6th May

Wolf dog puppies available from Steel and Takoda.
2 females and one male
We have one male and three female pups left.
Last Sunday was really busy and the weather was absolutely terrible, I was on my own with 4 poodles and three labradoodles leaving for their new homes, I also had two people viewing wolf dog puppies.
Thankfully mum was here to answer the door as the appointments were spread right through the day due to people having problems getting here with bad driving conditions and fallen trees on many of the back roads.
It was a tiring and long day everything went well and a nice roast duck and a glass of wine at the end of it all.
Monday morning an early start as puppies were leaving to go to the port in Poole and had to be loaded from here by 7 am.
Annabelle has come to join us part time before she goes to University in September, poor girl what a day to start it was one of the hardest days for cleaning due to the dogs being in longer and the high winds right through the night had left twigs and dirt everywhere, despite all of this Annabelle did very well and I found her easy to work with. It’s also nice to have another person to call on if there is a problem and I have to leave for any reason.
Kate dropped lobo off in the afternoon after their weekend away, he is always happy to return even if siren was not so keen to see him, so I have put him with A’Lupa as she has tested Tory to the limit now, it’s been coming for a while.
Tuesday was full on cleaning for 5 hours then on to vaccinating 10 dogs with their boosters.
Coosa has just started to blow his coat on his legs so he is looking a bit moth eaten, I have brushed some of it out but he needs to have another week or two before I can really get it all to start coming out easily.

Wednesday was great it was really hot so after we had finished the morning cleaning we went on to sort out paperwork for the puppies from Steel that are leaving in a few days time
Ali came in for the afternoon as she is dog sitting while we go to training with Peaches and C.
Kate and I finished off the dogs and feeding while Ali sorted out the vet beds and the washing.
Coosa was not too happy to come in as it was still hot when it was time to feed him at 6 o clock so he just laid and looked at me as if to say do I have to move, he felt it was worth it for a lump of cheese
Ali cleaned the outside pens and looked after the dogs while we went off to training.
Peaches was good, she did not seem to have forgotten anything from her last course.
C was good, she showed a little more enthusiasm and I was shocked along with everyone else she even played with a squeaky toy for the first time ever at training, she is happy to run around here with toys and retrieve without a problem.
Kirsty had a busy night she had Beau in the puppy class, he was a little star, I think he will be very good at obedience as he is very willing and enjoys it.
Narla is a bit like C she will do what you want but not with a great amount of enthusiasm more so because she has to, she doesn’t really enjoy it but all things considered she has done very well.
Next week will be fun Kate has also booked Puzzle into the puppy class, she is our young miniature parti poodle; she is on par with Peaches so good luck to Kate.
I think I will stick to training the wolf dogs.
Jo will be back on Friday after her accident with her foot strapped up but still keen to work, Kate and Annabelle were happy to cover for a while if Jo needed more time off but she wants to be here so that’s good for all of us.
Vader has been called to give blood this week for the pet blood bank, he was as good as Gold and just laid still, for a csv cross he is a great example of a very chilled and steady dog.
Thursday was a very early start as I had an appointment at 8.30 in the morning so I was well in front when Kate arrived and she was in early.
I arrived back at 9.30 not having had a successful meeting due to some else’s mistake.
All the cleaning was finished by 10.30 when we then went on to spend time grooming and clearing muck, bones and all other bits from the field.
I had a late finish as I wanted to spend some time out with Coosa and Lycan.
Friday Jo was back in after her accident she did well now she can manage all the groups except for Matzi and Coosa group, soon she will try working a bit with Matzi and see how it goes, it’s not a problem if Matz does not want to cooperate as I am always here to do him.
I had potential hybrid viewers here for a pup in the future so this took up a couple of hours in the afternoon.
Kate dropped in to pick up lobo as she was off for a couple of days.
Lobo is kennelled with Siren and Steel, so him going in and out is not too much of a problem.
Bracken the lab is now with A’lupa and Kiro is on her own, she is happy with this as she gets prime kennel position in pen one right by the house, I think the only thing she misses is playing in the field with Bracken.
Jenny popped in to see her puppy for a while, she will be going home on bank holiday Monday.
I had people viewing labradoodles late in the afternoon looking for a pup in the summer.
Saturday morning was good I did most of the cleaning with Jo then she carried on while I came in to do some work in the house and clean the inside kennels.
Wendy and Brian came down late afternoon to drop off towels and newspaper to keep up our supplies.
They also brought the first load of cement to re do some of the run outside coosa’s night pen.
They went out and got a take away while I finished o off the outside dogs and then Kate came in with Lobo and we moved the gate on the steps to make it easier for the labs so they have more space before all getting to the gate when they run up to the field.
There have been several sighting of Whisper the wolf dog I bred who is still missing in Lincolnshire but she still has not been caught, this has caused no end of anxiety and sleepless nights this past couple of weeks.
She is a very special dog but soon she will be getting herself in to trouble as she has been missing for three weeks now.
Let’s hope she is soon reunited with her owner and her pack.

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