6th January 2013

Last Sunday was a relatively dry start, Lisa and I did the bottom groups and they were the lucky ones after they had all been out and fed the dreaded rain started and my it was sudden and heavy, we got both groups in and then just moved them out into dry pens one group at a time.
After a while the rain eased up and they all got out for longer.
Wendy and Brian came down and we talked about a few things that need to be done later when we have more time.
Lisa sorted out some more straw bags and did some general jobs while we all went out for breakfast, Wendy and Brian’s treat it was very nice to get out and have something to eat we weren’t out long just over an hour.
When we got back we let Kiro come out for a play with Shone and spent some time in the pen with her getting her used to Brian being inside of an exercise area with her, normally he doesn’t come into quite such contact with her.
She was very good and he even spent some time stroking her.
While we were spending time with her and the pup Lisa took all of the bedding and shavings out of Kiro’s pen to start slowly de scenting the pen of her puppy smell in the hopes that she will soon be happy to move from the whelping area into a kennel again.
It is sad because when you take her out of the whelping area she is happy for a short time.
When she goes back in she is anxious to get in the door to see if there are any puppies back inside.
When she has checked the pen and no pups she does have a bit of a cry.
I went back and checked her a short while after taking all the bedding and stuff out, well she was clearly not happy as this is the first time she had made a mess in the kennel, in protest I believe.
Brian and Wendy stayed for a while and we did a few odd jobs.
Tessa popped in for a while just before they left.
Tessa spent a while here while I was feeding and letting dogs out then she went off to walk her dogs and I finished off hosing pens and yards before doing the house dogs.
I took Shone off down the drive for a walk and did some training with her and then she came in and slept in the arm chair while I went out with Kia to get the last group done and spend a while with Coosa and his group.
I got the morning feeds out and ready then the frozen food all sorted out.
I fed the puppies and then in for dinner and an early evening with the house dogs.
Monday New Year’s eve.
Kirsty and I had a relatively dry start so at least the first two lots of dogs stayed reasonably dry.
The rain was heavy and persistent by 8.15 so the dogs went out in individual groups so they could get into the dry outside pen if they wanted to.
After we had finished the top groups I did the house dogs and then I went to get more shavings, I took Shone with me for a drive, she was no too bad she was sick once and dribbled after a few miles.
I will take her out with me more often, so when we go to training she does not get upset all of the time.
Kirsty did the last group, then onto the whelping area and Kiro, and the outside pens.
I got home and did the paper work for a pup going the following day.
I made a few phone calls and then did some of the back log of paperwork for the house and the new build.
I wormed the labradoodle puppies.
I took kiro out for a run with Reo; she was happy with him but still wanted to come back down to the whelping area.
After Kirsty had left it was still raining so carried on with paperwork for another hour.
Mum arrived to stay for a couple of days, so she started tiding up and cooking.
I spent a good half an hour talking to a dog trainer that has one of our last litters of hybrids joining her class next week.
I let everyone out again and fed everyone.
I sorted out he next day’s feeds and checked how much food was in stock.
I then tidied up the muck heap and dug some of the really sloppy mud away from the gates, if I don’t keep the gates clear we get a freeze and I get caught out as the gates won’t open due to the mud behind them.
It dark and wet at 4.30 so I spent some time with the pups before coming in to do the housedogs.
We had an hour’s peace to eat our dinner before the house dogs were all out in the lounge for the evening.
We watched some rubbish TV for a couple of hours before bed.
Tuesday New years Day.
A good start to the New Year a nice cold but dry day.
We did the bottom groups and Kirsty did the top kennels.
My job for the next five hours was power washing to try and keep in front before the next deluge of mud and rain.
Lisa came to pick up her labradoodle puppy and then I was straight back to the power washer.
By the time I finished it was just after lunch and I was cold and wet.
I carried on and let dogs in and out in the field.
I defrosted one of the freezers and got the frozen food out early as it has not been defrosted enough for the little dogs.
Mum went home early as she was not feeling well and with the doors open all the time in my house for dogs to go in and out it’s not ideal when you feel cold and ill.
The last group came in at 5 pm it was dark and really cold by this time.
I took Shone off down the drive for walk before letting all the house dogs’ out in the lounge for the evening with their bones.
Razzle was not very nice he put to big holes in Shone one in the side of her face and the other in her head.
She was straight on antibiotics as they are deep holes.
Razzle spent the next hour in is bed on his own.
