7th July

Sunday morning was damp and miserable, I put the house dogs out and then kiro and Reo’s group, I fed the house dogs and got everyone’s feeds ready.
They all came in for breakfast and Sam arrived she did the pups in the front whelping area and then one of the poodles groups while I cleaned out Kiro’s pen ready for her to come in just because sometimes she can be very vocal and has to come in earlier than expected.
I went down and put the bitches in pup out and cleaned their pen, then I did Razzles group, fed and cleaned out.
We went back up and got and got Kiro in and Reo they were fed.
Matzi and Coosa’s group went out and were fed, we cleaned their pens and Sam did Idaho.
Next out was Moon I finished cleaning in the top kennel while Sam did his pen.
Moon in and Reo back out as we brought him in for food before his pen was cleaned.
I came down and put the Coosa pups out while Sam did Reo.
We cleaned the house and the office pen.
All the vet beds were now washing.
Narla and Shone went out and we cleaned the yard ready for them coming back in.
Sam papered all of the house pens and then I brought Narla in and C and Cito went out.
I did some adverts while Sam did a pickup in all of the yards.
We did the lunch time feeds and cut up chicken.
Sam left and then I had visitors seeing their Coosa pups and other people arrived to see the cockapoo pups.
After everyone had gone I brushed Coosa, Moon,and Rainn and tried to brush tory but Coosa kept sitting on her so I had to take her out of the field as he was getting very jealous and wanted all of the attention.
Kirsty came down and we walked all of the Coosa pups down to the bottom of the drive and back down the main road, we took Kia with some of them and two went out without Kia.
They were very good all except one girl who was not so happy she dug her heels in and didn’t want to move, but eventually she did comply.
After Kirsty left I started to clean the yards and finish the evening feeding, I let Shone and Narla out in the field.
Coosa pups had their chicken and came in at about 8.45.
I spent the evening with the house dogs.
Monday morning I was on my own so I put the house dogs out and did the bitches and pups, then two groups from the top, after I had cleaned them out and put new bedding in I came down and put Razzles group out and then back up to get the two groups in, then Coosa and Moon out, while they were out I cleaned the bottom pens.
Moon came in and Matzi out, I did his pen and Idaho.
I had finished all of the kennel cleaning by 10 am, then I did the puppies at the bottom and vet beds.
Matzi in and Shone and Narla out, I cleaned the yard ready for them coming in.
I fed the pups and then had visitors, they arrived at the same time as Jason visiting his Coosa male, and Jason occupied himself with coffee and playing with his pup.
After my visitors had left I spent time with Jason and his pup, which I am hoping he will find a name for before he picks him up next weekend.
Just before Jas left and I fed the Coosa pups so he could see how quickly they eat their chicken and the fact that none of them try and take the others food.
I swapped over dogs in the field and then fed all of the little people.
My new dog bath arrived which is nice and heavy as I found out when the stupid delivery driver dropped it right in front of my van {what a knob}, I tried to take it off the pallet to move it and found it had been screwed to the pallet, not a problem I would take all the screws out and then move it,, I got to the last screw and it was put in on an angle so I couldn’t get it out, I resorted to a screwdriver and hammer and smashed the head off of the screw, great satisfaction, while thinking what sort of idiot can’t put a screw in straight.
I managed to move the bath into the garage.
I went out and walked around the field and checked the fencing I was followed closely by Ranger like a shadow.
I came in at 5 and got the feeds ready for the pups while the last two kennel groups were out in the field.
I took my Coosa pup for a walk down the drive as she starts training this week and I know how advanced a lot of the dogs in her class will be as some of them have already been trained here.
I fed the Coosa pups and the bitches and pups then started to clean the yards.
Everyone was in and finished by 8.30, I let the yorkie pups out of the office to run around the house while I was doing paperwork so I could keep an eye on them.
I brought the Coosa pups in and put them in their pen for the night.
Narla and shone came down from the field at about 9.30, I did the frozen feeds for the morning and the biscuit feeds, then spent a couple of hours with the house dogs.
Tuesday morning house dogs out two groups from the top kennel, I did the feeds for everyone and changed all of the vet beds, and got both washing machines on.
I cleaned two pens from the top and then got those two groups in, I put the next two groups out and came down and put the Coosa pups out and cleaned their pen.
Back up and got the two groups in and fed them all their bones.
I sorted out the meat delivery and burnt all the boxes.
I cleaned all of the whelping areas and changed water buckets.
