6th October

Sunday morning was a dry start I put Kiro and Coosa’s group out and fed the other dogs that were waiting to go out.
Coosa and kiro came in and had their breakfast and then Reo and Shone’s group went out and had their food outside.
I took the shavings out from both kennels and then went down and let the house dogs out and did the feeds for them and the puppies.
Maddie came in and we fed the pups and cleaned them out.
Poodle and doodle groups were out next so we cleaned them out and fed them.
The two lab girls in season had their food and then we cleaned their pen.
Back up to the top to clean Idaho and the four kennels.
The rain started so all the dogs stayed in for a while.
We cleaned the yards and then a customer came and picked up his puppy.
I defrosted a freezer ready for meat coming in on Tuesday so I was all ready for the delivery.
I made the lunchtime feeds for the puppies and Maddie fed them and re cleaned them out.
I fed the little dogs and then sat in the house for a little while with Kia as she doesn’t really want to eat anymore and I have to find different things to encourage her, today was cooked chicken and a few small cubes of cheese.
When the little dogs had eaten their food I went up and put Moon out in the field and Coosa’s group were out anyway.
I had a couple come to look at puppies and they bought a cockapoo so I sorted the paper work and food out for that one and off they went.
I spoke to mother about some more bits for the new kennel.
The digger driver came down to have a look and a chat about when he could fit in digging out ready for the treatment plant to go in.
I did the frozen feeds ready for the next day and as we are short of chicken carcasses the wolf dogs all had frozen tripe and bones.
I fed the Coosa pups and Shone and Narla and then put them out while I fed the puppies their evening feed.
Everyone was in and Shone and Narla came down to the house for the evening.
I thought I was going to have a quiet night but the phone didn’t stop until 11 pm when I did the feeds for the next morning and put the dogs out for a last toilet before bed.
Monday morning was Coosa was being very vocal so he stayed in first thing and I put Kiro and Reo’s groups out, when they came back in they went into outside pens with their food.
Moon and Shone’s group went out with their food in the field and then I came down and fed the house dogs and made the feeds for the little dogs.
I put the house dogs out while I tried to hand feed Kia.
Amy arrived and she fed the two labs while I got the house dogs fed.
We went and fed the puppies and then cleaned them all out.
The next three groups of little dogs went out and had their food while we cleaned the pens.
The puppies in the house were cleaned out and we went up and started to clean the top kennels, I left Amy cleaning two pens while I went to town and picked up shavings again.
I got back and we cleaned the next two kennels and then burnt the rubbish.
We fed the puppies lunch and cleaned them out again.
Next were the labs pen to clean and the bottom block.
Amy left and I did the odd jobs and filled up the feed bins for the house.
I cleaned the bottom three yards and then fed the little dogs their chicken.
While they were eating I papered the pen in the house ready for the little dogs for the evening.
Each group stayed out in the field for a couple of hours at a time.
I then had an hour on the phone sorting out more supplies for the new kennel and Micky was doing some plumbing, Nathan was here doing electrics and they should be back on Thursday and Friday to finish off the rest of the electric hopefully.
I cleaned Idaho’s pen and then put all the dogs away and finished outside at 6 pm, I brought Shone and Narla down to the house and it’s a pain at night as I have two bitches in the house both in Season and Rupert was on top of Narla right up on her back with plenty of encouragement from Narla.
I spent some time on the computer and ordering food and cleaning stuff.
Tuesday morning was a horrible start it was wet and misty, Reo and Kiro went out first and I came down to the house and did all of the feeds for everyone.
House dogs fed and labs fed, Amy arrived and we fed and cleaned out all the puppies and then the poodle and labs were cleaned out and fed.
Amy took the paper out of the house dog’s pen and changed all the water bowls while I washed all of the bowls.
We went up and cleaned the four kennels and Idaho.
I left Amy checking on the puppies and changing water buckets while I went to town to pick a printed tee shirt for training club.
I got home and the meat delivery had arrived so I split the carcasses and fed the little dogs and froze the rest.
We fed the puppies again and cleaned them out.
We cleaned the bottom yards and Amy left.
I did my class plan for training for Wednesday evening as this will be the first week back at training after a break, this is also my first night of taking the bronze class as a trainer.
I cleaned the floors in the house while the little dogs were out; I fed Kia as she won’t eat in the morning now, she is also having antibiotic injections as we are not sure if she has a chest infection or if there is pressure on her lungs, we will try and week of injections and then possibly do a chest x-ray to see how things are looking.
