8th November

Late on Saturday evening I moved up into the kennel block with Rupert, Shone and Cito while the house is being done up as I didn’t want to leave the dogs unattended.
The dogs settled in well and slept without any trouble.
This was a normal start time but I had to do things a little different.
The dogs that are with me went out into the yard while I locked up Reo and Kiro and fed them, from there straight up to let the labs out and feed them.
My three came back in and had food.
I let everyone out and fed them all and cleaned everyone’s kennel.
After they were all done I moved the labs to the top pen area and then let Shone and Cito out into the field and Rupert went back down to the house.
I was in and out of the house all morning putting on washing and drying numerous amount of clothes and dogs bedding.
I went out into the drive to play with the poodle group that had moved from the house to the kennel yesterday, they are settling in well, I was a little concerned as none of them had been in a kennel before.
I brought all of the toys from the house for the kennel dogs and also another 20 new toys for them to have out on the drive.
I fed everyone their chicken for lunch and then picked up in the drive and opened the gates for people to view puppies.
I spent time out with the young bitch group getting pictures and being licked to death, they are a sweet bunch.
I had another few hours sorting things out in the house and taking down pens from the poodle’s room, most of the house is nearly emptied out just a few more days to clear it before we start to rip out carpets and take out the bathroom and old kitchen.
I had half an hour out with every group of dogs and then got the evening feeds ready, I brought everyone in and then went back to the house for dinner and to pack up a few bits while I was there.
After I had finished I came up to the kennel with the three dogs and had a shower, wrote the blog and then time for bed.
A normal morning everyone out clean and fed, Shone and Cito up into the bottom block.
It was raining so much I went over to see the guy who is making my windows to go through some sizes with him and to let him know which windows we needed first, and then I popped into my sisters to have breakfast and drop off dog food.
I had a few things to in the house and then I needed to groom Coco as she was going to her new home in the evening, after I had finished her she went into the house with Rupert so she didn’t have sawdust in her coat.
I did the lunch time feeds and then washed the bottom block.
In the afternoon I spent time with the dogs and then went up to the butchers shop as Rach was going down and she wanted bones.
I got home and Rach had already arrived with Lisa and Barry.
I got my dogs all in from the yards and fields while Rach let their dogs out.
I settled Rosie back into her group and then we went out for dinner.
I got home and brought Cito, Shone and Rupert in and then went to bed.
Everyone out and finished another wet morning, so as soon as I had finished the dogs I had to go to Gavin to check on one of my poodles and order vaccines.
I got home and the rain had improved but not totally stopped.
My chicken delivery arrived so I sorted it all out and froze it.
I had a long chat with Wolf a friend of mine, he has a couple of my Czechs, and they are doing well, also one of my cockapoo’s.
Anna popped over for coffee and some dog chat, as it was raining all the dogs came in which gave us a couple of hours to talk and Anna met all of my dogs, shone loved her and jumped up and nearly knocked her over.
The hybrids all came quite close when we were in their field Coosa was the closest, when we went outside the gate they all came to the fence.
After Anna left I fed everyone and then gave them all there last run and brought Coosa’s group in.
I put my group that stay in my room with me in and went over to my sisters for dinner and pick up the key for the shop.
On route I had a very close call with a Labrador running out in front of me on a wet muddy back road, I managed to stop in time and the poor dog was stood looking at me in shock.
I caught her and drove down the lane for a couple of miles to the first house and the people there took her from me they said they know the owner and the dog is always out, I was none too pleased it was probably just as well I didn’t meet the owners.
When I got home I let Kiro and Reo out with their food.
I let Shone, Cito and Rupert out I was making a coffee and there was an almighty commotion out in the front pen, when I went out Reo was right by the pen barking at Rupert and Shone was barking at Reo.
I brought my group in and put Reo back the other side of the gate, well by the third time he had jumped the gate I had enough of going out and getting wet so I put them both back in their kennel for the night.
An early start it was raining so I let my three dogs out and made everyone’s food.
I went off to my sister’s shop to move some stuff and then to Tesco’s and home by 8 am.
I fed and cleaned all of the kennels and then rang Kate to get her to come over and help me wire a panel to the gate to stop Reo getting over tonight.
Kate brought Lobo so he went out in the field with Shone and Cito, this now makes things so much easier that Cito has now finally acccepted her son after all of these years.