Next was lunchtime feeds for the little dogs and all of the pups.
I had a puppy viewing for a future pup and then one of my yorkie owners popped in for a visit.
Sam popped in for a visit and to spend some time with the coosa pups, she helped out with a bit of weeding while she was here.
I sorted out the dry food delivery and tidied up the garage.
I brushed Coosa, Tory, Moon and Kia.
Shone and I took my Coosa pup for a walk down the lane and then back down the main road, they were both very good.
I fed all the bitches and pups and gave them all clean water.
I swapped dogs when I got back in and then started to clean the yards and get the feeds ready for the next morning.
After everyone was away and everywhere was cleaned Kirsty popped in with my chicken delivery, we had a chat for a while and then I had dinner and sat down for an hour before bed.
Wednesday morning was a 5am start as the dogs were not going to shut up.
I fed the housed dogs and the bitches and pups, Coosa and Kiro’s groups went out and Matzi went in his outside pen.
I let the bottom groups out in their yards and started to clean the bottom pens.
We cleaned Idaho’s pen from top to bottom as she was really dirty today.
After everyone had been out and fed all the top groups stayed in for an hour as my neighbour had people viewing her house and she wants them to think the dogs are perfect!!
We changed all the vet beds and cleaned all the pups.
Carol a friend of mine came down to pick up one of my poodles that I have decided not to breed as she is a little small.
I had a lady come about a job that didn’t go very far.
Kirsty came down to sit with one of my bitches that was whelping and being a first litter she was not very good.
We cleaned the Coosa pups pen and put them outside for the day.
I had another feed delivery to sort out.
Lunchtime feeds were done and everyone re cleaned.
I did the water buckets in the yards again.
Floors all washed in the house and yards all cleaned.
I did the evening feeds and Kate arrived, she spent some time with my bitch that was whelping.
I got all the dogs in and outside pens cleaned and ready for the morning.
Pups all done and locked up.
I loaded the dogs for training; we had Ranger, Shone and my Coosa pup.
Kate was training with Ranger, he was so comical, not too keen on the down but he did do it for some chicken, his recall was hysterical he started to run towards Kate and then stopped and picked up his lead and went straight to her.
I had my Coosa girl in the puppy class, she was exceptional as most of mine dribble for the first few months but she didn’t she even came back to me on her recall, that was funny as I still haven’t named her yet.
We put them to back in the van and took Shone in, she was good her heel work great, recall was not in a straight line but she still came back.

Her down was not as good as normal but we did get there.
We got home at 8 pm and checked on the bitches and let the house dogs out, Kate came up and had a look at the progress in the new kennel and she left just before 10 pm.
I got the feeds ready for the next morning and sorted out some more washing.
I had an hour with the house dogs before bed.
Thursday morning was a nice warm start, the house dogs were all out in the yards while I got their feeds done and fed the bitches and pups.
I opened the top kennel door and put the radio on but didn’t let anyone out until I had finished the dogs at the bottom in case the top groups started howling.
I cleaned all of the bottom pens and did water and checked on the pups that were born the day before and everyone is doing well, mum is not very settled yet but she is doing better than the day she whelped, having Kirsty with her really made a difference as she would have just left the puppies outside of the whelping box.
I changed all the vet beds and got them washed before going up to the top.
I took the feed bins up and put out Kiro’s pen and Reo and A’Lupa, both kennels needed scrubbing so I did those and while they soaked I did Idaho and fed her.
I finished off the first two pens and then brought them in and fed them.
Next out was Coosa’s group and Matzi’s, I have to keep coosa in the outside run and feed him before he can go out in the field as I am fed up with him keep feeding Tory, and coming back in asking for more food.
After he has settled down and had his breakfast then I let the girls in to eat.
Matzi came in and Moon went out. His pen was clean so I cleaned the last two inside kennels while he was out, then Shone and Narla went out and Coosa started howling so I put him back in his outside pen and left him in while I finished off everything else.
I fed all of the pups and changed the water and then spent an hour on the computer.
Next was worming bitches and my yorkie, he really hates any wormer and bites, it’s not easy when he is only the size of a pint glass, I worry he might break.
Kirsty came down to pick up some meat and stayed for coffee and a chat; after she left I went back outside and put the last two groups out.
I got all of the disinfectant buckets ready to clean the yards and started to get the bottom yards cleaned.
After everyone was in I let Shone and Narla out I the field and spent time with the bitches.
I fed the Coosa pups and then cleaned the next yard and got the morning frozen feeds done.