I sorted out some bills and paper work and then fed the puppies and brought all the dogs in and washed off the yards again.
Shone and Narla came down to the bottom block waiting for food.
I had people come for a puppy they were here two hours, by 8.40 when they left I was totally done in, I brought Shone and Narla in and had a quick salad then computer for an hour dogs out to the toilet and bed.
Wednesday morning was a very wet start, I put two groups out and came down and put the house dogs out and did all the feds.
All the dogs had to go out in groups in the bottom block as the rain was really heavy.
Maddie arrived and we fed the puppies and the poodle groups everyone cleaned out.
Hannah arrived to groom the little dogs.
We went up to the top kennel and I cleaned Reo’s pen and left Madie to carry on while I sorted out with Hannah on which dogs needed grooming.
I did my emails and wrote yesterday’s blog as I knew I would very late home from training.
I went back up and helped Maddie clean the top kennels and burn the rubbish.
Kate was here doing paper work and registering microchips in the office.
Kate and I went off to the vets to get the health certificate for a dog flying next week.
Maddie did the pups and cleaned the yards while we were out.
When we got home we fed the little dogs and Kate cleaned the puppies out in the office.
Maddie left and we got the van papered and ready for the evening for training.
I loaded up the food that I needed to take to my sister for her dogs.
I fed Kia and gave her a little bit of a brush.
Kate left to take Milly home as Kate comes back in after Maddie has left to keep an eye on the dogs for a couple of hours until I get back home.
I re cleaned all the yards after the dogs had been out to eat.
I got the frozen feeds ready for Maddie to take up for the next morning and then I did the feeds for the puppies ready for evening.
Training bag packed and ready and all of my info needed for the class that I am taking.
Leads and collars ready at the door.
I wrote out Maddies list for the next couple of hours.
I got all of the dogs in for 5 pm and then we loaded the dogs and I got changed and left.
I had only done a few miles and the traffic was at a standstill, so I turned around and went down the back roads, I got to training with only five minutes to spare.
I had a quick re cap on what the lessons was going to be for the evening.
I brought River in and she sat with Daisy she didn’t want to do anything but she was happy to see people and talk to them.
I had a full class and they all worked really well.
I had a quick coffee and then I was in the next class with Shone, I was really pleased with her she worked exceptional well, her heel work was bouncy and very tidy.
Recall was good and stays perfect as they normally are.
Next week will be interesting as we have a road walk in the dark and Shone is not keen on Lorries.
She did dribble a lot but in general she travelled a lot better than normal.
I helped out with the gold class and then we packed up and left, I had to take the long route back home as the road was still closed, I rang Kate and told her I would later than usual, she already knew as she had seen on the news that the road was closed.
I got home and all the dogs had been done and had already been out for the last wee.
I fed Kia, Shone and River and then put everyone to bed.
Thursday morning was a terrible start the rain was so heavy I had to let the top group out one pen at a time as they would have got drowned, so I used coosa’s day pen so they could get back in through the hatch when they wanted to.
After all four groups had been out and I had cleaned two kennels and fed everyone I came down and did the feeds for the house dogs and the bitches and pups.
Each of the groups went out in the bottom block so feeding and took a lot longer.
Maddie arrived and we fed the rest of the puppies and cleaned them out while the bitches were out with their food.
We swapped groups round and fed the next lot and cleaned them out.
Lorraine arrived with her daughter and partner to deliver my yorkie that she picked up for me in Lincolnshire last week.
Maddie carried on with cleaning the top kennels while we settled the new dog in and had a coffee.
I showed Lorraine around the kennel and then down to the new kennels as she had not seen all of the changes we have made over the last couple of years.
I had a food delivery arrive so I unloaded that and stacked it in the garage.
We then took a number of bags of food up to the top kennel and filled the feed bin for a couple of months.
After they had left I went and gave Maddie a hand to get Idaho’s pen finished.
Next we fed all of the puppies again and re cleaned them out.
All of the other dogs had to stay in their kennels as it was too wet for them to be out.
Maddie left and I sorted out the washing and then went down to the new kennel to see how the electrics were going as Nathan was there with three of the boys.
I came back up and fed the house dogs and little dogs their chicken carcasses; they had to eat in their kennels as the rain was still coming down.
The only dogs that were out were Coosa’s group.
I could have happily put Moon out in the rain as his howling was driving me mad.
I swept and cleaned the floors in the house and cooked a load of beef and chicken for Kia.