The rest of the dogs were fine no arguing
Wednesday morning I phoned Gavin very early as I had a bad feeling about Milly my Yorkie bitch as she was due to whelp on Monday from the first mating and Wednesday from the second mating.
After an internal and an Oxytocin injection there was no contractions so Gavin gave her a c section and we had five live puppies.
Milly was not keen on the pups so when I got home from the vets I spent the next two and a half hours trying to get them to feed and encourage Milly to look after them.
The rest of the dogs were all in their kennels except the hybrid group who were in the field but they could get in if they wanted to.
None of them were bothered about being in as it had rained all day.
I fed everyone and got them all out again for a quick run.
I finally came in at 6 pm and it was pitch black and still raining.
I spent some time on the computer so I could be in the office and keep a watch on Milly and the pups.
Thursday morning was dry we got all of the small dogs out and then took Kiro up to go out with reo while Kirsty cleaned the bottom whelping area.
We did the top kennels and the burning stuff.
I went to sort out some things with the builders while Kirsty did Atlz and Idaho.
We then did the house dogs.
Hannah was here grooming, so after she had finished the Yorkies she did Ruebin which meant we could run two of the bottom groups together which gave me more time to spend with the wolf dogs in the afternoon.
Andrew came to visit with one of our Czech pups from last year; she is turning into the image of her mum.
I did some training with Shone she was really good, I feel this is going to be a completely different bitch to C as regards to being sharp and wanting to learn, she is so willing and fast.
Her recall is at full speed, I hope she is the same at training and not intimidated by her surroundings.
I did the lunchtime feeds then unloaded the meat delivery.
I had someone come to view a pup but it was obvious they were doing the rounds looking at a number of pups.
I went straight on to afternoon feeding as cleaning outside yards.
I got the food and directions and everything sorted out for Kirsty for the pups travelling to London in the morning.
Early last year we re homed a bitch called Roka and then the owners had another re home from Shaun, as it has worked out for them they have had quite a change in their family situation.
We are having Roka back; Kirsty is picking her up tomorrow.
The dog Shaun sold to them is going to have to stay there at the moment, we do not have room for him here, and Shaun is not prepared to take him back.
we will advertise him for the family on the web site.
Friday morning Kirsty dropped the pups in London ready for them to go off to Harrods for their baths before flying to Dubai on Saturday.
On the way home she picked up Roka.
Lisa and I did the cleaning and the plan was to get organised ready for Kirsty arriving with Roka at lunchtime.
We had a couple of visitors; one family was still here when Kirsty arrived, she was not worried she just came in and put the kettle on.
Then Lisa came down from the field with Kiro, she had a really deep cut on her side.
Roka had to go in with the labs as I did not have time to introduce her to any other dogs.
I gave Kiro an antibiotic injection and then phoned Gavin for an appointment to get her cleaned up and stitched.
I got everyone fed and out for a run as I was waiting for Gavin to ring to say he had finished the emergency he was on, I knew I had ten minutes maximum to get out of the house and off as soon as he rang.
I could not be late or it would mean Gavin would have to start evening surgery late.
We got her sorted out and off home again.
I let all of the dogs out in the dark when I got home and then let the house dogs out for the evening to drive me crazy and eat their bones.
I woke up in the night to see Kiro trying to take her stitches out so I ran down and put one of those lampshades on her head, I could not face seeing her side all open like Kia did with hers.
She hates it and is being very difficult but it is staying on so she will have to get used to it.

Saturday morning Lisa and I got the first groups of dogs out and then Kiro into the yard as she is not allowed out into the field for at least a week due to the mud.
Wendy and Brian came down, Brian fixed a large pole to my breeze block pillar so I can have three way flood light outside the kitchen door.
We moved a Huge bush that has been growing outside my front door ever since I moved here.
We just spent the rest of the day doing odd jobs.
Roka is now in the house and the poodle group have now been evicted out into a kennel with a run and large yard.
I am hoping with only having the yorkies, two poodles a cocker bitch and four wolf dogs in the house it may be less stressful.
The cockapoo male Razzle is also in for a while as my labradoodle bitch is in season and cannot be mated this time.
If I don’t get a bit more peace now in the evening I will move out into a kennel myself.
Afternoon feeding was a pain as dogs had moved all over the place, Wendy gave me a hand and we soon got it all under control.
Wendy and Brian went home and I finished off outside.
I came in and spent some time on the computer and did the blog while the yorkies were running riot in the house playing with Shone.

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