6th March

A cold dry morning everyone finished and Coosa’s group fed.
All the dogs were out and I power washed the front pen while Razzles group were on the drive.
Paper work done for the puppy leaving later in the morning.
Chicken all cut up and in the fridge ready for lunch time feeds.
I brought the dogs in from the fields and then fed everyone
My puppy owners arrived to pick up their poodle boy he is going to Liverpool to join two other poodle girls I bred last year.
After they left everyone was fed and then I went out with each group for the afternoon and played ball with them and cleaned their ears.
It was really cold out my fingers were blue; the dogs didn’t seem to mind they were running around like mad.
While out with Merlot’s group had their ears cleaned and then just the bitches with pups out before Cito and Shone came in for the night.
Coosa’s group in and fed.
Kiro and Reo out.
A really cold but dry morning, everyone was cleaned and fed and then all out in the fields.
I popped into town to pick up a birthday present for a friend and then back to swap over dogs outside.
Hoovering all done in the kennels and then I had a chat with a friend as I am in need of a good cleaner so all being well she will start in a couple of weeks’ time.
Tomorrows frozen feeds all out ready and todays chicken cut up.
I had a few phone calls to make and then fed everyone.
The afternoon was so cold I was playing with the dogs I had a hat and gloves on and then at 4 pm it started to rain well that wasn’t in my plans for today, obviously been a little spoilt this last week with no rain.
I got everyone fed and bedded up for the night just waiting for the rain to slow down so the bitches and yorkie’s could have their last run before bed.
Coosa’s group in and then Cito and Shone in and fed.
The last of the little dogs went out still raining but not too bad.
Kiro and Reo out for the night.
Everyone out and cleaned and fed by 8.am as I checked the weather for the day and knew it didn’t look good so when I woke up and it wasn’t raining I thought I had better make the most of it.
Coosa’s group got caught in a heavy shower on the way up to the top kennel area, I fed them as if the weather stays horrid all day then they will be in at 5 pm.
All the bowls washed and dried and the chicken all cut up in the fridge ready for later.
Cito and Shone stayed up in the office with me as it was too cold for Cito to be out.
I wrote a list for Kate, as I have got to go for an eye test this afternoon.
Then I shredded a load of cardboard for bedding.
Two hours later and the dogs are all still in as the rain is getting worse and the wind has picked up now.
I got ready to leave and then manged to get all the dogs out for a run before I left.
Kate arrived 10 minutes after I had gone and she changed vet beds and got everyone out again.
I had my eye test and then came straight hone and we started feeding everyone.
All the dogs had a good run Kate was sorting out washing and drying vet beds while I got the evening and next morning’s feeds done.
Kate let Coosa’s group through from their field to come down to the kennel all came in except Coosa.
So I let the next group out on the drive and left him out in the field.
When I went back to get him he wandered off up the field so I walked up the field and got above him and shouted for him to get in his kennel now he gave me a dirty look and trotted off down to the kennel where his chicken carcasses were sat in the bowl outside his kennel, he was very good really he could have given me the run around a two acre field had he chose to be difficult.
Kate washed the bowls and I got changed and then let Kiro and Reo out before heading off to see Laura, Nathan and Sophie for dinner.
We had a nice night and then I got home and let the bitches out again and then Cito and Shone out before bed time.
I woke up to hear hailstones pounding the window and the roof; I made up everyone’s feeds and then got each group out in between really heavy hailstone showers.
Picked up in the drive and opened the gates for the builders, Coosa’s group up the top and all fed.
Cito and Shone went out on the drive again and then they came in the office with me.
I put Shiraz in with Rupert group for an hour to see how she was going to get on with the pack as the puppies are both going today and she needs to go into a group.
Everyone had cow’s ears as they were not going out for an hour or so Shiraz was good so I will take her with the pups to the station and then she can go back in the kennel for a while to see the pups are not there and then into Rupert’s pack.
Everyone had a quick run as the rain wasn’t too bad and then I put Shiraz and the puppies in the van altogether in the big cage.
I was only at the station a short time and then home to get everyone out and fed well so I thought but most of the dogs were fed in their kennels until the rain slowed down.
The rain didn’t seem so bad I put Rupert’s group out and then just after they had eaten Rupert was mating and the heavens opened up so the rest of the group came in and I had to leave Ru and the female out until he had finished, he didn’t look to impressed with being soaked so I brought them in and towel dried them, just after I had finished drying them the rain stopped and Merlots group went out.
After everyone had a good run I brought Coosas’s group in and fed them then Shone and Cito had a play on the drive with the toys and then in for food and Kiro and Reo out for the night.
I spent most of the evening on the phone catching up with a couple of friends and then bed for a couple of hours before Loupi started whelping the cockapoo litter, she is a pain to whelp and doesn’t do the cords but when the puppies have all arrived she is good with them cleaning and feeding is no problem.
The dogs were all good and very quiet while she was having the pups, Shone sat by the door waiting as she likes to have a nose especially if I have to bring a pup out of the kennel for any reason she sneaks a quick sniff.
Coffee and toast at 3.30 to help me stay focused and a few emails in between puppies being born.
I got all the chicken cut up for the lunchtime feeding ready in the fridge.
I was in and out checking on the puppies and mum while doing jobs to make it easier for the rest of the day.
All the dogs were out fed and cleaned by 7.30 even Coosa’s group had their food early.
I put the dogs out for their second run while I got the bins out and then the next lot of vet beds washed.
I opened the gates for Hannah as she is here grooming today.
Loupi had five pups but I was sure there was one or two more but she didn’t push for a couple of hours and then nothing really seemed to be coming down, I checked and still couldn’t feel any pups anywhere near coming down, I took her for a wander around the yard and still she pushed a lot but nothing.
I kept walking by her kennel while doing other jobs, and I took her out several times into the yard, eventually I had the last two pups at 12 o’clock and 1 pm so thankfully all ok, one is quite small but we will see how they go for a few days.
I popped into cash and carry to get some chicken breast for the little dogs and bitches with pups and then home to let everyone out again and feed.
The heating engineer called in to price up the chimney liners and register plates for the fire places in the house and then I got the last of the dogs in and had a coffee with Hannah before she left.
My other Loupi poodle loupA has been kennelled all day on her own as her mate has just had the pups so LoupA has howled on and off all day, I decided as she goes out in the drive with the yorkies then maybe they will let her sleep in their kennel as I really don’t want her upset and howling all night, I moved her and they settled down really well so that is nice for her.

I only had a couple of hours before going to bed as it had been a really long day.
Again woken up to hailstones on the roof, I got the feeds ready and put Kio and Reo away and waited until the weather improved before letting anyone out and then all out cleaned and fed.
Coosa’s group all fed and up in the top kennel area happily eating their bones.
I cut up the chicken ready for later and had a few minutes with Loupi and the puppies; they all seem to be doing well.
Last year after Loupi had whelped she was really funny with her food and didn’t eat for 9 days and lost so much weight so this time I have a number of things ready to try her with the one I least expected was the chicken breast raw that I was cutting up for my dinner but anyway as long as she eats I really don’t mind what it is.
Everyone was out for the afternoon and then in for bed at just after 5 as it was now wet.
All fed and done just Kiro and Reo out then finished for the night.
A cold dry morning.
All the dogs were out for most of the morning just in a little before lunch time feeding.
I cleared my spare pen down by the house as it will be needed for overnight for Kiro and Reo when I am away.
I went out and picked up bones from town and then home and all fed.
Dogs were out all afternoon until the last ones came back in just before 7 pm and then Kiro and Reo out.

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