Kirsty came down and dropped some stuff of for me that she had picked up from the vets, we had a coffee and a quick chat.
The rain slowed down so I rushed round and let everyone out and put Kiro and Siren out in the field.
I got everyone out in the field for a while then I washed the yards down and the outside pen.
I fed the pups and let the house dogs out and cleaned the bottom block.
I did the feeds for morning and then the frozen feeds before having dinner.
I brought Shone and Narla down to the house and spent a couple of hours watching tv with the house dogs.
Friday morning was another wet start, I put the top kennel block out individually and cleaned one of the pens and then brought each group in and fed them.
I left them all in their kennels while I came down and fed the house dogs and made all the rest of the feeds.
When the house dogs came in I cleaned the yard and let the two labs out and fed them.
Maddie arrived and we fed the bitches and puppies and then the poodle groups.
Nathan arrived with the boys to get some more of the electrics done in the new kennel, they got a lot of the light fittings up and got the mains electric connected to the building, this makes life easier so we now can get hot water and lights if we need to get anything done later at night.
Next is to get the alarm system fitted and all of the new cctv connected up.
We went up to the top and started to clean the top block, we put Kiro in field two and Reo In field one, we did both pens and then they came in and had their bones.
Coosa and the Shone group went out next, we did their pens and then brought Shones group in and put Moon out and did Idaho’s pen.
We came down and got the washing sorted and cleaned the house dogs pens.
The meat delivery arrived so I sorted it out while Maddie got everything out ready to be burnt and then the boxes from the meat went up to the fire.
I cut the chicken up or the house dogs ready for lunchtime and then made a couple of calls and placed some more orders for the kennel.
I cleaned the floors in the house while Maddie bagged straw and did a few odd jobs; next we cleaned the lab kennel and put them out in the bottom block for a run around.
I did the feeds for puppies and Maddie fed them while I was on the phone.
Coosa came in and stayed in the big pen looking down on the house as he kept howling every time Moon howled and it was getting very irritating as we were expecting people to view puppies, not that it really mattered as they didn’t turn up.
Maddie left and fed the housed dogs and the little dogs; while they were out I fed kia.
I swapped over dogs that were out and then came down and did the frozen feeds for the morning and had to place another order for chicken carcasses, we are going through so many at the moment, we are not building up any for spares.
I re cleaned the puppies out and then wrote a list of which bitches were due to have pups and who is moving into which pen.
I cleaned all of the yards and then had a chat with my sister and did a plan for next week’s training class.
I fed the puppies and brought the last two groups in and took the morning feeds up to the top kennel.
Everyone was in by 6 pm, I thought I would have time to sort out some paper work and spend some time on the computer but the phone was nonstop.
Kirsty arrived at just after 8pm and picked up a labradoodle puppy to deliver.
I did the morning feeds and spent some time with the house dogs before bed.
Saturday morning was a dry misty start so I managed to get two groups out an then feed the other, the first two groups came in and then had food I left all of the top groups in just in case it rained and came down and fed the labs and put the house dogs out, I did the feeds for all of the other dogs ready for Amy arriving.
We fed the bitches and pups and cleaned them out and then did the poodle groups.
Maddie arrived and put Moon and Kiro out and then came down to get all of the paper out of the house dogs and puppies pens, she burnt the rubbish and Amy cleaned the house pens while we started to clean the top kennels.
After they were all clean we came down and cleaned all of the yards.
Next Amy did some odd jobs and maddie and I cleaned the ears on all of the puppies.
Kate came over to pop to the vets to get a health certificate for a dog we have leaving for Dubai next week.
I had a puppy viewing so I left the girls with a few jobs to get on with.
The puppies in the house were moved outside as they are getting too big to stay in the office now.
We fed the pups and re cleaned them, one of the puppy pens needed a complete clean out and whelping box thoroughly scrubbed.
I had a couple of pups to vaccinate and then Kate held Taska and Tory while I gave them their injection after being mated.
The girls left and I then had a meat delivery of bones and chicken to get unloaded and put away.
I got the frozen feeds ready and left them in the freezer ready to take up later in the evening.
I fed all of the little dogs and kia and spent a short while on the computer checking everything was ready for the dog going out next week.
I cleaned the yards and fed the puppies, I left the top groups out until just before dark as it was a nice day.
Shone and Narla came down and had their food and came in for the night.
I came in for dinner at 7 pm and had no intentions of doing anything for the evening.

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