8th February

Sunday morning was a really cold start and not as predicted on the forecast, it was supposed to be a good day and dry, that it was not, heavy showers of rain, sleet and hail.
The house dogs went out and the puppies, Narla and the pups went out and had their hatch open for them to come in and out.
I let the kennel dogs out and fed everyone and cleaned out the puppies.
Coosa’s group went into field two and the paddock and then Cito and Shone went out in field one.
Dave and I cleaned the kennels and hoovered the dust out.
I had two families come to look at puppies and both turned up together so that got both puppies sold and all the explanations done at the same time, I was pleased as I really was not feeling very well, I have a chest infection and still ache all over.
Dave did some odd jobs and then put up a new post box outside the house, and then he white boarded the hatch in Narla’s kennel as she has nearly ripped through the wooden one.
I did the lunch time feeds and everyone had their chicken and then went out again for the afternoon.
We did the fire and then Dave de boned and picked up all of the bits and plastic from Coosa’s field.
I spent some time with Narla and the puppies; they are really good only one girl is a little shy the boy is all over you he is so friendly and playful.
All the chicken was out defrosting in my kitchen for the next day as it is too cold to leave it outside.
Everyone was fed and had their fish skins for bed and then Coosa’s group came in and had food.
I locked everyone up just after 5 pm as I was feeling terrible and needed to go inside.
Narla and the pups fed and locked up and Kiro out for the night.
Dave and I had a couple of hour’s paper work on the puppy sales for 2014 to check for the accountant.
I did the dinner and the house dogs were fed and then morning feeds done ready.
Monday morning
Everyone from the house out and fed.
Narla and the puppies out with food.
Down to the kennel everyone fed out and cleaned.
I spent all morning dusting in the kennel and hoovering in the office area.
Lunch time feeds cut up and fed.
The afternoon was cleaning the bottom two yards and the bottom block.
Evening feeds done ready and morning feeds ready.
Everyone in and fed by 5.10 as I really was not feeling well.
Narla and the puppies in and Kiro out, the rest of the evening was sleeping in the chair with the house dogs.
Tuesday morning was a nice bright start the house dogs went out and then I let Narla and the puppies out with their food.
Kiro was locked up and then I went down to the kennels and let the first groups out in the drive and the next group out into the field.
I fed the puppies and got everyone cleaned out.
Cito and Shone went out in the field and the house dogs went out in the bottom block.
I cleaned the puppy room, ready for them to go back into as I was going out at lunchtime.
The first meat delivery arrived, I managed to get the bones and meat frozen and then kilo’s of chicken cut up.
I brought Shone and Cito in and the house puppies all came in.
I locked the kennel dogs up and then went off to the hospital for an ultrasound to try and find the Gall stones, appointments were all running on time so I wasn’t there long.
I got home and fed everyone and let everyone out and then cut up kilos of chicken carcasses and froze them.
The afternoon was letting dogs out and washing yards.
Evening feeding done and everyone in at 5 pm.
Kiro out Narla and the puppies fed and locked up and then Shone and Cito in for the night.

Wednesday morning was a dry cold start, the house dogs went out for a short time and then in for breakfast.
Kiro went in with food.
I went down and opened the gates as Hannah was due to arrive at 8 am to groom the little dogs.
After Hannah arrived I locked up the gates and fed and cleaned everyone out.
After they had all been for a good run I put Shone and Cito out in the top kennel area and field one, Coosa’s group in field two and the paddock.
I went over to my sisters to pick up 6 boxes of chicken carcasses and my meat for myself.
I got back and fed everyone their chicken.
Hannah held the puppies while I microchipped them.
Everyone went out for the afternoon; I did the feeds and got the van ready for training.
All the dogs were in and I left with Shiraz.
Hannah worked late and then she locked up and left.
It was a long night training my classes went well I was pleased with the progress they had made and the home work was good no issues with wait or leave food.
I finally finished the gold class and we tidied up the hall and then home.
I was so pleased to get home I was exhausted; I let the house dogs out and then bed.
Thursday morning house dogs out and then Kiro in.
Kennel dogs all out and fed and cleaned.
Shone and Cito out in the field.
I washed Coosa’s kennel out and dried it and then re bedded so o could use his kennel for other groups while I washed their kennels.
I had only just finished washing everything and drying floors and then it was time to do the lunchtime feeds.
Everyone fed and dogs stayed out all afternoon.
I was getting the paper work done for the litter leaving at the weekend so I did the evening feeds and brought the hybrids in at 6 pm and carried on in the office until just after 7 pm.
I fed the house dogs and brought Shone and Cito in.
Narla and the puppies fed and locked up and kiro out.
Friday morning house dogs out kiro in, kennel dogs all finished by 9.30.
The meat delivery arrived so I sorted all of that out and then it was time to do the lunch time feeds.
My next job was to get the insurance done for the puppies leaving.
I cleaned the puppy room in the house and stopped for some soup very exciting that is all I have eaten for a week and now it’s getting very boring.
I picked up in the drive and the paddock and then hosed Narla’s yard and locked her and the puppies away.
I fed everyone else and then locked them up and let kiro out.
Saturday morning was hectic I started earlier than normal as I was going to be busy.
House dogs out and Narla and pups out, but without food as I had a puppy going at 9 am with a long journey ahead of him.
I had everyone fed and cleaned out by 8.45 ready for the puppy owners to arrive.
Cito and Shone out in the field.
My hybrid pup left and then I had another litter going out so people arrived for the next two hours.
After all the pup were gone, I did the fire and then the lunch time feeds.
I stopped for some soup in the hopes it would give me the energy to disinfect and hose the bottom block, well I am not sure it gave me the energy but anyway I did manage to do it a little longer than normal but I was satisfied when it was done.
Dogs swapped over and I had a short time with the hybrid pups and then the poodle group.
Evening feeds done and morning feeds ready.
I had to stock up in the kennel with Shavings and food.
5.30 was approaching and I was so happy to finish, I was struggling to keep my eyes open, Really hoping the antibiotics will start to take effect soon.
Everyone fed and Coosa’s group in.
Kennel locked up .
Shone and Cito went out for a while.
Narla and the puppies fed and in.
Kiro out, I survived the week, as a few people thought said when they had this they ended up in bed and not able to work, I would have liked to have stayed in the warm, but mind over matter
My dogs have always come first even before my health, that’s what makes me the person I am stubborn and determined.

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