of the waters buckets while I cleaned the shavings out.
After we had finished them I made some calls and Maddie cleaned out Kiro and Reo’s kennels, she burnt the rubbish and I went and got all of the syringes done with wormer for the puppies as they were due a three day course of panacure and this was day one.
We wormed all of the pups and then cleaned out Idaho’s pen.
I had people here looking at the dogs so Maddie cleaned the bottom yards and then re cleaned the puppies.
The pups were fed and the little dogs.
Maddie left and I did the frozen feeds for the next day and the evening feeds ready for the pups when I was going to be out.
I wrote a list of things to do and the order in which they needed doing.
I got changed and got Shone into the van and off we went.
I had to be there early as I help to set up and sort out the food, after a test food is always provided for all of the people taking the test.
Shone did well and past her bronze we had some food and I put Shone back in the van and then cleaned up from everyone eating and started to cook the food for the next class after they had taken their test.
After cleaning the hall and the kitchen I got home at 10 pm, I had to feed Shone and Narla and let the house dogs and bitches out, and sort out feeds for the morning and then do emails and stuff, so I got to bed at 1 am.
Maddie had done all the other dogs and put them to bed.
Thursday morning I had done exactly the same as the day before, Maddie and I were cleaning out puppies and the phone started with puppy enquiries and job enquiries and just about every other call from owners you can imagine, I knew then it was going to be one of those days.
I had a bitch come for mating but that didn’t work either the bitch wasn’t quite ready, so we wasted at least an hour.
Maddie cleaned the bottom yards and did another puppy clean.
We cleaned out Idaho and then it was straight into lunchtime feeds for the puppies.
Maddie left and still I had the second day of worming to do, thankfully Hannah helped me worm the pups so we cleaned all of their ears out at the same time and checked their microchips.
We also cleaned all of the labs and the adult doodles ears again.
I cleaned the yards down and fed the puppies.
I left Coosa’s group out and went over to my sisters as she had picked up an injection for me as Taska has come into season and I am not mating her as we have not had enough sensible enquiries for hybrid puppies.
If we have enough deposits then we will mate Tory to Matzi as the puppies she had last year were stunning.
I spent half an hour at my sisters and had a coffee, picked up the injection and some fresh eggs from her chickens and back home to clean out puppies again, feed Shone and Narla and let the bitches and house dogs out.
I had to put Coosa’s group away in the dark but it was not a problem as they are good about coming in.
Friday morning was all the top group out early and fed and cleaned all four kennels out, down to do house dogs and bitches and puppies.
I had finished all the bitches and pups by 9 am.
I had a meat delivery to sort out and a delivery of puppy packs.
The people that had booked to view a puppy cancelled 15 minutes before they were due to arrive as they had already got a pup.
I cleaned the yards checked emails and made a few phone calls.
I had a bitch come over for mating with Razzle it wasn’t too bad as I muzzled her and that was over with fairly quickly.
I fed all the puppies the lunch time feeds and did the house dogs and little dogs outside.
I did the last day of worming for the puppies.
Maddie came in and we did Idaho’s pen, it was horrible so it needed power washing, I left Maddie to sweep and towel dry it while I went to sort out the paper work for a puppy that was leaving.
I left a list of things to do for Maddie while I was out.
I went off to the osteopath to get my neck done, when I got home I did the frozen feeds for the morning and Maddie took them up for me as I really couldn’t carry anything I had a really painfully session with the osteopath as my neck was really bad.
Maddie left and I fed the puppies and got the rest of the dogs in as it was really wet and didn’t look like it was likely to stop raining for quite some time.
I fed the house dogs and cleaned the yards, puppies re cleaned and time for dinner.
I re cleaned the pups at 10 pm and went to bed.
Saturday morning the dog were off early as they had been locked in at 5.30 they wanted to get out at 5 am, it was pouring with rain as it had been most of the night so I fed all the dogs in the top kennels before they went out.
Everyone was fed, been out in the field and back in by 7.30 all except Coosa who was being a pain and stayed up the top of the field as he had already had his breakfast he didn’t want to come back in, so I left him out on his own in the rain.
I came down and fed the house dogs and put them out in the bottom yard while I fed and cleaned out all of the puppies.
Brian arrived with David to start digging out to lay the drain pipes and the new water pipe.
I had a puppy leave so I did the paper work and off he went.
I made the breakfast for us as Wendy was not here today she had to work.
I cleaned the yards and swapped over dogs in the field.
All the food that arrived on Friday had to be unpacked and put away.
Next was lunchtime feeds for the puppies and re clean them.
A lot of the time the dogs were out in the field in the rain as it was warm; it wouldn’t do them any harm.
Narla and Shone stayed out with the pups in an outside pen for the day as it was too much to have them in the house as well as all of the little dogs.
I spent the day going from feeding dogs and letting them out into the field and coffee making and cleaning until just after 9 when I sat down for dinner briefly.
Next was dogs out before bed clean the yards again and then bed

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