8th May

An early start everyone done and finished as the forecast was not too good so they had all had a good run.
Puppies now moved into a big kennel so they have loads of room.
The plumber arrived to work in the house.
Dave and I sorted out the accounts and then loads of shredding.
We changed the puppy pen in the office and moved Oli into the office with Elsa and the pups.
Lunch time feeds all done and puppies cleaned out again.
We burnt loads of rubbish and then stopped for lunch.
The afternoon Dave de boned Coosa’s field and then we made another pen for Razzles group so they can have a yard for the day time.
Everyone stayed out until just after 7 pm and then all in and fed for the night.
Dogs all done and finished and then Nathan arrived to do a day of wiring and electrical bits in the house, Dave worked with him until very late in the evening.
Matt the plumber was also working until gone 9 pm.
Lunchtime feeds done in between some heavy showers.
I spent the day tiding up and doing the dogs.
Kirsty and Jake came down to do a mating with Bella the cocker with my boy.
I got the evening feeds done and then finally finished around 9 pm.
A very early start as all the builders are back today and needed to spend time working out what gets done in what order to stay a head of the plaster.
Jake and Dave loaded my van full of scrap and then Dave and I took it all up to the scrap yard and got rid of it all.
A quick doughnut stop on the way home for the builders and then back to get several more washes done.
All the dogs were swapped around.
Dave left and then I carried on with feeds and brushing dogs for the afternoon.
Evening feeding done and then I went off to see Nathan and got home quite early and got all the dogs finished by 10.30.
A 5 am start all the dogs finished by 7 am and then into the vets by 9 am with a puppy.
I got home and swapped the dogs around and then had a puppy viewer here for a while.
Martin came and visited Yazmin again she is really starting to get along well with him now.
Lunch time feeds done and then the afternoon sorting things out with the builders.
I fed the puppies and went off to our last ever dog training night.
Winter was being tested for the bronze class and then the gold class I have been teaching were being tested, a great night again 100% pass for everyone.
After the presentation we went over to the local pub and all had a very nice buffet.
I got home at nearly 11 pm so I got the dogs in that had been left out and then brought Cito, Shone and Voodoo in for the night.
Cola started whelping at 1 am so a long night.
Thursday morning
Thankfully I got up at 5 am and went to lock Reo and Kiro in as they were making a noise, I found they had managed to get the garage door open somehow in the night this has never happened before and they have been out on the drive over night forever.
I was horrified to see what they had done; Razzle must have put his face under the door and suffered some serious damage to his nose the cartilage had been completely severed inside the skin.
I rushed him to Gavin, after a very stressful day and some major surgery.
I got home and sorted all the dogs out I had to re arrange a couple of puppy collections and Martin had to come later to pick up Yazmin.
I worked through the day constantly ringing to check on Razzle, it was so stressful not being with him.
I was so busy trying to catch up after my trip to Gavin’s finally the time came so
I left to go and pick up Razzle to get him home and fingers crossed on the outcome, he is on high strength pain killers, anti inflammatory and antibiotic injections daily, but everything is hinged on inflammation to this affecting his breathing but the operation was successful.
I drove home not going over 40 miles an hour and then put Razzle in with me so I could keep a constant watch on him.
I finished the rest of the dogs by 9 pm and spent the rest of the night with Razzle and Shone’s group, every time Razzles breathing went quiet I woke up so needless to say limited sleep.
I started at 6 pm and got everyone done and then Hannah and the builders arrived I couldn’t get Raz to take any tablets in his food so Kate did an emergency run to Gavin for more injections.
I had people viewing their puppy and then a few things to sort out with the builders.
Lunchtime feeds done and then Hannah rough clipped Raz as I was concerned he may get too hot.
Kirsty came over with Lupus as he is so steady and sensible we did an hour filming with him in the woods, some lads needed to do this for their university project.
Lupus was outstanding as always, you couldn’t have asked anymore from him he was perfect.
When we came back they wanted a look around the kennel and to meet the hybrids.
After everyone had gone I swapped over dogs and then spent some time with Razzle.
I wrote the blog and then started evening feeding.
Kirsty came down to try another mating.
The last dogs came in at 10 pm and then I had finished for the night.
An early morning to get everyone done before Nathan arrived to do a bit more on the electrics ready for the builders next week.
I got everyone fed, cleaned and exercised and then hosed the front pen in the rain before going off to the vets with Razzle for another check-up.
Gavin was happy with him but we still have to get through the next 48 hours without too much more swelling before he is out of the woods.
As I was leaving I met Nigel, Michel and Maisie they were visiting Gavin with one of their old Inuit dogs they got from me many years ago, nothing serious thankfully just a minor problem with inflammation on one hip joint due to giving it a knock.
I was really pleased to see two old girls in perfect condition not over weight just looking healthy and very happy; a credit to their owners.
I got home and let everyone out again and then the plumber arrived, I stopped for a quick chat with him.
Nathan left to go to football and then a customer arrived to look at puppies.
After they left I finished off the feeding and then went out and picked up in the drive with Razzle by my side.
I went out to play with each group of dogs all afternoon and take some pictures of the cockapoo puppies, they were running around like mad in the yard.
I fed Cito and Shone in the bottom block and Voodoo in the yard as the kennel dogs were still out on the drive playing and it was getting late.
Matt the plumber left so I swapped over dogs and then locked up the gates again and brought Coosa’s group in so the rest of the dogs could go out in the field for a run before bed time.

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