5th October

Saturday evening I had planned to go to mums to do some more packing, before leaving I checked the yorkie bitch that was due to have puppies and her temperature was right down, I thought I would have a coffee and see what she was doing for a while, within the next ten minutes her waters had broken so I too her straight to the vets for a c section.
All went well mum and pups doing well, I loaded up the van with boxes ready for another attempt at going to do some packing on Sunday morning after I had finished the dogs.
I got up early and got everyone done, I was in Taunton just before 10 am and Wendy and Brian came down to give me a hand, they took everything back that we did not want to take to the charity shop, we loaded up my van and I got home at lunchtime ready to feed the puppies and let everyone back out for the afternoon.
Kate arrived soon after I had got home we microchipped her puppies and put them in a spare kennel for the afternoon.
Next we microchipped the Labrador puppies and then unloaded my van, we spent the rest of the afternoon doing odd jobs.
Kate left and I did the evening feeds and got the morning feeds out, I cleaned Coosa’s top pen area and then came in and washed the floors in the house.
I had an early night as I wanted to get everything done early in the morning so I could go up to Taunton again after Vicci arrived.
All the dogs were out by 7 am and then I disinfected the bottom yard and the bottom block ready for the house hybrids coming back in.
I had a couple of calls to make to the vets and the estate agents.
I sent a list of names to the vets for vaccines for the older dogs and the puppies I am keeping.
All the dogs had a good 4 hours out and then had lunch and some came back in the others stayed in their outside yards.
Puppies fed and Vicci and I had a coffee and some amazing chocolate cake that Vicci hand made herself.
We went off to Taunton and packed most of the rest of my things all that is left to do now is move the big lounge and dining room units.
We got home and let the rest of the dogs out and unloaded the van.
Vicci left about 6 ish and I finished the dogs and locked everyone in for the night and got the morning feeds ready.
Shone has come into season so she came in the house early in the evening with Cito, Narla stayed out until bed time.
Tuesday morning, another early start as I had two meat deliveries and to leave here by 10.30 for the Osteopath appointment.
Everyone was finished and back in, I have split Soldier and Narla and left them in one yard and the other three were in the yard by the house.
I felt a lot better after today’s session now Lin has put my rib back in place its not compressing my lung.
I got home from town and fed the puppies and left everyone out for the rest of the afternoon.
I sorted all the bitches out with clean paper and water and then got the morning feeds ready.
I stopped for dinner and then cleaned the puppy’s yard at the house, they were out in the hybrid yard while the hybrids are out in the field.
I spoke to a couple of the owners of the Labrador litter, they are leaving this coming weekend.
All the dogs stayed out until dark and then Shone came in the house, she is spending more time with the little puppies as she has come into season she cannot stay with the boys, so the pups need to get used to her being in their pack for a while.
Wednesday morning was a nice easy start to the day the dogs were all out and cleaned by 9 am and back in sleeping for a couple of hours.
While everything was quiet I spent some time grooming the hybrids and Cito.
I sorted out some paper work and then let everyone out and fed the puppies and then feed everyone chicken carcasses.
Everyone stayed out for the day while I was cleaning yards and dusting in the kennel.
I went off to the vets with Kirsty to get her bitch spayed and picked up my vaccines for the next groups to be given boosters over the next couple of months.
I got home and did the lunch time feeds.
I brushed a couple of the poodles in the house and then fed everyone in the evening, everyone was locked up and Dave arrived so we did a trip up to Taunton and moved more furniture back here to my storage container.
We got home really late so I went straight up and moved the hybrids all into their night areas before bed.
Thursday morning was an early start after we had finished all the dogs we unloaded the van from the evening trip and then went out and bought another load of dog toys, we were back in time for the lunch time feeds.
We did a few odd jobs and then power washed a couple of the yards.
Evening feeds done, all back in except the hybrid groups so off we went again to do one more and hopefully the last run to Taunton to pick up furniture.
We got home really late and put the hybrids away and straight to bed.
Friday morning was an early start as I had Hannah and another trainee dog groomer coming for 9 am so I needed all the kennel to be cleaned out and dogs run and fed.
Dave and I cleaned the bottom house yards while all the hybrids were out, I left Hannah to carry on with her list of dogs for grooming and bathing.
Gavin arrived to check over and vaccinate the poodle puppy I had been keeping here for a while before his new owners could pick him up.
After Gavin left we did the lunch time feeds and then cleaned another yard.
We stopped for lunch and a quick coffee with Hannah and Kirsty arrived to hold Soldier for me as he needed antibiotic injection for a nasty cut on his leg and a booster and I wasn’t sure if he would be nervous, as it happened he was very good he just stood still.
All the dogs stayed out for the afternoon until feeding time.
One of the girls had her puppies today we have 1 chocolate girl 1 chocolate boy 1 apricot boy available.

Everyone was fed and we had a quick bath I locked all the hybrids in outside pens and we went off to Taunton to have a meal with Nathan, a new Indian restaurant has just opened and it was really good, probably the best I have ever had.
We got home and I brought the dogs in and did the morning feeds and the frozen feeds for the hybrids.
I checked on the puppies all were doing well and mum was settled.
I hosed the puppy yard with the flood lights on and then we spent an hour with the house dogs before bed.
Saturday morning was busy it was a horrible wet and cold start all the dogs went out for a short while and then back in for food.
After everyone was finished I did the insurances and microchips on line while Dave went out and picked up some bags of post Crete ready for Brian to do the joints in the bottom yard paving slabs on Sunday morning.
I had two power cuts whilst trying to do the registration.
I had just finished when the first customer arrived followed very quickly followed by the next two people arriving.
All the puppies had left and the gates were locked.
I did a big fire and burnt loads of stuff but still there is plenty more for the next one when Brian is here to help carry up the old beds.
Dave picked some pears from the old tree at the top kennel area.
I went up to Coosa’s top pen area and power washed one of his pens while Dave put up some snazzy new Kempstown signs.
I did the dogs lunch time feeds and a quick clean.
I made lunch and Pear crumble, so we stopped for a short time.
After lunch I power washed the second of Coosa’s kennel areas and Dave painted the last part of the new kennel that we didn’t get to finish last time.
Evening feeding done everyone clean again.
I did the morning feeds and brought all the dogs in and we finished early for a change back in the house by 7.30.

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