7th September

Sunday morning the sun was out so I got out early and made the most of it as the first news at 7 am said showers coming in later.
Everyone fed cleaned out and back in by 8.45.
Coosa went out in his own field and the house hybrid pack went out in field two, this is only the second time I have let Solider out in that field as the first time I had to get Kirsty to come and help me get him in, but today he was good he came straight in when I called everyone.
I cleaned the yard and the bottom block then swapped dogs around and started to power wash Coosa’s day area in between feeding and changing dogs around.
Lunchtime feed done, puppy play time for me for an hour and then on to the boring stuff emailing and phone calls.
I finished off the power washing and then stopped for lunch.
I cleaned up the paddock and the drive.
Evening and morning feeds done and frozen feeds out ready.
Coosa’s group came in to the top kennel area as they were howling so the little dogs went out in the field for a while.
I unloaded my van with yet more stuff I had picked up from mothers the other night.
I cleaned up in the drive and paddock then fed everyone and brought them all in except for the two hybrid groups.
Monday morning was a wet start but did improve.
After everyone was fed and cleaned out I wormed puppies and cleared the drive.
Hybrids out while I cleaned their yards, I took the three house puppies up the drive while I cleaned up and checked on the plants to see what may need watering.
Lunchtime feeding done, dogs stayed out in the pens and fields until 5 pm while I did paper work.
Evening feeds done and Coosa top pen area all clean.
All little dogs were in by 7.30 then the hybrid groups in a few minutes after as it started to rain.
Tuesday morning was really busy all the dogs done, hybrids out, fire done then three lots of visitors came though out in the morning and early afternoon, also two meat deliveries.
Lunchtime feeds done and evening feeds prepared.
I loaded my van ready to go over to my sisters when I finished.
I spent some time in the office sorting out next vaccines and Kennel club folders for puppies.
I picked up in field two while the house hybrids were out, everyone in and fed except the two hybrid group Coosa’s group stayed up in the top kennels and the house hybrids in the bottom kennel area.
I fed everyone else and let them out then headed off for dinner with my sister.
I got home very late and let the bitches out and Coosa group in.
Wednesday morning everyone out all as going well until I tried to send an email.
I was on the phone on and off for over five hours with Microsoft trying to sort the problem out.
I ended up doing the dogs and paper work with the phone pretty much in my ear all day.
For some retail therapy I was squatting flies.
I quickly went and got the three puppies from the house and did a little training with them in the top pen at the new kennels, they went back to bed for a sleep before training.
I fed everyone and put the cage in my van ready to leave.
All locked up for a few hours and off I went with the three puppies; Luna stays in the van to keep Lupus Company while the other two are training.
Shiraz was good she loves training and the dogs and people are all great fun in her world.
Kirsty is doing well with Noodles, she is quite a difficult dog as she is aloof with most things, and she really does like the people and is coming out of herself more with the dogs.
The next classes went well most still need work on the stays but apart from that they are all progressing very well.
I got home at 9.30 and let the bitches with pups out whilst getting Coosa’s group in.
The puppies went out in the yard with their food.
After I finished in the kennels and let the house hybrids in whilst sorting out the next morning’s feeds.
Thursday morning was an early start so I could pop up to Taunton to drop off keys.
Everyone was finished by 8.30 the hybrids all went out and came back in with bones.
I left and returned home ready for lunchtime feeds.
Everyone fed and out for the afternoon.
Dave arrived and we sorted out gates that were not opening very easy.
All the metal gates were oiled, we now have signs on gates to stop customers coming down to the house and upsetting Kiro.
The best one is a huge sign by the kennel telling people NOT to let their dogs out of the vehicle, this is because we do not want to risk any infections being brought in.
Dave did some weeding while I did the evening feeds and cleaned out puppies again.
We stopped for dinner and then cleaned the yard.
Friday morning all the dogs were out and we stripped out four kennels and cleaned top to bottom, this was time consuming, I scrubbed and hosed and Dave dried them all.
The meat delivery arrived so we sorted that out and froze all what was not needed that day.
We popped to mole valley and picked up shavings then to the builders merchants and bought some paint for the new wall.
I was busy with customers while Dave was doing a large amount of poisoning weeds everywhere.
After the people had left Dave put the rest of the signs up while I did the lunch time feeds.
The afternoon was very busy I had another puppy viewer.
Dave stated to pull out the weeds and brambles along the new prison fencing on the drive.
We left most of the dogs out and then cleaned all of the bottom block and yards.
I cleaned Kiro’s kennel out completely as it was getting dusty.
I took the puppies for walk around the drive for half an hour and then picked up in the drive and paddock.
We did the evening feeds and moved Coosa’s group into field two and cleaned two of his outside pen areas.
We had dinner and then the dogs all came in at 8.30 as it was getting dark, the house pack stayed out until about 10 pm.
Saturday morning was an early start we knew we were in for a hectic day.
All the dogs were cleaned fed and back in by 8 am.
Wendy and Brian arrived, first job Brian cut the expansion joints in the new wall and filled them.
Dave helped Brian for a while moving panels and then cut a very large hole in the wall in one of the yard areas up in the top kennel area to give Coosa’s group another pen to go through so they can see the house pack better.
Dave cleared the brambles from the area around Coosa’s hatch into the field.
I was busy with a customer; Hannah came in for a few hours as we were getting behind on the grooming.
We all stopped for breakfast, Dave went back to more weed killing while Brian carried on with the new hatch and knocking out breeze blocks.
I did the lunch time feeds, and spent a large part of the afternoon weighing and worming dogs and puppies.
The morning customers were torn between two dogs so they went off for lunch and then came back and picked the puppy, while they were here they had a tour of everything as they wanted to see the hybrids.
We stopped for chocolate cake and coffee and then back to work for a couple of hours before Brian and Wendy left.
I fed the puppies and the rest of the dogs, Dave was putting up another sign.
We had dinner and then swept up and hosed all the pen areas where Brian had put the new hatch in, it was now getting dark, so I got the morning feeds done in the new kennel and then got the frozen feeds out for the morning, by this time it was now dark.
I brought Coosa’s group in and Dave fixed a leaking tap in the top kennel area.
We finally came in at well after 9 pm.

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