6th September

A busy day ahead the house dogs went out and then the labs and Kiro in, everyone cleaned and fed.
I did the kennel dogs and then went to meet with Kate for breakfast, we came back and she spent some time with me working with Takima with our Labrador bitch Saffi and Lobo.
Takima was good it gave me a lift knowing this gave her a good chance of a new home when her fosters were going to be arriving late afternoon to meet her with their own dog.
Kate left so I cleared out four kennels and cleaned them top to bottom and then moved dogs back in.
I left a group out on the drive and then disinfected the bottom block and the yard.
Next was lunch time feeding, everyone fed and most of the dogs stayed out.
I cleaned ears on a couple of dogs and then did the bitches with puppies and cleaned their kennels again.
House puppies cleaned out and floor washed.
I had visitors for an hour looking at dogs and then the people arrived to meet Takima, they spent a couple of hours with her and let their dog in to play with her, we had a coffee and just chatted for a while, they met my hybrid pack and then we popped Takima in the car and they set off for long drive home.
I let all of my dogs back out and fed everyone.
I brought the last group in at 8 pm and then had dinner and spent a few hours with the house dog before bed.
The house dogs were out and fed and cleaned and then the lab group out and fed I cleaned their kennel and then brought Kiro and Reo in, I was just going up to the kennel and the rain came down.
I got all of the kennel dogs done and left the stuff for the fire as it was far too wet to burn anything.
I sorted out some paper work and then cut up the chicken for lunch time as I wasn’t sure when the rain would stop.
I brought the lab group back into their kennel as it was hammering down.
I put the house poodles in the bottom block and steam cleaned their room ready for the night time.
While I was at the house I stopped for breakfast and then hoovered right through the house.
The rain was easing up so I went back down to the kennel and started to let dogs out and feed them.
I got the paper work sorted out for the rescue dogs; I also got my puppy sales up to date, and then hoovered in the kennels and got some of the dust out.
Everyone was fed as it seemed like it would stay dry for a while at least.
I had a really nice afternoon no visitors and no phone calls absolute bliss, I did my accounts tidied up in the house and then spent the rest of the day with the dogs.
The afternoon stayed dry so everyone stayed out.
I brought them all in at 8 pm and had an early finish as it had been a long week.
The house dogs all had a run around in the drive and then Kiro and Reo went out for the night.
A damp start the house dogs went out in the bottom block, the labs went out and I stripped out their kennel and left it to air dry while they went out in the field.
Kiro and Reo came in and then the house dogs in and I cleaned the kennel dogs out and did the fire, we had some rain on and off but the dogs were all able to get a good morning run.
I cut up the chicken for lunch time feeding and then fed everyone.
I stopped for lunch and then fed the last group of dogs.
I went out and picked up in the paddock and then checked the fencing in Coosa’s field.
I washed the bottom block and the tidied up in the kennel and the office.
Rupert and the house poodles had their ears cleaned they were not impressed.
Everyone was out for the afternoon and I spent time with all of dogs.
I did the evening feeding and then Oli and Kate came down with Kate to meet with Soul all went well he was very good with Kate’s dogs and the greyhound.
Hopefully Kate will be coming back for Soul on Thursday, they were here for a couple of hours and then after they left I let my dogs out again for their last run before bed time.
I locked everyone up and let the house dogs out in the drive while I had dinner and then the house dogs came back in and Kiro went out for the night.
A busy start house dogs out and the labs out fed and cleaned, I did the kennel dogs and then picked up in the drive I opened the gates and then loaded the two dogs going to the vets.
Ruby had to go for a check-up and Kaya I left in the vets to have her tooth taken out, I have got to go back and pick her up tonight.
I got home and then let everyone out and cut up the chicken and then fed everyone.
The meat delivery arrived and I cut up the meat the next day and froze the rest.
I fed Coosa’s group and then put the labs out in their pen.
I cleaned the bottom block and then cleaned the puppies out and did the poodles room and put the next lot of washing on.
All was going really well I had all of my clothes and washing put away.
I thought I was having a great day until the phone rang and I was asked to take a pts dog, I went to the vets and picked up Kaya she was fine I came home and unloaded Kaya and let her out in the pen with the boys and then the dog arrived that I was supposed to be able to help find a new home, well without going into detail she was aggressive towards people.
Finally got her into a kennel and then I fed and finished all of my dogs and let Kiro and Reo out.
I had a couple of hours with the house dogs before bed.
Wednesday morning
Early start house dogs out and then the labs fed cleaned and out in the field.
Kiro and Reo in and I went to have a chat with the rescue dog that was a no go unless I wanted to be eaten.
The phone was constant and driving me insane I seem to be expected to deal with everyone’s issues.
I did my dogs and then contacted the previous owner and they came up and collected her, thank god she is back with them and happy, I will advise and help them but will not get involved if they need to home her.
I finally managed to get some time with my own dogs and then fed everyone,.