We finished the gate and then Kate put some poison up in the top of the garage for me as I have heard a mouse scurry when I was walking through, Vicci had done the bait boxes a couple of weeks ago but this horrible little critter was high up so Kate has put packs all along the top were the little critter runs.
After Kate left I had a puppy viewer arrive and then another couple came to visit their puppy.
Next was to cut up chicken for lunch time feeding.
The afternoon was drier than the morning thankfully.
Everyone was out most of the afternoon, feeds done for the evening and the morning.
I brought Coosa’s group in, and then Shone, Cito and Rupert came up to the kennel and then I loaded the dogs for training and then let Kiro and Reo out on the bottom part of the drive and off we went.
Winter was really good and enjoyed the class, Shiraz however was really silly and point blank refused to go to bed
I got home and was really pleased Reo was still on his side of the drive, I let Winter and Shiraz into the front pen and took Rupert out of the kennel with the red poodle group and put Shiraz and Winter back in, I let Shone, Cito and Rupert out in the front pen and suddenly pandemonium broke out, damn, Reo had somehow come over the top of the gate even after we had made it over 6 foot high I went out and brought the dogs in from the front pen and put up another panel and moved Reo again, when I came back in Shone had chewed up my new treat pots for training so I put her in the cage for ten minutes and fed the chicken to Rupert and Cito and then let her out when the food was gone.
I was trying to think of another solution to stop Reo jumping so when Kate comes tomorrow we can do something else.
I spent some time on the internet and went to bed hoping tomorrow would be a better day.
An early start as I had Phil coming at 9 am to do some odd jobs and then Kate as meeting me at the garage to drop off my van to get the mirror done.
I had finished all of the dogs and it was still raining.
Phil picked up leaves in the drive and then did the plumbing for the dog’s bath as it had all broken when I moved the bath.
Next Phil ripped out the carpets in the house and the bathroom floor came out and then a couple of doors needed taking off.
Kate and I took everything out from upstirs which still leaves some of the downstairs stuff to sort out.
I had to go to the dentist to get antibiotics my tooth was killing me, I then had to pick up boxes of bones.
Kate was a life saver today she also helped me with the dogs, after Phil and Kate left I finished off the dogs and then went to Bookers to get some more washing powder and bits.
On the way home I heard a big bang and my driver side mirror had blown.
I got home and let Kiro and Reo out and then spent a few hours sorting out some of the stuff from the house that was now in the kennel.
Another horrible wet start, all the dogs were finished by 8.15, Hannah had arrived to groom; I finished off the labs kennel and dried it so they could go back in as it was really wet.
Rupert was the first dog to be groomed and then I went off to the vets to pick up vaccines and took Rupert with me.
I got home and it was still raining so everyone had a quick run.
I cut up the chicken and then fed everyone as I could when the rain was between showers.
We weighed everyone today just to keep a check on weight.
Chianti my poodle has just come into season she has been moved into a kennel with Shiraz away from the boys.
The hybrid group were all sleeping in their day pen as they were fed up with the rain.
The labs only had a short time out and then in with food.
Rupert has now moved into the male poodle kennel he seems ok, I thought he may be vocal but so far so good.
I finally managed to get everyone fed and then helped Hannah with Rupert’s ears and feet.
I got the meat out for the morning and did the evening feeding and then Hannah left.
I brought Coosa’s group in and then brought Cito and Shone up from the bottom block and fed them.
Kiro and Reo out.
A horrible morning I was woken up by the wind and rain.
I let Cito and Shone out and then put Kiro and Reo away they looked like drowned rats.
I fed the labs in the back of Coosa’s day pen and then cleaned and dried their kennel ready for them to go back in once Coosa’s group went out.
Every group from the kennel got wet when they went out so it was a quick run and then in for food.
I put Cito and Shone out for a quick half hour in the field and the labs in their kennel, Coosa group were fed.
I stopped for breakfast and sorted out some more stuff from the house to take to the kennel and the container.
My visitors arrived to see their puppy and then the rain stopped for a while so I started to feed.
I managed to feed everyone before Vicci arrived to pick up her chicken and then we had lunch and picked up leaves in the labs pen.
We spent the afternoon sorting out the dogs and the washing and then Vicci left and I finished everyone and got the evening feeding done and brought Coosa’s group in.
I left Cito and Shone out on the drive and cleaned the bottom yard and then the bottom block and gathered two more bags of leaves.
I went up to the kennel and did some emails and then locked up and had dinner and fed Cito and Shone, last job was to feed Reo and Kiro and let them out for the night.

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