7th February

For the first time in ages I managed an extra half an hour in bed, which was most welcomed.
Everyone was out fed and clean, all the dogs were out most of the day apart from a short hail storm.
Dave was clearing stuff from the builders from the house, everything from wood to old cement and lime bags.
I spent from 9.30 until 6 pm power washing, the only times I stopped were to swap dogs over into different fields and to do feeds.
Dave had a massive fire with everything that he carried up from the house, all the way up the steps and out into the burning pit.
The afternoon stayed reasonable so I left the dogs out fairly late and then they all came in for food.
An early dry start, everyone, out fed and cleaned out before the builders arrived at 8.15.
Dave picked up in the drive and opened the gates ready for them coming in.
I finished off washing up and sorting out stuff in the kennel and then made a few calls to order materials for this week.
Dave went off and did a check and fill on all of the bait boxes everywhere.
I had a meeting with the rep from the builder’s merchants.
Dogs were out in the fields and the drive, Cito and Shone down in the bottom yard.
I started power washing again as this time I needed to get right down the steps from the top kennel.
Dave looked at the power washer and then had to take it apart as it was leaking water.
We took the spare power washer up to the kennel so I could use that one until we get the prices for repairing the other one.
After finishing power washing I started getting the feeds done for the evening and getting the last of the dogs run.
Everyone in and fed, and then Cito and Shone in, and Coosa’s group fed and in for the night.
A really wet start hail stones were coming down really hard.
I put Kiro and Reo away and took the puppy out for a quick toilet and then in for his food.
I made all the feeds up ready.
The weather improved so I let everyone out for a run and then Dave picked up in the drive and opened the gates for the builders, they arrived and gave me a list of more stuff needed for the day, so I got straight on the phone and ordered the timber, sand and lime.
The weather was not looking great so I had to try and be aware when we went down to the house to see the builders that it could suddenly pour down.
Nathan and Jake arrived to start with the first fix on the electrics in the house.
Dave moved all of the old paving slabs from the old whelping area outside one of Kiro’s pens ready for when we get time to lay them.
Nathan and I spent quite a bit of time working out the room lay outs so he knows where I want plugs and things.
The upstairs is now taking shape a bit more so it’s easier to see how it will look when it’s finished.
Dave opened the gates and let the driver in for the chicken delivery and then I sorted out the food.
We had to get dogs in quickly as the hailstones where coming down really fast.
We have quite a few quick heavy showers but dogs were still out most of the day.
Lunch time feeds done and then I had a couple of calls about puppies before the next delivery arrived with the 30 kilo’s of dried beef for evening treats.
A quick trip to the builder’s merchants for Alkathene pipe to put the wires in for the outside camera’s.
I got home and let the dogs in from the fields and then let the last groups out before the builders left.
After they had gone the gates were shut again and Cito and Shone came up and then Coosa’s group came in for food.
Evening feeds done and everyone in for the night.
With thunder storms and hailstones on and off all night was bad enough but then Manwell the Labrador puppy I have kept back to train for 4 weeks it got worse, he got me up at 2 am for a wee, ok no problem, back to bed for 2 minutes and then he wants out again, great ok time for number 2’s then, all sorted and now back to bed, uhm no now he wants food at 2.50 in the morning, so ok let’s feed him and hopefully get some sleep, food eaten he wants out again, what this time oh he wants a wee and then back to bed, its now 3.45 am time for a bit of sleep before getting up to get everyone done before the builders arrive.
Now 4 am and Cito and Shone want to go out, they come in and go to bed all good time for sleep, 4.15 the kennel dogs all start howling, I thought for god sake what next.
Peace and quiet resumed until 6 am when Manwell wanted to go back out for a wee, and now time to start work.
Great start dark and hailstorms just what I like on a busy morning.
Cito and Shone were so tired they didn’t even eat their breakfast so I took them out for a quick toilet stop and then left them in my room as it was bitter cold outside.
All the dogs out, fed and cleaned out.
Everyone finished and Coosa’s group fed and up in the back pen in the dry.
Dave opened the gates for the builders and then we stopped for breakfast.
I got paper work sorted out for the puppy leaving today.
