6th November

A good start to the week no problems as yet, which is a good sign.
Tarna is making a slow recovery, still not eating very much but looking a little brighter.
To add to my sick bay I have Breeze the Labrador has a large slice out of the side of her foot, poor girl is confined to the whelping area and a concrete yard in the day time, no going out in the field or it would be impossible to stop her getting an infection.

A sad week for Sandra a friend and a very special lady who has been very strong for a number of years giving extra special care to her Northern Inuit who has suffered terribly as a young bitch, needing knee operations which left Sandra with over a year of special aftercare and then to be diagnosed with epilepsy.
I am so sorry for Sandra to have sadly lost her girl and her best friend.
Gone but never to be forgotten.

Dora and D’Quilla are both doing really well with the pups they are growing so fast it’s hard to believe that they are only just over a week old.
I have picked my girl and already booked her into training in the new class in January 2012.
Just thinking about a name at the moment I have a few ideas but nothing definite yet.
Sadly for me this is Dora’s last litter as she has just turned 8,so she will be spayed in January, this means we will have lost four surrogate mums, and will have to start looking to see who else will be as good as Dora, Cedar, Boots and Judy our Lab that all retired this year.
At the moment the only one we have left is Lulu the poodle.

I have had an update from James on El Cid all is going very well, James has his best buddy and Cid is really enjoying his retirement.

C was very good at training this week you would not have known she had missed a week, she was really pleased to see the other dogs, and even more pleased to see the owners as they all have really nice treats and they all taste so different.
I think training is like an hour at the sweet shop for her.

A’Lupa has been going out with Rainn for the last week and she is loving running around the field, she does get a little over excitable when she first comes out of the pen but soon settles down.
Roka and Lobo have also joined their group as it was getting time to split them two from my labradoodle pups, as they will be coming up to their first season.

I am pleased the dogs have all been fairly good so far as I have had a few days with a migraine, my own fault as I could not go for my massage as we have been very busy, I am determine to get myself organized to find an hour in the week for myself.
It’s stupid as I am very aware when I don’t go I suffer very badly.
Between my shoulders giving me a headache and Kate’s back we have managed ok.

Coosa has been nearly perfect this week on his recall at coming in time and even pretty good at coming in for an hour in the daytime so the labradoodles and Reubin don’t bark at him when they go out.
He is a lot happier being down by the house at night.
Not that he needs a warm kennel down here as he looks like a big fat bear with a huge coat, he could easily miss his dinner for a week and you would not notice.
He did start to howl mid afternoon on Saturday so I brought his group down to the big pen and he happily watched Brian and Wendy pruning the cherry tree.
For rehoming
10-month-old bitch cannot be with any other dogs. Please contact
dogs@carykennels.co.uk for more information




8 year old female Cocker spaniel. Lovely little dog who is in need of a forever home. She is a little nervous but with a stable home she is fine.
Please contact James on 07593 800966
Or email james@k9listener.com

Cocker spaniel girl

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