I went and picked up meat as I was running low and then I got home and Kirsty arrived to pick up a whelping box.
I shut the gates and ignored the phone for a couple of hours and spent time sorting out my dogs.
I had a bath and then got ready for training as it is test night for the bronze class.
I fed everyone and then put the kennel dogs away and left Shone and Cito out in the bottom block and Coosa’s group out in the field
I locked up and off I went without dogs for a change.
We set up and then had a 20 minute run through on the test before the examiner arrived.
A great night everyone passed the bronze test we had food and then the presentation of rosettes and certificates.
We cleaned up and put the hall back to normal and then off home to finish my dogs and get Coosa’s group in.
Good start house dogs out and fed and labs out and fed kennel cleaned.
I put Kiro and Reo away and then did the kennel dogs before the roofing chap arrived to look at the Velux in the wet room that’s leaking, he has had a look and wants to do some work on all the Velux windows through the back of the kennel so he is ordering some plastic and coming back to sort it out when the bits are in.
Everyone was out in the field and then I went to town quickly and then helped Kirsty sort out some bits for her dogs in the garden.
I got home and Nicola and Diane arrived to pick up the three wdr dogs to take them to kennels.
We spent a bit of time with Coosa’s group and they really enjoyed spending time with the group and Coosa tried to pull Nicks shoe off, I was laughing as Nick was going a funny shade of grey all you could hear in her Geordy accent was Coosa my foot please don’t eat my foot, it was so funny and then Taska started sniffing Diane’s back while River was trying to pull her ring off her finger, this was my amusement for the day.
We loaded the dogs that were leaving it was a little sad but it was time for them to go as I have puppies due.
My meat delivery arrived so Kate and Kirsty came and picked up their chicken and then Kate stayed for a while and we vaccinated Ollie.
After everyone had gone I sorted out my dogs and then cleaned the kennel to move Razzle’s group back to their own kennel.
I did the feeds and then gave the poodles a run in the drive.
Coosa’s group came in and had food and then Kiro and Reo went out.
Another early start as Hannah was due in at 8 am.
House dogs and labs done, Kiro in and kennel dogs done.
I did the fire and then the meat delivery arrived and I put that away and then Kate arrived so went out to pick up puppy food and tripe and had full English at the transport café by the food suppliers.
We got home and Kate left to baby sit relative’s children and I swapped over dogs and then went to town to get a new padlock and a key cut for when I am away.
I managed to get the last thing to complete my outfit for the wedding by pure chance I saw a blue bag whilst walking down to the shop to get a padlock.
On the way home I could hear my cage doors banging I stopped to see what was going on I was not impressed the new locks had both come off the doors thankfully I didn’t have any dogs in the van, I will go back to the old method of a double clip it may not look as good but at least it does the job.
I got home and fed everyone Kirsty was just arriving with her puppy to be groomed.
Everyone fed and sorted and then I spent time sorting out bills and looking for a drier to put in the grooming room.
Kirsty popped back and picked up her puppy and weighed Lupus the fat lump, we had a coffee and then I sorted out meat for the morning.
Jack the puppy that has been staying while his owners were away left so I cleaned his kennel ready to move Elsa from the house tomorrow morning.
Hannah was working late so I left dogs out and went off to the hair dressers.
I got home earlier than expected which was nice so I got Coosa’s group and the labs in and then let Kiro and Reo out and brought the house dogs in.
Damp start but not raining the house dogs went out, the labs went out in the field and I cleaned their kennel.
I put Kiro away and then did the kennel dogs.
The fire was done and I started to power wash the outside lab pen I wasn’t in there long before Wendy and Brian arrived to put up a fence for me to stop Kiro getting up to the top fence seeing Coosa’s group if Vicci can’t get the pack in while I am away.
Brian did the fence and Wendy and I white boarded the gate, I did the rest of the pen so the labs could get back out.
I moved Elsa from the house to the kennel so she can come out more with the other yorkies.
I fed everyone and then got the chicken out for the next day.
I took more dry food up to the labs kennel and then brought some more bedding into the kennel to soak ready to get some put by for when it’s a busy day.
We went out for an all-day breakfast late afternoon and then a quick trip to mole valley for some more spray to do the kennel doors with and some wire for Brian to finish off the new fence he had put up
We got home and Wendy and Brian finished the fence and I started the blog after swapping over dogs.
I did the evening feeds and got the bones out for the hybrid groups for the morning.
I had to sort out Ruby’s cuts and trim off the dead skin; she is so wriggly it’s hard to do anything with her on your own.
All the dogs spent the afternoon outside in the fields and yards.
It was a nice evening so I spent time with each group of dogs before cleaning the bottom block and feeding the house dogs.
I brushed Shone as she is still moulting and my bed is covered in hair and my poor henry is working overtime.
Next wash to disinfect and hose Coosa’s day pens ready for the morning and then put the labs in and bring Coosa’s group in and feed them.
Kiro and Reo out and the house dogs in and fed.

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