8th July

Sunday was a good day all the cleaning went well and most of the house dogs stayed outside all day as it was dry until the evening and then we only had a light shower.
Sira went off to Yorkshire to her new home.
We had labradoodle viewings so we only have one female pup left and they are four days old.
A very inconsiderate man from Yorkshire had arranged to come and view older dogs so 4 poor dogs did not get any breakfast as he wanted to take the dog back with him.
If it wasn’t for the fact that it upsets some of them when they travel if they have been fed I would feed as normal.
I cannot see what is the problem in having the common decency to phone if you are not going to keep an appointment, obviously an ignorant idiot that is not suitable to have a wolf dog or any dog if they cannot put the dog’s needs before their own.
By the time we had finished paper work and cleaned the last two yards for the house dogs it was 11 pm, so another late finish.
Monday morning started off dry until around 10 am then the horrible drizzle started.
I left Kate to finish outside and came in to sort out emails and clean the house dog’s ears.
Vicci came up for a visit and we went to the vets to pick up some drugs, then came back and Vicci and I clipped Rupert.
I helped Vicci in between doing the outside dogs.
Tuesday Kate was off for a couple of days visiting friends with Lobo.
I had finished fairly early, so everyone got out before the rain really started.
I had a labradoodle viewing, so this is now all of the pups sold.
Everyone stayed in with chews for a couple of hours while the rain was heavy, this gave me a chance to give D’Quilla a good brush and spend some time with her as a lady came to meet her and see how they got on with the view of taking her own to give her a permanent retirement home.
Francesca got on well with Quilla which was nice, and then she met one of the West highland terriers that she will be living with and they seemed happy with each other.
I hope everything works out well for them as it will be nice for Quilla to have a home where she is not surrounded by dogs and she can have more attention.
I had a long email saying Quilla was getting on ok and she seems happy in her new home.
I will give you an update next week.


I was late finishing but I had a good day all the dogs were happy and not too much noise considering that they were in longer than normal.
Wednesday morning was wet until 6.45 then dry for a couple of hours, so I got all the labs out while it was dry then started on the wolf dogs when the rain had started again.
Ann has just started for a trial to see how she gets on, the cleaning she is ok with but some of the dogs are finding the changes difficult, mainly Lycan ,Coosa and Matzi are the problem.
After we had finished the cleaning Ann did some of the odd jobs like cleaning cages and travel crates while I was on the computer and measuring my van to put a new pen inside for Coosa for the September event so he has more room as he has not had to sleep in the van before.
I spent the afternoon on odd cleaning jobs so I could be around in each kennel block as the weather went on the turn and the dogs were not out as long as normal.
Thankfully it dried up for the evening so the house dogs could run in and out all night.
Thursday morning we had to start early as Kate was only in for a couple of hours.
After she had left I finished off outside and did the feed orders.
I had a labradoodle viewing for my litter due next month, and then went out and played in the field with each group.
While cleaning Coosa’s pen in the evening he wanted to get inside and help, well, I find I am much quicker on my own so I locked the door on the hatch and left him out, he was pulling at the door and whining, the next thing I noticed he is pulling like mad at the earthing wire for the electric fence so I had to stop cleaning and go out in to his tunnel and wire another piece of mesh to the top so he couldn’t get hold of it again, he was happy to sit and watch me probably working out if he could get hold of it again.
As soon as I had finished the pen I left the door open for him but he did not want to be in there as I had gone off to another pen.
Shaun came over for a couple of hours to talk about dogs we are looking to rehome .
We have 17 month old male castrated, wormed microchipped and vaccinated.
Good on the lead good with other dogs.
Has been with teenage children but not with little ones.

17 month castrated male

17 month castrated male

17 month old female wormed microchipped and vaccinated.
Needs more work on the lead not very confident but good with people and older children can live in or out.
Ideally needs to be with another dog for guidance and company.

17 month female

2 year old female microchipped wormed and vaccinated and spayed.
Good on the lead good with older children and good with dogs.

2 year old female

4 year old pure bred Saarloos male.

4 year old Saarloos male

We are still looking for homes for Steel, koko and Starr.
Also Bobby is still looking for a home as she didn’t work out with the family who took her, there were issues with a couple of the male relatives, if Bobby is to be homed again then I am looking for someone who can devote all of their time to her and not someone looking for a family dog.
Friday morning was very busy Kate and I were cleaning, we had a big meat delivery and people viewing hybrids for a possible dog in the future, after spending time with the couple they have booked in to the seminars with Shaun in September.
Then they went off to meet Kirsty and Lupus bear for lunch at the pub.
I finished off grooming Razzle and then did the rest of the afternoon and thankfully managed to get the dogs in before the heavens opened, when the rain came it did not stop, after the house dogs had been fed and went out to get drowned I put them all back in the pens with chews and went out for a meal with a friend for the evening.
Saturday morning the rain was still pounding down and the river was out all across the road.
The dogs were thoroughly peed by this time, all the kennel dogs came in and had to all go back onto straw to dry them off.
Late morning we had more visitors looking at the dogs with the view of what breed would suit them best for the future.
After lunch the rain let up a bit so all the dogs got back out again, the lab group were the unlucky ones as they did get fairly wet but the rest were not too bad.
Kevin came down to give me a hand and send some time with Budd which is good as we don’t have many male around the kennel.
Kev took all the bales of shavings and feed bags up to the kennel areas which was great as I am struggling to carry the heavier stuff at the moment with the problems with my neck and shoulder.
After everyone was fed and locked up we took C and Budd for a walk, we swapped dogs a couple of times as C is not used to being taken out by a man, they were both really good, we came home drowned and covered in mud but the dogs were happy.
I spent the evening chilling with the house dogs.

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