6th December

A dry start to the morning so Kiro and Reo away and then everyone out, fed and clean.
Coosa’s group went straight up to the top kennel area to have their bones.
Everyone had a good run as the rain started to ease up.
I cleaned a couple of the little dog’s ears and then cut up the chicken ready for the lunch time feeds.
I had an urgent call from Nicola at Wolf dog rescue there had been a major issue with a wolf dog and I offered to go and sort it out with Kate.
Kate arrived and we went off for a couple of hours to sort the dog out.
We got back and Kate helped me feed my dogs and then she took Lobo home and Cito and Shone came up with me.
I fed everyone and then gave them all a run before bed.
Shone and Cito came up to have their dinner, I brought Coosa’s group in and fed them.
I got the morning feeds ready and then locked up the gates.
Kiro and Reo came out on the drive for the night, they were not very happy as it was raining
I managed to get everyone out before the rain really came down.
Next was to make several phone calls trying to get a mobile sandblasting company to give me a quote for doing the fire place and one of beams in the new kitchen in the house.
I cut the chicken and then fed everyone.
I did some more washing and then brought Cito and Shone back up to the kennels as it was cold and wet.
I had a chat with the builders and then got the evening feeds ready.
Everyone fed and had a quick run before bed and feeds.
Coosa’s group came in and had food.
I spent some time cleaning the little dog’s ears and then locked up the gates.
A nice dry start to the morning everyone had their food and a long run.
I picked up in the drive and opened the gates for the builders coming in.
Next was Shone and Cito out in the field, I fed Coosa’s group while I was up at the top kennel area.
I tidied up around the fire and took up loads of wood for burning.
My next job was a group of dogs out on the drive and then picking up leaves.
I cut up all the chicken ready for Kate as she now does the dogs most Tuesday afternoons.
I gave everyone a good run and then left them all with bones.
Kate arrived about half an hour after I had left for a few hours.
Kate fed everyone and then did a few jobs around the kennel.
I arrived home about 15 minutes after Kate had gone.
I brought Coosa’s group in and fed them, everything else had been done all the feeds for the bitches and pups were ready and the morning feeds were all ready.
The evening was a constant stream of phone calls until nearly 11 pm.
Another dry start so everyone out and fed all cleaned out and the fire done.
Shone and Cito out in the field, Coosa’s group fed.
I had some building stuff to sort out with the structural engineer and then had to speak to building control so sort out prices.
My sister came over to have a meeting with the builders and then we went out to lunch.
We got home and I brought the dogs in that had been left out while we were out.
I quickly cut up the chicken and fed everyone and then spent more time sorting out material prices and concrete prices for the floors for the house.
I was swapping over dogs and constant phone calls until just after 6 pm when I finally got everyone in and got the morning feeds ready.
I had a customer come and view puppies at 6.30 and then I locked up the gates and had dinner.
A dry start so everyone out and then the gates open for Hannah and the builders to come in.
I locked up the gates and then got two groups out before the rain.
My job today in between holding dogs for Hannah for ear cleaning and letting dogs out was to bag all of the rest of the leaves that are still falling up through the drive.
I fed Coosa’s group and then brought Cito and Shone in from the field, they spent the day in the kennel with me as Cito didn’t eat very well yesterday, I think she may have got cold being out so long.
Chicken all cut up and lunch time feeds done.
Everyone was fed and I picked up all of the leaves I have now got about 15 bags of leaves bagged up.
Most of the afternoon was dry so everyone out for a good run.
Evening feeds done and morning feeds ready.
Everyone fed and in for the night, Kiro and Reo out with food.
A wet start, which was quite disappointing as I had expected it to be dry.
Everyone out, clean and fed, a little slower as I have two litters of puppies being fed and they take a while to eat.
I have a mountain of washing as Cito decided to wet her bed last night, this will take all day to get washed and dried.
Coosa’s group all fed and the fire done.
I popped to town as I needed to get some bits and more prices from the builder’s merchants.
I got home and cut up chicken and then fed everyone.
I hoovered the office area and kitchen and then spent some time on the computer.
I have ordered some more large mats for the kennels and then some dried beef for treats for everyone.
I sorted out more washing and then paid the builders.
Everyone came in and had their dinner.
I locked up the gates and then let Shone and Cito have a run on the drive before bed time.
I did the morning feeds and then did some paper work.
A dry start to the morning, so everyone went out and had good run.
I have moved Merlot out of his pack as Shiraz is being a real bully to him to so I have moved him into a new pack; I spent an hour outside with them and they seem happy, so I put them back into their kennel.
Coosa’s group all fed and playing out in the field.
Graham the farmer came down and took the trailer of rubble away and then brought the trailer back ready for the builders for Monday morning.
I had visitors come and view their puppy.
After they had left I cut up the chicken and fed everyone.
The afternoon everyone was out in the fields and on the drive.
I had quite a bit of paper work and stuff to sort out so I let dogs out in between working in the office.
I made time to play with each group out on the drive today and then fed the puppies their evening feed.
Coosa’s group went out into field two but didn’t want to be out for long so at 4.30 they came in and then the little dogs all got a run out in the field before bed time.
I brought everyone in and gave them all calves hooves and then let Kiro and Reo out for the night.
I wrote the blog while dinner was cooking.
All I have left to do tonight is to fold up and put away the washing and send a couple of emails.

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