8th May

A good week all round weather wise has been a little off due to the thunder storms it is rare to get a storm here, but then I said that about the snow and we really get a lot of that last year and the beginning of this year.
I have had several enquiries about puppies this week, largely due to the showing of Game of Thrones even though 4 of the dogs featured are Czech crosses two of which were bred here one was bred by Jaq of Miyaca wolf dogs.

Taska,a hybrid is doing very well her new owner Clare came for a visit with her daughter, they had a really fabulous day, I took them up to meet Coosa and his pack, Coosa was so friendly all he wanted to do was rub on them and lick them both.
Coosa is going through a very babyish stage again he wants constant cuddles and to be brushed.

Vicci has come up for a weekend visit with her Saarloos Buck, he has made a great improvement he has been very good with everyone, he is kenneled in the day with the Lycan group and in the house with the labradoodles at night.

Vicci is over the moon that Coosa has stopped to give her a kiss when she let him out, normally he would just run past and ignore her.
The only time he was sociable was when she fed him.

On another note Coosa decided to open the outer door in the yard, he gave me a really cheeky look and headed off down the drive, my heart was in my mouth because when he is in a silly mood he won’t come back straight away, he jumps around and gives you that look of well catch me then.
I waited while he was sniffing the area were Rach had her van parked at the weekend, when he was very engrossed in sniffing everything I grabbed hold of him and brought him back into the kennel.

Cito is doing very well with her pups they are running around the whelping box now.
Boot’s has a really stunning litter of pups, dark in colour but very chunky.

I still have a couple of the Mia pups left, they are very nice pups, 10 weeks old and
just had the first vaccinations.
Our rehome dogs Titan and El Cid are both very happy and Cid especially has turned out to be a great role model for James in his new training centre.

This has been a mixed week for people viewing dogs; we have had some really fantastic new owners and a large number of unsuitable people along with our usual time wasters.
Having the money available does not make a suitable owner; if I am not comfortable with the prospective owner I will keep hold of the puppy regardless of the costs incurred.

This week alone we have had seven phone calls for dogs needing to be rehomed due to changes in circumstances most of them people moving into flats or having got a rehome dog already and now finding they can not cope with it.
I wish breeders would take more responsibility in finding the right home first time round.
We have also had a number of emails, people have randomly crossed huskies with Inuit’s or wolf dogs without any idea of the originally breeding and now they are stuck with large numbers of puppies and don’t have the facilities to keep them.
My hybrid and Quannhay are doing very well at Shaun’s they both looked great when I went over to visit last week.

Rupert and Lupus were great at dog training this week, even other people in the class said they were by far the best with heel work.
I have already booked a place at the next class for my Cito csv female that I am keeping from this litter.
I had picked a stunning big silver female just like Kiro and then Rach came down and picked the same female so I have given her first choice as Cito’s previous litter I kept Kiro and Rach did not want second best so the other female was sold.

Kate is off for a week as it’s her 21-st birthday so I thought she would benefit from a one day dog course with Shaun, she is so pleased she can’t wait.
Since having Kate things have been so much easier she has turned out to be very good.
Kirsty is doing very well I think I am very lucky to have two such fantastic girls and they are not just employee’s they are both trusted friends.
And of course Vicci who is a very special friend who you can always rely on to come up at the drop of a hat.

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