Some paper work needed sorting out for building regs with Nathan and then I cut up the chicken for feeding as it was still raining on and off so I wanted to get everyone done fairly quickly.
All fed and been out for a run.
Dave was white boarding the rest of the grooming room as we have moved the grooming table to accommodate the dryer I bought at the end of last year, there was a wall getting dirty so I decided to board the whole room.
We stopped for lunch and then I hoovered right through the office and kennel area.
Manwells new owner came to pick him so he is now off to his new home, he is a great dog I will miss him more than most.
Next was to get the evening feeds done and then start to get everyone in for the night.
I went up to get Coosa’s group and had to stop and hose the yard where the builders had been building the extension for the downstairs toilet in the house.
Coosa’s group in and fed and then Cito and Shone out on the drive for the last run.
Winter in the van ready to leave, Kiro and Reo out for the night and a quick wash and change ready to leave for training.
Winter was good but a little silly on his waits.
All the classes went really well especially the gold class they are really coming on well.
We got home and I checked everyone and then let Shone and Cito out for the toilet quickly.
A damp start grey and not very nice.
The grooming room was full of tools and boards so it had to be sorted out before Hannah arrives at 8 am.
All the dogs out clean and fed.
I left Coosa’s group up in the top kennel area with their food and then came back down, Shone and Cito out in the field.
Dave started to hoover in the kennels all around the walls and the beams; this takes all day to get the whole kennel done.
My bed delivery arrived unfortunately Cito slept on my bed when I was out and being incontinent I ended up needing a new bed thank you Cito, I wouldn’t mind but it was my newest bed she ruined.
I went to town to pick up a much needed lemon cake and then picked up bones.
Back home and cut up the chicken for lunch time feeds, everyone done before a customer arrived to look at cockapoo’s for potentially having a pup from the next litter.
The afternoon wasn’t too bad so everyone had a good time out.
Dave was busy with odd jobs and I sorted out the dogs going out for the afternoon.
Feeds done for the evening and then everyone in.
I brought Coosa’s group in and fed them.
A fairly wet start to the morning, everyone out fed and clean.
I had a list of stuff to sort out with the builders and chasing up prices.
Next was a trip to town to the builder’s merchants to pick up pipe to run the next lot of cctv camera’s through.
We got back and then fed everyone their chicken.
Dave spent a large part of the day white boarding the rest of the grooming room.
After he had finished the boarding he then carried on with hoovering in the kennel as we still hadn’t manged to get the top beams done and there were a few kennels needing a complete dust extraction.
I had a few things to do and get everything ready for Coco leaving the next day.
Everyone out for a run in the afternoon thankfully before the rain got any worse.
Dave finished cleaning the window in the last kennel, I got everyone in and then we got washed and changed and out to meet my sister for dinner.
We had a nice meal and then we got home fairly early so Shone and Cito could have a run before bedtime.
What a positively vile morning the rain was so hard it was bouncing two feet off the base of the pen.
Everyone went out quickly and then we cleaned the kennels quickly and they came back in for food.
I took Coosa’s group straight up and fed them in the back of their dry pen.
After everyone was done we moved each group into Coosa’s kennel and then scrubbed their kennels top to bottom and towel dried them all.
All of the dogs stayed in until lunch time and then they had a run in the torrential rain and came back in for their chicken.
Chris arrived to deliver the last of my windows he has made for the house we had a quick chat and then Coco’s new owners arrived to take her home, it was very sad to see her go but hopefully she will be happy in her new home with lots of love and attention, just as I was writing this Mishi her new owner rang me to say she is happy with Coco and Coco is very happy and she has eaten her dinner.
Dave spent the rest of the hoovering in the kennel and cleaning the velux windows in the kennel.
Everyone had a quick run before food and bed time, I brought Coosa’s in that turned into a bit of a nightmare as we had left the very large ladder still in the hall way in the kennel and he did not like it one bit so I shut the door and left him outside while I moved the ladder it still took another 10 minutes to get him to come in but he couldn’t have been too upset as he did eat his dinner.
I left Dave still cleaning and sorted out the towels we had been washing and drying all day.
I let Kiro and Reo out and then I went up in the dark and power washed Coosa’s kennel.
I came back down and fed Cito and Shone and then wrote the blog.

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