I got everyone’s vet beds ready and hung them up by their pens for the morning.
I did the biscuit feeds and then popped up to town and dropped of a cheque through the door of the bank.
I got home and cleaned out my van from training the night before and burnt all the paper.
I bought the Coosa pups in and cleaned their pen ready for the morning.
I had an hour with the house dogs before bed.
Friday morning was really hot so the top group started to make a noise at about 5 am, I went up and opened the door and left the radio on for them, I let all the house dogs out and fed the bitches and pups, house dogs in an the bottom groups out, after everyone was cleaned out and the vet beds all changed I went up to the top and let the first two groups out and did their pens and Idaho’s.
I came down and hung the washing out and sorted out the meat order that had just arrived, I needed to get that all put away as it was far too hot to leave sat in the garage and the flies are starting to get about now.
I finished sorting out the meat and put the vet beds on the line.
I brought the two groups in from the top and put the next two groups out and did their pens.
Then Moon went out and I cleaned his pen and brought him in for food.
Shone and Narla went out while I was cleaning their yard and washing bowls, I cleaning the floors in the house while the rest of the house dogs were in the yard.
When they came in C and Cito went out and I fed all of the pups and had a play with the Coosa pups.
I fed all the pups and bitches, and then the house dogs had their chicken.
I went back up and put Coosa’s group in as he was still howling.
I had half an hour on the computer ordering ear cleaner and food, answering emails and then got them in and went out and started to brush a few of the dogs so Coosa could see I was outside and there was no reason to be howling.
While I was up the top I cleaned all the drains and picked up bones and muck from the fields, the phone was constantly ringing, after a while I got so fed up with it I turned it off and carried on with what I needed to do.
I was changing the water in the whelping area when one of my owners drove in and asked me if I wanted to see one of the labradoodles I had sold them last year; he is a lovely dog and very well mannered.
While we were chatting I found a tick on him so I showed her how to remove the tick with a tick remover as the last one he had still has a nasty bump where the tick was taken out from.
I went back to finishing off in the whelping area.
I was constantly changing the water buckets in the field as they were either drinking it or putting their heads in it.
I pulled out loads of stinging nettles by the fences going out to the fields and the muck heap as I don’t really want to get stung now the weather is so hot it’s time for shorts again.
Martine sent me a picture of Atlz he is doing well very happy and settled in his home, she describes him as a gentleman just like Titan.
I spent two hours ear cleaning with all of the dogs and checking nails and dew claws.
I fed everyone and then Sam arrived for a while as she was bored so she thought she would come and give me a hand.
We scrubbed the yards and put the Coosa pups to bed.
After everyone was in we sat down at 9.30 for half an hour for dinner, then it was time to do the frozen feeds and the biscuit feeds for the morning.
Saturday morning was another silly 5 o clock start as it was so hot, I put two top groups out and cleaned pen one as I knew Brian and Wendy should be here just after 8 to tile the bottom part of the pen where the tiles had cracked.
I let all of the house dogs out and did the feeds for everyone.
I went back up to get the two groups in and Kiro was swinging around a freshly killed rabbit, Ranger thought it was great he was hanging off one end of it and Kiro firmly holding the other end, as they ran past me I was splattered in blood, nice first thing in the morning, well that made breakfast easy I only had to feed Siren as he was not going to get a look in with those two.
After I had finished the bitches and pups and cleaned everywhere down the bottom I went round and changed vet beds.
I wormed all of the pups, then a puppy owner came round to pick up food for her labradoodle, he also had a tick on the back of his neck and dirty ears so I was half an hour showing her how to clean ears and remove ticks.
Wendy helped me clean out Coosa’s pen and then I had a lady come to buy a puppy.
Brian had gone off strimming while the tiles were setting before he could grout them.
Wendy did our breakfast and then we fed the pups and burnt the rubbish.
The dogs all had an hour at a time out in the field and most just wanted to chill out in their runs.
Kirsty came down for a play with the Coosa pups for a while so we sat out with them and had a coffee.
Our next job was to unblock a drain up at the top kennel; it’s a terrible design as it is helicoil soak away pipe, but it is so slow and it can back up sometimes, we improved it but it’s not great.
I got the frozen feeds ready to take up for the morning.
We fed the bitches and pups and I came in to write the blog before I was too tired to do anything else.
Wendy hosed the bottom yards for me and locked everything up down the bottom.

Bobbie our rehome girl who now lives with Kirstys pack

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