7th August

Sunday morning was nice and quiet no body was booked in to see puppies.
I finished the kennel dogs and then did the top groups.
I washed Coosa’s day pen.
Narla and Siren were out in the field and the rest of the wolf dogs in yards or pens.
The labs were out in their pen and then the poodle group on the drive.
I cut up the chicken and left it In the fridge.
I popped over to my sisters as my niece was having a party for her eldest boy, I helped out for a bit and then came home and swapped dogs around and fed everyone.
After all the feeding was done I power washed Kiro’s yard and then down the side of the house.
I had a lot of tiding up to do in the house so in-between each group going out I went back in to sort out bags of clothes and bedding, towels and stuff.
I did the evening feeds and then carried on in the house until nearly 10pm when I locked everyone in.
Everyone out thankfully all done by 7.30 am.
I opened the gates and the builders arrived, Steve was rendering at the front of the house.
We have so many builders here its going to be a full on week.
Other than sorting out dogs and ear cleaning I also had more shopping to get as there were things I was short of for the weekend.
Lunch time feeds done and then dogs back in as quick as possible due to heavy rain
The afternoon was so wet none of the dogs went out until 6 pm when I was still raining but they needed to get out for a toilet stop.
Everyone done cleaned and finished by 8.30 and then I hoovered everywhere in the kennel.
Rosie’s new owner arrived and off she went to her new home.
Lunch time feeds done, all the dogs were fed in the hall way and then out for a quick wee as they didn’t want to be out in the rain.
I got dogs out where possible and then got the evening feeds done and spent time with the dogs.
I had a puppy viewer and then off to Nathan’s for dinner.
I got home and fed the dogs and brought up shone’s group.
A drier day all the dogs finished and then off to the shops to pick up more food and things for the weekend.
A house full of builders again.
Lunch time feeds done.
I got home and fed everyone and then two deliveries arrived.
My friend Lizzy arrived with her dogs for the afternoon; she has one of my oldies so she has left him with me while she has gone to Canada for nearly a month.
Lizzy and I spent time with Coosa’s pack and then with Shone’s pack.
Shone and Cito had a brush and then I washed down yards.
I got the evening feeds done and then moved more stuff into the house.
All the dogs were out until 9.15 and then Shone’s group came up to the kennel.
Apart from the normal day and one customer to view puppies.
Kate popped in with a card flowers and presents, she also brought a bacon sandwich with her as it was my birthday so I went out for lunch with my sisters and then carried on as normal when I got back home.
Kirsty popped in with a friend who is a painter to have a look around the house to see what needs to be finished.
I was swapping over groups of dogs and sorting out things in the house.
I didn’t finish until just after 10pm.
A busy morning dogs all finished and then the fire down.
I was still moving things into the house.
Nathan went shopping for me on his way back from a job.
Nath spent the whole afternoon hoovering, cleaning bathrooms and making up beds for me; I would never have managed to get it all done for people visiting.
Nath then helped me with cooking some of the food for the party and cutting meat.
Alan was still fitting kitchen doors and handles.
After they had left I stopped and fed the puppies and cooked some more food.
I cleaned the puppies out again and let the dogs out in the field.
This week has felt like it was never going to end.
Jacqui and Sharon were on route from Nottingham but running late as the traffic was bad.
Vicci was on her way up and I am still washing up all of the kitchen stuff that has been packed away for the last 10 months.
All the dogs were done I was just letting out dogs and going back and forth to the house.
When Jaq and Sharon arrived we had dinner and then put the dogs to bed and had a drink.
We did all the dogs and then washed pens.
Next was to start preparing food for the party.
We did the lunch time feeds and then went back to the house and carried on with food for the party.
All the dogs were run out in the fields until Rach and everyone arrived from Leicester.
My dogs had their own fields and a field was left free for all the dogs that came down with Rach’s groups.
Everyone was great not much more noise than normal.
Evening feeds done and then we all got showered and changed and moved all the rest of the food, drinks and everything up to the party.

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