6th April

Easter Sunday was Sam and I we did the pups and the bottom groups then Wendy and Brian came to put some more trees in the front fence line.
We got everyone out by just after 9 and then we cleaned the bottom block.
Dave came at 10 am to help with the rest of the trees.
Sam and I moved the pups and cleaned the whelping area before we had visitors viewing pups.
We got the little dogs out for an hour and they were very good they were quite even with people out doing trees.
We did the lunchtime feeds and then I went out to give a hand with the last of the planting.
We came in for lunch and then back out and did some odd jobs that needed a few running repairs.
Wendy and Brian helped me do the dogs for a couple of hours before they went home.
I did the rest of the feeds and the frozen feeds; I spent the next three hours power washing before everyone came in and went to bed.
I finished cleaning out the bitches and pups.
Kirsty came round for a while to do some training with Reo for a filming session we have booked in May.
Mother arrived and cooked dinner before starting paper work for a couple of hours.
Monday morning was Kirsty and I even though Kirsty has a chest infection and was feeling really awful we did really well, everyone out fed and cleaned by 9.15 and then Coosas group came in for a while so the house dogs could go out in two groups.
We did the house dogs and pups pens while they were out.
When they came in the little dogs went out for an hour.
We cleaned the bottom block and disinfected the yards, I had a customer come to pick up food and show me her labradoodle pup she bought from me a short time ago.
Kirsty carried on cleaning and doing odd jobs while I had another puppy viewing, this one took a long time but the people were not too sure of what they wanted, they made a very good choice to suit their family and off home with their new puppy.
Kirsty did the lunchtime feeds and I got the frozen feeds out ready for the next day and fed all of the little dogs with their chicken.
I swapped over dogs and went to speak to the tiler who had come down with my son to give me a price and discuss what we needed to get sorted out for the new kennel.
I showed the tiler and his partner around the kennels as they wanted to meet all of the dogs.
After they had gone I changed dogs around and started to clean the yards and get all the buckets in from the fields and the outside pens.
After the last outside groups were in, I let the house dogs out so they could go out in the fields or the yard while I fed pups and did the little dogs in the house.
Kirsty phoned to say Lisa had been taken into hospital and given the nature of the problem she will not be able to return to work as it may be detrimental to the baby.
Hopefully they will both be ok, so it is best she stays at home and takes things easy for the next few months.
I had dinner and did some paper work then off to bed as I still feel like I have lost a night’s sleep not an hour.
Tuesday morning was kirsty and I doing the dogs and Hannah was here grooming the little people.
We had a good morning the sun was shining and all the pens were fairly clean.
After everyone was out we came down to do the house dogs.
The little pups had to be wormed and Graham’s csv pup had to be vaccinated before he leaves at the weekend.
Arrangements needed to be made for the two pups going to Italy early next month after the 21 day period from the rabies vaccine.
Doodle our yorkie has come back for a couple of week’s holiday while her owners are away.
We took pictures of two remaining hybrid puppies.



