7th November

Dora gave us a surprise on Monday morning she had produced another male puppy over night, nice silver grey, we were all delighted.

Unfortunately on Tuesday morning it was a little gloomy the male pup had died during Monday night, so a sad day for us but Dora is doing well.

Our little Zodi boy who came home from the vets on Friday is bright and eating well, he is in the house with all the little dogs so he is happy.

By the time he leaves he will be house trained and up to weight.

He already likes his cage very often he has put himself back to bed in the daytime.

Cito had Sunday off from running as we were so busy and I thought the rest would do her good.

Monday back to work for her as normal, she is enjoying going out and already going a little further and not looking as tired.

She does not look like she has lost any weight yet.

Kiro is heavily in season now a good excuse for her to be as noisy as possible every time she sees a male dog.

Reo is by her side every time she moves; he has her marked for his next conquest.

Cujo is enjoying her new home in Orkney she has had several mating’s with Zav vie so a nice litter for Paul to look forward to at Christmas.

Puppies will be ready for sale end of February beginning of March.

Please contact Paul if you are interested.

D’quilla  had her pups yesterday; I must say it’s a major relief to have them arrive safely and still be alive.

Most people that know D’quilla have been on tender hooks for the past week and now are breathing a sigh of huge relief.

Last year she killed a number of her puppies, the reason for this was unknown, as she would not whelp if I was anywhere near her so we never knew if they were born live or dead.

I had not had her very long last time she had pups and I don’t think she was very settled due to her previous experiences.

I have a good relationship with her now she was very happy to have me in with her and helping with the pups.

Two of her males are strong so I don’t foresee any problems with those two.

The first-born pup is very small so he will be given some help to feed and nature will determine his fate.

The female pup is very difficult to get her to feed she is very strong willed and a little feisty.

It will be nice to get next few days over then we will know what we have for our new owners, unfortunately a couple of people will be disappointed as we have not got enough pups to go around.

Depending on sensible enquiries we may consider another hybrid litter from Matzi or Taska in the near future.

Luta will be the next litter due in December she was mated with Reo.

Demi has now been rehomed as a potential brood bitch to a very nice couple who already have one of my ½ Saarloos boys, I am sure she will be very happy in her new home.

We still have 1 boy called Fenn from Nook and Reo, he is a stunning dog, and very intelligent.

One female pup left from Zodi, she is a very nice little girl, I am sure she will be a super pet for the right home.

Thank you to everyone who kept a watch on D’quilla, it made life so much easier knowing she was being monitored while we were cleaning and exercising the other dogs, your phone calls were appreciated.

Sakari is doing well after her operation, so lets hope she continues with her progress to a speedy recovery.

Mandy will be spending more time training her csv cross Search and Rescue girl { Ace } while Sakari recuperates.

Many of you will remember Ace was formerly known as Shoshone Flash dance, I had her back as a rehome dog at about 12/14 weeks her owners had left her in the vets to be put to sleep.

It ended up in a court case, which I won, and a fantastic new home for Ace.

With all Mandy has done for her it has been a good result for us all.

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