6th July

Sunday morning was a nice start I had heard on the radio a dry day with sunny spells, I thought great.
I got all of the dogs out and put the yorkie group in the new pen, they thought it was fantastic running around like headless chickens, well by 8.30 am that changed the rain started and I had to put them away.
I was out by the pen doing chicken carcasses the rain was really heavy and the forecast on the radio said “Devon’s weather dry with the odd chance of a shower”!! Um I think it meant heavy and persistent showers with the odd chance of a dry spell if you are lucky.
Looked in on them in their kennel half an hour later and they were all fast asleep.
I let Coosa’s group out into field two and put Shone and the house hybrid pack out into field one so it should be easier to get Solider back in if he doesn’t follow the pack in.

Narla and Shone waiting for mice


Siren, Saarloos

May I have one?

The Pack



I went out with them for a while and took a few pictures but after about 45 minutes rain stopped play on my part I was dripping, I thought time for breakfast and a change of clothes.
I moved a couple of bitches as one of the poodles has come into season and she is not due to be mated.
Enya my cockapoo girl has now joined Kola in the yorkie pack, she has settled down well.
A dry start to the morning which was nice everyone was out and fed by 9 am.
I went out in the field with the hybrid house pack and took a few pictures.
When I came in I spent some time playing with the puppies and then did the lunch time feeds.
I had a training session with one of my labradoodle puppies that I sold locally last year he is coming on so well and learns very quickly.
Just after we had finished I had some road plainings delivered and then the driver came in and asked if I would like some tarmac that they had left so that was good they have laid that in the top part of the drive.
Coosa’s group were brought in twice and put in the top yards and kennel area as they kept howling.
I let them out for their last run at about 6.30 until 8.30 and then brought them in for the night; while they were out I cleaned all of the top kennel area.
The next morning was dry and sunny everyone was out and fed and cleaned by 9 am.
Meat delivery arrived so I got that all unpacked and sorted out before my neighbour popped in for coffee, all is well she is happy about the noise levels of the dogs at the moment.
Today has been a nightmare we have had three power cuts and its only lunch time.
I went out to get the house hybrid group in after a couple of hours and solider is coming in much better now, I still don’t think he is ready to go out in the big field yet, Coosa’s field is much easier as it is narrower, so all I need to do is to get above him and tell him in and off he goes straight to the bottom yard.
I took the puppies out in the yard to take some pictures but ended up just playing with them as they thought the camera was a toy.
The hybrid group decided they were going to howl for no reason so they got locked in when I went to training, this made things easier when I got home as I didn’t have to go up the field and get them in and feed them.
Shone and I went off to training, she was really good her A recall worked better as I have been practicing with her with a whistle just for this exercise and so far it is working but will it work on the night!!
Lupus had his silly head on he wanted to play with everyone but his special girl is a 9 year old Keeshond.
I got home and let Shone out with her pack and checked everyone else, I spent a short time on the computer and then morning feeds dinner and bed.
An easy day checking worming dates and vaccine dates.
I had time to play with each group of dogs and take a couple of new pictures for the web site.
I wrote the list for grooming for Friday and then cleaned ears on a number of dogs.
Siren needed a brush as he is moulting all over the house, he thought it was great fun; he kept running up the pen and back throwing himself on the floor.
Friday morning looked like it may rain so everyone went out for as long as possible.
Hannah arrived and started grooming and then we cleaned ears on all of the little dogs.
I did all of the meat for today and Saturday and then fed everyone.
The yorkies had been out for an hour just after lunch and then the rain came, so they all came in for their chicken carcasses.
I sent all of the pictures up to Jac for the web site and the blog.
Saturday was a nice quite day with only one puppy viewing which turned out to be a friend of my sons.
Kate came over for the day and lobo went out to play with the labs, we thought it may be better than letting him in with the house hybrids as Siren is now in that group.
The dogs were alternated all day with the fields and yards.
We just did a little bit of paper work sorting out how to make a grooming sheet for Hannah.
I fed all the kennel dogs at 6 pm and then brought the Coosa group in at 8 pm.

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