8th April

Steel has puppies available, stunning litter of ¾ Czech pups.
The previous Sunday was really hectic with Labradoodle pups leaving, so it ended up being a really long day.
April fool’s day
This was not my best day of the week, Cito decided to pee on the kitchen floor when the back door was open, I was really not happy about this so I put the hose into the kitchen and started to wash the wee out of the door, water had got under the washing machine into the electrics and tripped the switch, I thought when it dries out it will be ok, well I was wrong.
The last thing you need to be without here is a washing machine, thankfully Wolf has ordered me one that will arrive on Tuesday morning, I can’t wait.
I let Steels pups out of the whelping box but she decided this was not acceptable and kept putting them back in, as it was causing her too much stress I shut them in again, they are now being fed 3 times a day, so soon I will take her away she will probably go in with Siren for a while until I can find a home for her
The pups can have more freedom to run around.
Kate phoned in the afternoon to say her clutch had gone on the car so she would not be in in the morning; this gave me a chance to make sure I was in front with everything.
Sunday evening was a late finish with the house dogs coming in from the field at about 7.30.
Monday morning went fairly well; thankfully I was not interrupted with too many phone calls.
It had been a very cold night as some of the outside buckets had ice in them; the fog did not clear until after 10 o clock so I couldn’t see any of the dogs while they were out in the field.
I changed all the vet beds and the house dogs bedding, this was all piled up ready for the new washing machine tomorrow morning.
When I thought I had finished the morning cleaning I went to check my emails, as soon as I walked into the office there was Steel pulling the vet bed out of the whelping box, she put on the floor outside the box and sat down quite happily.
I took the bed away from her and gave the puppies straw and shavings on the floor, I prefer to use vet bed and newspaper but sometimes it is not possible if it means the pups could get cold.
I have let the pups out of the box and hopefully Steel will accept this.
I am hoping not to move her just yet as a couple of the pups are too small.
I am struggling to keep the weight on her due to the condition she came back her in from James in Lincolnshire.
She looked like she would only have a very small litter unfortunately this wasn’t to be.
While everyone was out in the afternoon I had a couple come over to see their puppy that is staying until they have been on holiday, then I did some house work for an hour.
I thought it’s nice and warm so I will go and defrost one of the freezers ready for our meat delivery tomorrow, well I should have worn my sealskin gloves, by the time I have finished defrosting I needed to thaw out my hands I was freezing.
Kate phoned late to say her car was still not ready, so another busy day to come.
Very late night by the time I had done some of the paper work for my Poodle litter, and then I had to disconnect the washing machine.
Tuesday morning Kiro was out in the field by 6.30 as I had a feeling the washing machine would be here at 7 am and I needed to make sure she did not bark her head off and upset the neighbours.
As expected I had a call from the delivery driver to say they would be 15 minutes.
I got all the house dogs out and fed before they arrived.
The weather was very overcast and I was expecting rain so everyone was out as quick as possible and cleaned just in case they had to stay in for a while.
I spent 3 hours power washing, and run back and forth to keep up with the washing of blankets and vet beds.
Wednesday was not too good with heavy showers on and off all day, so it was rushing around making sure they did not get too wet.
I had worming, vaccinating and ear cleaning so this kept me busy for a good couple of hours.
I spent most of the day outside with everyone until 5 pm.
I got my last groups in and they were a bit wet but not too bad, then the heavens opened up and it really did not look like it was going to stop in the near future, so I went off to the vets to pick up some more vaccines and give Luna a ride out for a little more training and socialising, she was happy to meet people and really was not bothered about being at the vets, she wanted to go into the consulting room.
On the way home I decided to stop at the Rising Sun and see Kirsty and Simon, this was nice for Luna to see another wolf dog and spend some time with Lupus.
While I was there I had a chat to Kirsty about one of the male puppies on Steels litter, he is very small and was starting to get pushed out by his siblings, this was only going to get worse for him and he could not afford to go without food, we decided that it would be better for him to be taken away from the litter and raised on his own where he could have constant attention.
I spoke to my licencing officer first thing on Thursday morning and he agreed for the sake of the puppy and his wellbeing that he would be fine to leave his mum even though he is only 4 weeks old.
Kirsty and Simon came over and picked him up, he is on milk mousse and very small quantities of Royal Canin starter.
Steel has not noticed that he is not with her anymore, she probably feels she has enough with the 8 she still has.
Kirsty is looking for suggestions for a name for the little mite, and thoughts please email me. Shoshone@inuits.eclipse.co.uk
I will keep you updated on the little fellow and his progress.

Steels pup

A quick drink turned into three hours and dinner, it was a really nice evening.
The weather today has been absolutely bitter cold windy and the odd shower but nothing too much.
We had an unexpected delivery from Royal canin today I had worked it out to be next week, this was a pain as we were not really ready for it so having to quickly do some rearranging in the garage to fit 22 bags of food in before the rain slightly interfered with our day.
I was hoping for a reasonable finish but just before I got the last two groups in, people turned up and this caused mayhem, the last two groups didn’t want to come in and the rest of the dogs were so unsettled for over an hour after they had gone.
I finally settled them down and came in at nearly 7 o clock and by this time I was freezing cold and shattered.
Thursday morning was good everything went quite smoothly; after I had finished power washing we wormed every dog here which was easier than normal.
I had some work to do in the house as mother was coming for Easter and I knew she would be in spring cleaning mode.
Thursday night I was looking forward to watching the Wolf program on BBC, it was ok but nothing to get too excited about, the poodles enjoyed it, none of the dogs were impressed by the man howling but they did seem more interested when they heard the Wolves howl.
Three of the dogs started really growling when they saw the Cougar and the bear which I thought was interesting.
Friday morning we had to get finished in good time as we had visitors coming to view dogs.
We spent the afternoon cleaning out ears on the little dogs and the labs, Tease had a haematoma in her ear so I put a large needle in to drain it, not Kate’s thing she passed out so I did the rest on my own, and it took ages so we ended up running late.
When everyone was in and we had finished outside Kate and I took Lobo, Luna and C out for a walk.
This was a disaster Lobo and C were great Luna took off and we could not catch her, thankfully a man came into the park with a little black cross bred dog this made Luna very interested and he grabbed hold of her for me.
That was the end of Luna’s walk she then had to stay in the van and we took the other two.
Saturday morning was fairly easy after we had done most of the outside I left Kate to finish off and I came in to finish the blog and groom a couple of poodles.
I needed to be in front as Kate is off on Sunday.
We have a new girl starting at the end of next week so Kate will get a bit more time to go home and see here parents with Lobo.
Saturday afternoon got a little noisy as the local hunt were in the area and the quads and horses were flying around for a while so this set the smaller dogs off, but not for too long thankfully.
When there is a disturbance like the ramblers or the hunt I just leave them to bark as they are only doing what they are meant to do anyway.
Saturday evening was finishing off the end of year accounts and having a nice roast duck and glass of wine with mother.

Choki, 5 year old castrated male dog, good with other dogs, very good with adults but not uised to young children, needs plenty of company for more information please email colinrnattress@hotmail.com



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