7th October

Sunday was Jane and I we had a good morning quite busy with a couple of visitors.
After we finished all of the cleaning I moved Tory and Kiro into the second whelping area ready for the pups in two weeks’ time.
Daisy has moved in with the Labradors.
I microchipped a litter of pups then went out and power washed for a couple of hours before doing the evening feeds.
I brushed Kiro and Tory as they are both moulting a little.
I gave Coosa and Matzi a brush, Matzi sat on my lap and nearly squashed me
I spent the rest of the evening brushing the house dogs.
Monday morning was Kate and I, we started very early as Kate had to leave by 9 am to go off for some sort of baby stuff as the hospital.
When we had finished most of the cleaning I popped in and caught up on a few phone calls to arrange the builders for the weekend to do a bit more on the new build and get the steel guys booked to come down and measure up. I caught up on loads of jobs that needed doing.
I spent a while on the computer but then had to go back out as Coosa was on form with his howling.
I fed everyone quite early then let them all back out again.
Tuesday Morning was meant to be Jane and myself but she phoned in a 7 am to say her van would not start.
I already had the house dogs out and fed and the first two groups ready to go out in the field so I was lucky that I was not going to be behind.
My only thought was I have got a litter of pups to vaccinate that is one job I cannot do on my own.
Then I remembered that Kate was coming in to see Lobo and take him out for a walk.
Kate rang to say she was on her way so I got all the needles and syringes out ready.
We vaccinated the litter and just as we were finishing the last pup my sister came in with Lunch which was nice as we only usually see her at training.
After lunch Kate decided that she would take home a pile of my paper work and do it at home and then come in the next day and take lobo out for the day.
This was a great help to me as I really struggle to keep up with this side of things and end up having to do it really late at night then it takes longer as I am tired by then.
I fed everyone as put Coosa’s group in for a couple of hours as the rain was so bad the water was coming down the fields like a river.
After it brightened up at about 5 ish I let them back out for a couple of hours.
I fed the pups and checked all of the microchips were still in and no one had lost theirs.
After cleaning the bottom yard I spent some time with Kiro and Tory before getting the last two lots of dogs in around 7 pm.
Wednesday morning was Jane and I we had a difficult morning as the weather was so changeable, it was hammering down so the labs and doodles had to come in early, this meant they had not had the outside yards washed.
I went back and did that a little later.
Kate came in with a nice big bundle of newspapers and a bag of doughnuts, this is becoming a habit now I think she is hoping that I will gain weight with her, maybe I should stop calling her fatty now as you can clearly see its all baby and not fat.
Jane and I got the house dogs bedding changed and four lots of washing done.
I spoke to a wolfdog owner in need of rehoming their dog due to change of circumstances, yet another bloody person who won’t take responsibility for their dogs.
I am not taking any other dogs in, we are too busy and with Kate getting tired after a long day it’s not fair on her or my own dogs.
We are now at a manageable number, especially given the time we need for the hybrid pups.
Thursday morning was Kate and I we rushed around as fast as possible and got all of the dogs out and most of the kennels cleaned.
I went off to pick up a load of tripe so that we don’t run short while we are busy this month with puppies.
I met my sister for breakfast then came home and unloaded and started the afternoon letting out and feeding.
I had a couple come to look at doodles for a possible pup later in the year.
After I had everyone back in and fed I went off to the osteopath for my fortnightly appointment.
I got home and had a nice relaxing bath before letting all the house dogs back out to cause a riot in the lounge.
Friday morning was Kate and I thankfully as we were rushed off our feet we started very early as we had a litter of puppies going out and a big meat delivery coming.
The first pup left at 10 am, as always everyone turns up at the same time.
Breeze started whelping slightly early which was not great on a day with new hybrid owners here as well, it is lucky that they are friends and they were happy to spend time with Tory without me.
Kate left with another load of paper work which was great, another job done. Saffi also started whelping, I was a little surprised by this as we had her due date as the 9 th and she did not look like she was going to start when she went out in the field a short while before.
I am lucky that she has been here from a pup so I don’t have too much to worry about with her I can pop out and let dogs in and out and feed, so leaving her for a little while is not a problem.

Not much went out for the afternoon as the weather was really awful and they were happy to stay in their beds with just a short run.
Kiro is in the kennel next to Breeze and the panel was open so she could see the pups being born which kept her occupied for the day, and she was quiet which was nice.
Hannah was here grooming, she did four yorkies, a poodle, a cockapoo and a second gen doodle; they all look really nice and fluffy for a day or two.
Hannah is good as I can leave her to get on with bathing and grooming and not worry unless she is doing Rupert as he does not like anyone other than me touching his feet.
Jane had a fall the other day while taking Kiro out, poor Kiro was mortified I think she thought that Jane was going to squash her, anyway the long and short of this was Jane went to the hospital and they told her she has arthritis and cannot do a strenuous job, so working here is out of the question.

The rain continued until late into the night so all of the house dogs had to go out into a covered kennel for the last toilet stop before bed.
This makes more work with washing and drying the pen before they can go out in the morning.
I spent the rest of the night checking on the bitches and new pups.
On a good note I spoke to Kirsty yesterday and her hours have changed at the pub so she is going to help out three mornings a week, this will make life easier as she knows the dogs and most of the routine.
Now I am only left looking for someone to do four mornings when Kate leaves, if I really can’t find anyone suitable then I will do it on my own as working with stupid or lazy staff does not appeal to me.
After having people like Vicci, Kirsty and Kate it’s not easy to find someone to match up to them and settling for just anyone will not suit me.
I can always get Wendy and Brian down at the weekend if I am getting behind with anything as they are both very good and know how things run here.
We are waiting for Dave to come over on the 10 th to let us know what the problem is with the web cam as we have no live cameras at the moment, we are really hoping that it is just the card needing changing as we were hoping Kiro would have her pups on camera.
I will keep you posted on that one.
MAIL ON LINE Friday, Oct 05 2012 Article with Shaun and Isla.
Pictures below are all of Wolfzone Hybrids.
Other pictures of Shaun, Isla and wolves can be seen on the link below.
Copy and paste into search bar.

Finally managed to get some sleep.
Saturday morning Wendy and Brian arrived with a large load of shavings and building materials they had picked up for me.
As always Wendy brings fresh bread and cakes made by her fair hand.
They were here putting in a new drain outside of Coosa’s day run as we are having so much rain and the four in Coosa’s group are constantly running in and out of the pen making mud, we need to power wash his pen every day, this new drain will stop any water running across the top of the kennel block.
The builder and steel guy was here looking at what needs doing next on the new build.
The last two pups have gone and the pen cleaned and ready for the next bitch to settle into.
Kate and I were cleaning up in the top kennel and Wendy took apart and cleaned all of the whelping boxes then put them back together in the kennels, she did a brilliant job as they were really dirty from both bitches whelping the night before.
Brian as done some running repairs in the doodle yard as they have trashed one of their panels dividing them from C.
We brunt all of the rush and tidied up the garage, Wendy sorted out all of nails and screws and fixings.
The drain for Coosa’s pen is finished.
Brian has unblocked our drain in the bottom yard. Kate and I tried relentlessly but failed.
As the weather was really nice the last dogs came in a 7.30 it was starting to get dark.
We had dinner and Wendy left.
I spent the evening getting the sales book up to date and watched TV for an hour before bed.
Sunday morning was Kirsty and I so when we had done the majority of the cleaning I left her to finish off so I could get the blog done; thank god I haven’t got to take anyone new while we are still whelping.

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