7th December

Saturday night was a long night, Narla looked very unsettled so I stayed down in the kennel to keep a watch on her, she started whelping at 5.30pm which for my part was great all the dogs were in and locked up so no having to go off and leave her.
I waited until she had the second puppy and then moved Siren out with Kiro, she was over the moon to see him, well I think she would have been happy to see any male as she has been on her own since Reo was moved in with Vika a couple of weeks ago.
She had the first pup at 5.45 and the last at 11.55 all went well Narla is a strong fit bitch in her prime so she made it look very easy you would not have realised this was her first time she knew exactly what to do and she was very gentle with the puppies.
I stayed with Narla and the pups for the night and left her at 6.30 in the morning to do the house dogs she was happy and settled and had eaten some biscuits
Sunday morning was cold and dry but it looked like it was going to warm up and be a fairly nice day.
House dogs out then Kiro in and Reo out.
The first groups were out while I cleaned the puppies, after everyone was cleaned and fed I put Coosa’s group out in the drive so I could get everyone finished and wash Coosa’s kennel.
After I had finished I washed up the bowls and did my emails.
Next job was to print the quiz pictures for the dog training Christmas presentation evening.
I picked up in the drive and then moved Coosa’s group to field two while burning the rubbish.
Frozen feeds were out ready for the next day’s lunch time feeding.
I cleaned Kiro’s kennel and then Reo’s.
I hosed the bottom yard and then a customer arrived to look at Labrador puppies, we did the paper work for the microchip details when the pup leaves next weekend.
I hosed the front pen at the kennel and then fed everyone.
I moved Coosa to the bottom yard at the house and then power washed the puppies yard.
The house dogs and puppies went out in the drive while I spent time with Coosa’s group, we tried to play ball but River ate one and Aimi ate the other so matzi and Coosa just had cuddles and walked around with me while I was checking the fences and holes they have been digging, River is in season so another den is being dug, not that she will get to use it this time around.
Puppies room clean and ready for the night.
Everyone fed their chicken and all out in the field or yards.
Kiro was out in the drive with Siren while I cleaned up and did the drains.
The morning feeds were ready, evening feeds done and everyone in.
I locked up and let Kiro out, I did the house dogs and then had chance to do some house work and change the beds and sort out this week’s post.
I made a couple of phone calls and then dinner and dog time, Shiraz needs a brush and Rupert needs his ears doing.

Monday morning was a cold start, house dogs out and fed, Kiro in and Reo out.
I went down to the kennel and fed the puppies and let the first two groups out, all fed and cleaned then Coosa’s group in the drive and Narla in the paddock for a very quick wee as she did not really want to come away from the puppies, I changed the vet bed while she was out and then got her back in.
While Coosa’s group were out I finished off the last kennels and then did my emails and paper work.
Coosa out to the field and the yorkies out.
House dogs in and yard cleaned ready to move them to the bottom yard and Coosa down to the bottom block for food.
I cleaned the house puppies room and swept the floor before doing the lunch time feeds.
Vet beds changed on the house puppies.
After lunch I swapped dogs in the drive and hosed the bottom block and then Coosa went up to the top kennels and field.
I had a couple come out to view puppies, they were here for a while.
After they left the next group went out while I got the frozen feeds out for the next day.
I had to do ears on the house dogs as Hannah is not here until Friday before they get a full groom.

I cleaned the yards and did the evening feeds, everyone in and the kennel locked up, Kiro out and house dogs fed
Tuesday morning was a really cold start, house dogs out Kiro in, Reo out.
Kennel dogs out and fed, everyone cleaned.
Narla came out briefly and I changed the vet bed and checked the puppies over.
Coosa was out in the paddock, he was surprisingly good this morning, I managed to clean up in the drive and then cut 60 kilo’s of chicken carcasses up.
I did the fire and put Coosa’s group in field two for an hour, then I moved him down to the bottom block and fed them, house dogs fed and then the kennel dogs.
I stopped for lunch and then made up the bed ready for Dave coming on Thursday, I even had time to put all the washing away.
I left Siren and Kiro out in the drive and the poodles out in field two as the afternoon was nice and dry with a bit of sun .
I steam cleaned the floors in the house and then got the paper work ready for the Labrador puppies going out this coming weekend.
Coosa went out into field one and the yorkies went in the drive.
I spent ages on the phone to the estate agents as there seems to be a constant stream of issues with the buyers and solicitors of mum’s house, this sale should have gone through a month ago, it will be Christmas at this rate
All of the hybrids are now in season but thankfully it does not appear to be causing too much of a problem at the moment.
Siren has started to moult so I gave him a brush, which was quite difficult as Kiro was trying to sit on my lap and she is now.
I went out in the field with Coosa group and pulled up all the stinging nettles from the fence and the gate ways, so hopefully this will be all of them until next spring.
I got the evening feeds ready and then brushed Cinders as her coat is starting to matt, this always seem to happen with the yorkies when they have puppies.
I cleaned ears on three of the labradoodle bitches and checked over all the bitches to make sure no one has come into season.
Everyone in and fed, I spent some time with Narla and the puppies before going back and feeding the house dogs.
I hoovered up stairs ready for Dave coming at the end of the week and then had dinner.