I had a puppy viewing and another tiler came to give me a price for the kennel, while I was busy with that Kirsty did the bottom block and cleaned the yards.
We did the lunch time feeds and unloaded the meat delivery.
I had a couple of phone calls to make and then Kirsty left, so I was outside for the rest of the day cleaning and brushing dogs, coosa needed his ears cleaned again.
I washed all the yards down and then had a puppy viewing at 4.45 so by the time they had gone I was running about an hour behind.
I moved all the dogs from day pens to night kennels and did the water buckets.
I fed the pups and let the house dogs up the field, I came in just after 7 and got the feeds ready for the next morning and spent some time with the hybrid pups.
Wednesday morning was kirsty and I everything went well but we still did not seem to have any spare time, we did some vaccinations and I did the paper work for pups leaving.
Bobby needed to have her stitches out from when she was spayed, she has healed really well you can hardly see a scar at all.
Budd and Coosa had to have their ears cleaned again, and then I ran round doing odd bits and pieces for an hour to keep things up together and check what stock needs to be ordered.
We did the lunch time feeds and spent some time with the puppies.
After Kirsty had left I did the dogs in the afternoon whilst watering trees as we have not had any rain I thought they would probably need water.
I got the little dogs sorted and put away; Coosa was moved into the field with Matzi and Taska.
Sam came in to cover a few hours doing the dogs and feeding puppies.
I went off for a walk with Shone before going to training; she seemed to settle down better as we had an hour down by the river before our class started, she was brilliant with the children but really does not like the push chair.
The only problem we had was recall, we had a perfect stay but she remained in the sit when I called her back to me she just sat and looked at me.
I was a little later home than usual as my nephew was down visiting with his children so I stayed for a chat.
I got home and checked all the dogs and locked everyone up while Shone was eating her dinner.
Kirsty had been in and dropped off the chicken carcasses so I sorted them out and froze what we did not need for the morning.
I came in from doing the outside dogs at just after 8 and then sorted out the paper work for the puppy that was leaving in the morning.
I did the feeds for the next morning as answered a few phone calls and emails before going to bed.
Thursday morning was Kirsty and I we had a slow start but soon caught up with everything; we were both feeling a bit below par and cold.
After all the outside dogs were done and going out for the second time we disinfected and power washed the bottom yards.
The hybrid pups were wormed and fed.
We washed all the floors in the house and I went out and brushed Narla and kia.
Shone and Narla came in for the afternoon as it was too cold for them to just stay out in the yard, shone was still tired from last night.
I had a viewing of pups at 1 pm so I did odd jobs down near the house but that was a waste of time as they didn’t turn up.
I spent the rest of the day letting dogs in and out while watering trees and brushing dogs who are moulting.
I had a short time where I sat in the field with Coosa’s group to regain some sanity.
Everyone was locked in by 6 and the house dogs had the door open so they could come and go for a while as I had people booked in to see pups at 6 pm, after an hour an half they picked a puppy and then broke the great news that they were going to ask their landlord if they could have a dog, this called for a glass of wine and a moan on the phone to kirsty.
Friday morning was Sam and I we had a really busy morning as I had a meeting that was going to take up a good few hours.
While out in the field with the lab group it became apparent very quickly that I needed to get back in and put one of our lab girls into the whelping box as she was not looking so good, the placentae had started to come away and no sign of any pups after doing an internal on her and giving her an injection still nothing.
Kate came in and took the bitch to the vets for me she had a C section and was spayed, the puppies were dead, and this was a really hard blow as I had planned to keep her bitch pups to breed on from as I like the line so much.
She will now be rehomed to a pet home and I hope she finds a really nice home for life as she is a really special girl.
Kirsty came in to do the afternoon as I was going to be busy for most of the day; she let dogs in and out and picked up bones in the field.
After my meeting had finished I helped Kirsty do the evening cleaning and feeding.
The heating engineer came to fit the new part on the boiler and all is well we now have burning hot water I am so pleased as it has been weeks with luke warm water.
I was so looking forward to a nice long hot bath.
Kirsty finished and went home and brought all of her dogs down here for a run in the field as she had been working all afternoon she wanted to get them all exercised and have some time to relax for the evening.
Just when I thought the worst of the day was over we had another bitch start whelping and this one was early, so that just went into very late evening.
I finally got a bath at about 2 am not a long one as I would have probably fell asleep and drowned.
Saturday morning I was on my own as Sam was in hospital, so it was nonstop everything was running on time and a few odd jobs done then frustratingly I was busy with a customer so the puppies were fed their lunch later than normal so you know the day is going to be a long one as the evening feed has to be much later.
I had one of my owners come down to pick up their new puppy and they brought their bitch with them she is beautiful, she looks like a Wolfzone dog, no mistaking her breeding.
I was watering trees and had a long chat with a man that has acquired a dog I bred five years ago; he has landed on his feet thankfully.
The rest of the day went ok I got time with all the dogs and finished at 7, the rest of the night was spent with the house dogs doing nothing for a change.

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