7th August

Wolfzone puppies and Timber wolf hybrid viewings.

A very sad start to the week, our Labrador girl had a great deal of difficulty coping with the steps at the weekend, she had a couple of nasty falls and lost her confidence due to being blind so sadly she was put to sleep on Monday morning.
I miss her so much she had the most wonderful nature.
I have got three of her puppies and I couldn’t help but name one after mum.
She will never be forgotten.
Meli is living happily in the house with all the little dogs, she is great but they can be a little horrid to her nipping at her legs.
Wednesday was great weather was fab and Kate looked after the dogs when I went to the Devon show with most of my family for an early birthday outing.
Thursday was my birthday and what a horrible day I woke up to the rain hammering down and what looked like a river running down the road.
Oh what a nice start to the day, it did not get any better, even though the weather improved I was messed around all day with people viewing pups changing times and not even having the decency to call back.
Judy one of my older Labrador girls went to her new home with Baroness Sharples, it will be a great home lots of land. a pond and big house.
It was nice to know she will be well looked after and have a great home but still very sad to see her go.
Vicci and Buck moved in this week so Kate and I thought it would be a nice idea to spend the evening out in the field playing with Coosa.
Poor Vicci has jumped straight in at the deep end, as Kate really needed some time off as she has covered the last month for Kirsty since she left.

Another visitor this weekend was Rachael Bailey, she was on a course in Exeter and popped in for a cuppa, it was really good to catch up on the Akna pack news and hear all about the coming season racing with the Eskimos.
Vika the Czechoslovakian female is doing very well.
Rachael is enjoying having a slightly different dog to her wolfdogs.
It’s also nice to see how well a pup will integrate into a large pack with an owner who has the experience to understand pack structure.
Many people with a number of dogs very often get their packs confused by inexperience or lack of understanding on how and why a pack works.
Today I have spent the afternoon judging at the local dog show, it was a shame about the weather but hopefully I think it still turned out reasonably enjoyable.
Now off to prepare food for an enjoyable evening talking dogs and catching up with Shaun, Isla and the children.

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