7th December

Sunday was an early start as I do most weekends on my own and I wanted to get as much done as possible to get some time to help Wendy and Brian as they were still fencing the small paddock.
I let the house dogs in the yard and then the 6 hybrids out and kiro in field one all with food.
Reo was out in the day pen while I did the feeds and fed and cleaned all the bottom groups.
After I had finished the cleaning and a couple of phone calls I had a pup going on transport and then lunch time feeds.
I left dogs out in the field and took a load of towels and things up to the new kennel and helped Wendy for a short time before hosing yards and getting everyone back in for feeding and locking up.
Apart from Coosa with his howling the dogs were fairly good and quite happy to sit in the field and watch what was going on.
I spent the evening doing paper work another job I dislike, then I had to find someone to help out at the Christmas dog training party which was very last minute I thought I had already arranged that.
Rach phoned up to say that Vika was in season and needs to come down here while she is in France, so she can go in with Reo and I will move Tory.
Monday morning I had the house dogs out and top groups were either in the field or in outside pens while I made the feeds for the little dogs and Amy and I fed and cleaned everyone out.
We cleaned the top kennels and Amy dried them and did the odd jobs and burnt the rubbish.
I went down to the new kennel to see Simon and go through a few bits with him.
Amy fed the puppies and I cut the chicken and fed the rest of the little dogs.
We cleaned all of the yards and Amy left.
We got all the frozen feeds done for the next morning then I took another load of stuff down to the new kennel.
I had a family here viewing puppies and then I washed down all the yards and brought everyone in and fed then before locking them up for the night.
I spent two hours doing insurances and microchip registrations for puppies that had left before dinner and bed.
Tuesday morning I put the top groups out and then did the feeds for the house dogs and puppies.
Amy arrived and we fed everyone and cleaned out the pups and little dogs before going up and cleaning the top kennels.
After I had washed them all I left Amy to do the water and dry all the pens, I went to the kennel to see the steel guys who were fitting the window bars on the wolf dog kennels and then into town to the post office and to pick up a few bits we needed.
I got home and unpacked the meat deliveries and did the frozen feeds for the next day.
We gave everyone bones after they had eaten their chicken.
I cut all the chicken for the little dogs.
I had a couple come from Scotland to pick up a puppy and then another couple come to look at a cockapoo puppy.
Amy cleaned the top yard and the bottom block.
I had quite a few emails to get done while the dogs were quiet.
I had to plan which dogs were moving down into the new kennels first and spend time taking them in and out of the kennels and feeding them in their and letting them out again, I did the Coosa group and Kiro and Siren first.
Then the 6 hybrids this was much more difficult as they were spooky about going into a new place.
Then Reo and tory, Tory was great but Reo was more wary, this took all afternoon.
Now it was time to feed and lock everyone up for the night.
Wednesday morning I was on my own as Amy was hunting for the day
I did the house dogs and the bitches and puppies.
I let the hybrids out and Kiro and came back down and did the doodles and poodles.
Then back up and did Coosa and Reo.
I put all the wolf dogs back into their kennels and moved the doodle group, they had a run around the field and then down to the new kennel.
And the same with the poodle group.
I fed the puppies and then let the wolf dog groups out, I kept field two empty when the little dogs went out in the paddock as we haven’t had chance to put smaller wire up yet.
I moved van loads of stuff from the house and the old kennels to the new kennel.
I fed everyone and then off to training or the Christmas party.
We had a really busy night with presentations doggie party games and a quiz.
I got home at just after 10 pm and checked on everyone in the kennels and did their morning feeds and then brought Shone up to the house with me.
I did the house dog’s feeds checked emails and went to bed.
Thursday morning I did the house dogs and the bitches up around the house with puppies and then went down to the new kennel.
Amy arrived and we started feeding and letting dogs out and cleaning.
When most of the cleaning was done Amy started to bring puppies from the old kennels down to the new kennels so it would be easier to have them all in the same place.
After all the pups were moved and fed we loaded up another van full of stuff to move.
I fed the little dogs and did the frozen feeds for the next day.
I spent the afternoon feeding and letting dogs out from the new kennels and just generally trying to find places to put things.
I did the evening feeds and locked everyone up, I had to go to Tesco’s, Argos and cash and carry, I went over to my sisters to unload her stuff and have dinner.
I got home around 11 pm and got dogs out and feeds done I went to bed and Rach arrived sometime in the night with Vika.
Friday morning I was so tired Amy woke me up.
I did the house dogs and Amy put the biscuit up the top ready for dogs going out.
We put the doodle and poodle groups out and fed and cleaned out the puppies.
We cleaned out the two groups that were out and got he feeds ready for the rest of the wolf dogs.
The next two groups went out and we fed the first groups and then cleaned out he dogs that were out.
Rach came down to the kennel but Vika didn’t seem too happy down there so I moved two of my bitches from the house and put her in the bottom block and she would come into the house at night.
Rach left to go back home.
Amy and I cleaned everyone out and then got more stuff loaded into the van to move.
I went to Mole Valley to get some more catches and hooks and things.
We fed the puppies and sorted out the meat delivery and did the frozen feeds.
Simon came in and fitted the panels on the front of the puppy kennels and made some little platforms so the shavings don’t go in the water feeders.
He also put up another shelf and fixed the two water bucket holders in Kiro and Reo’s pens.
I left Simon to get on with making a clean path from the fire exit out to the drive with a set of steps.
We still have a few things to get finished before the building inspector can come back and check it all.
Amy bagged a load of straw to take up to the kennel.
I did the dogs in the afternoon and then brought everyone in and fed them.
I brought Shone up to the house so she could stay with Vika.
Saturday morning I did the house dogs, Shone and Vika stayed up in the bottom block and then went down and did the rest of the dogs in the new kennel.
Simon came over and fitted another shelf and did a few bits.
The rain was on and off all day it seemed like every time I put the little dogs out it rained harder.
I came up the house and did some emails and wrote most of the blog, and then I let the house dogs out and did their pens.
I left them to run around the house and went back and did the puppies feeds and burnt the rubbish.
I did the frozen feeds and wrote a long list of things that needed doing when Wendy and Brian come down on Sunday.
I did all of the afternoon feeds and left the puppies food soaking.
I got everyone in and went up to Taunton to see my mum as she is not well, I also took my yorkie up to be mated.

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