Wednesday morning was freezing cold the house puppies did not stay out for long, I did their bed and brought them back in and fed them, Shone and Cito stayed out in the bottom yard and Reo and Vika went in the bottom block.
Kiro and Siren in with food.
I went down to the kennel and let Narla out in the paddock and the first group out in the drive, pups all fed and then Narla in and the second group out in the Paddock.
Yorkies now out in the drive.
Everyone done and Coosa out in the drive, while I did my emails and put Narla’s vet bed in the wash.
Coosa went up to field two and the paddock while I did the fire.
Shone and Cito into field one and the house puppies and kennel puppies into the drive.
I picked up in the paddock and then the drive.
I put Coosa’s groups feeds ready at the bottom block and moved Reo and Vika back in, Coosa came down and I had a quick bath ready for the dog training Christmas presentation evening.
I got everything ready in the van for the evening; I was not taking any dogs as it was going to be very busy and a long night.
I did the lunch time feeds, I brought the house dogs back to the bottom yard and fed them, and put the poodle group out in the drive, Razzle’s group went out in the field as soon as they had eaten.
I got the house puppies bed ready for the evening and changed the vet bed on the yorkie puppies, the poor tumble dryer knows its winter again.
Next was a quick dust and de cobwebbing some of the kennels and hoover the office area.
I got all the feeds stocked up and then the shavings for the next few days, ordered some more cows ears for the little dogs and Shone.
Next order placed for more chicken carcasses and the liver out of the freezer ready to cook for next year’s training, it is a pain because it has to be cut up into very tiny little cubes then I give it to my sister and she cooks it for hours in her aga.
All the feeds done everyone in and the kennel locked up.
Kiro and Siren went out in the drive so I put my van in between the double gates so I could get out for training.
House dogs done and off I went for the evening.
We had a really good night with games and the quiz, the presentation and then food.
After everyone left we cleaned up the hall and went to the pub for a great meal and a well-deserved glass of wine.
The food was really nice I had guinea fowl the others had beef, not my thing.
I got home a managed to drive in without Siren or kiro getting in the way.
I checked on Narla and then did the house dogs and had an hour with the tv.
Thursday morning was so cold I couldn’t feel my fingers, housed dogs out and fed, Reo and Vika out, Siren and Kiro in and then the house puppies out for a short while.
I went down and did the Narla and the puppies, and then the first two groups went out in the drive and the field.
Everyone cleaned and fed Shone and Cito out in field one, Coosa had the paddock, field two and the drive while I finished off and did my phone calls and emails.
Hannah arrived today was the day for the house puppies to be groomed, all the little red poodles and Cinders.
Hannah helped me to Microchip the puppies leaving in two weeks’ time.
I changed Narla’s vet bed but she would not go out and leave the pups so it made it more difficult, she won’t eat any raw food at the moment so she is just eating royal canin medium junior which is what we would normally feed the Labrador puppies, but if it’s what she wants she can eat anything really without it upsetting her.
I did the fire and then picked up in the drive and shut Coosa’s group into the field so the lab puppies and the house dogs could go out in the drive.
More shavings into the kennel and then I cleaned the yard where Reo and Vika were.
My pest control guy was due to arrive so Coosa’s group went out only into field two and the rest of the dogs came in, after he left Coosa’s group came down to the bottom block for food and then the poodles went out in the field and Razzle’s group on the drive.
I spent some time with Narla and the puppies and then did the lunch time feeds for everyone.
The yorkies were out briefly as it got very cold, everyone else was out in the fields and paddock.
I got the evening feeds ready and then spoke to a customer who had forgotten if he had bought a pup from me on the litter going out next week.
Hannah had done the house dogs she was now cleaning ears on the labradoodles.
I cleaned the puppy yard and then picked up in the drive as Dave was due to arrive any time soon.
Coosa’s group went out in field two and then I got some more bags of feed into the kitchen in the new kennel.
Evening feeds done for the kennel dogs, I was just getting Coosa’s group in when Dave arrived.
We put the house dogs in and had a quick coffee and then off to cash and carry and then out for dinner.
Home and fed the house dogs and let them out, unloaded the car and had a couple of hour with the housed dogs before bed.
Friday morning was cold but dry, house dogs out, Vka and Reo out Kiro and Siren in.
First two groups out in the kennel and everyone fed and clean.
Dave picked up in the drive and opened the gates.
The first meat delivery arrived so I unpacked it all and phoned Kate and she came over and took four big bags of bones as I would not have got them all in, I was waiting for another delivery of 60 kilos of carcasses.
I got the lunch time feeds all cut up and Dave took it around to the fridges for today and tomorrow’s feeds.
Everyone also had bones in their kennels for today.
As I was now running a little late I fed everyone their lunchtime feeds and Kate took Milly to see all of the puppies.
Next was get the fire done as we had a few spots of rain and I didn’t want anything getting wet before trying to burn it all.
Dave brought some more shavings in from the container.
The next meat delivery arrived so we stopped for food and then Dave started to measure up for the white board the grooming room and I sorted out the next lot of chicken.
We finally got exchange of contracts o my mum’s house today; completion will be on the 15 th of December.
Everyone went out in the field in the afternoon, I took the kennel and house puppies out in field two which gave Coosa’s group something to watch as they were in field one.
After all the dogs had been out again I did the evening feeds and locked everyone up, we quickly went to Mole valley and got some corner fittings for the white boards.
When we got home we had dinner and fed the dogs in the house and then Kiro and Siren came out for the night.
Saturday morning was really cold, house dogs went out and then the kennel dogs, we fed and cleaned everyone out and then Dave picked up in the drive while I checked the insurance stuff and paper work for the puppies leaving.
Most of the pups left and the gates were shut so the dogs all came back out again.
I did the fire and then the lunch time feeds.
The afternoon I registered the microchips and did my emails while the little dogs were out in the field and Coosa’s group were in the drive as he was howling being out in the filed too long without seeing me.
Narla came out for a quick play in the paddock and then I changed the vet bed and took a few pics of the puppies.

3 males

3 girls

Please email me for details of puppies available from this litter.
I did the evening feeds and locked everyone in and then we had finished for the night.

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