8th June

Sunday morning was a nice hot start all the dogs were out, fed and cleaned by 9.30.
I left the yorkie group in the front yard, the Cockapoo group in the paddock, Coosa group out in the field and the house hybrids in the bottom yard and the labs in the second field.
I went out and strimmed the garden and then up to the track and finished off there before putting Coosa’s group in the top yards and strimming his field.
I finished in there and then swapped the dogs around and put Coosa’s group back out.
Next was feeding time and cleaning a few of the doodles ears.
Everyone had bones out in their yards and paddling pools so they stayed out most of the day.
I did some paper work and spent some time on the accounts before hoovering in the house.
Kiro and Reo needed brushing so I did them and then went and hosed the hybrid yard.
I had an email to say one of my poodle pups has been doing well in the show ring which is always nice to hear, she got best in show today.
Hannah was here grooming today she did well, everyone’s ears cleaned and the dogs on her list all clipped.
I popped out to the solicitors and the bank while Hannah kept an eye on the dogs.
Kirsty popped in and went to cash and carry for me which helped me out so I don’t have to go out at night.
I spent a short time getting my notes sorted out for training on Wednesday.
Shone was very good at training just need to work on the A recall which she is not too keen on still.
Lilly the little bitch Kirsty has is coming along nicely just needs some more work on her downs.
Cam has been helping out with digging holes and strimming in the top fields, we also managed to disinfect and power wash the entire hybrid pens at the top kennels.
Nathan popped over to have a look at a few electrical bits for later in the year.
I have had a couple of hybrid and little dog visitors this week.
We have been having a bit of a problem with the rooks and buzzards hovering around the little dogs pens these last few days.
David, Brian and Cam where here doing more of the drive fencing and concreting in more posts, we are nearly there only a couple more weeks and the Drive fencing will be about done.
Next we are going to put gates at the bottom end to stop people driving down to the house and then the yorkie outside pen should be ready to be concreted.
Kate came over with Lobo and we took some pictures of the puppies.
We let Lobo into the bottom block with Shone, Narla and Soldier, it became apparent very quickly that Lobo had decided the girls were his and he kept chasing Soldier away, Narla was not happy about this so she repeatedly reprimanded Lobo, this did not seem to make too much difference to him so I brought Cito his mother out to see if he would listen to her.
Narla came running down the pen and bowed down to Cito and relinquished her place as pack leader.
Cito told Lobo off but being a typical CsV male it really fell on deaf ears.
The next thing we witnessed to our amazement all of the bitches totally blanked Lobo and would not respond to him, he looked sad and lost when he had no one to play with so he laid down next to Narla in the hopes that she may talk to him, but no, that was him shut out of the pack, at this point I did feel a little sorry for him.
We had a really late finish and then the next morning was an early start as I needed to get my dogs finished and get my lab over to Helens to mate with Bracken one of my Lab stud dogs I sold to Helen with breeding rights last year.
I dropped off Jezz and came home and let the dogs out again and then did feeds and spent some time on the computer.

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