5th May

Sunday was Sam and I we knew we were in for a busy day as we had two lots of people booked in to see pups.
Wendy and Brian were here as we needed panels moved and the free standing kennel had to be taken apart ready for moving for Moon and Bobby when they go to Malcolm in a couple of weeks’ time.
I had finished the house dogs when Sam arrived, I had also got the first two lots of vet beds in the wash so she put the first two groups out and then we did the pups and the bottom groups so the yard could be emptied out of panels and dogs.
After we had finished the top groups of dogs and everyone had been out and fed we got all the washing out on the line.
I saw the first people visiting while Sam did the odd jobs and swapped dogs around.
We spent the day letting out groups of dogs and getting the yard done; the kennel was dismantled and stacked outside ready for its new home.
We put all the panels up and brought down benches from pens were they are not being used so the little people group have a huge great yard and three benches to chill out on in the day time, they can also get through the hatch into their kennel if they want to.
We moved a panel from Kiro’s yard so she can have a larger area until she goes back up the top.
Sam did the weed killer on all of the areas including the garden before that all gets out of control.
We stopped very briefly as Wendy made us all bacon sandwiches which were much appreciated.
We also had the plasters here dry lining the office, kitchen and store rooms in the new building.
I did the dogs with Sam helping out in-between us both helping Wendy and Brian.
We had all the dogs in and finished by 6 pm, so I could go out with Malcolm and Kirsty, we went over to Exmoor with Lupus, Moon, Bobby and Shone, we had a nice walk but it was cold and wet typical winter weather for the moors certainly not spring weather .
We stopped off at a really nice dog friendly pub, so we took Lupus and Shone in with us the other two stayed in the van as there was not really enough room for four dogs around the table.
We had a nice roast dinner and a drink before coming home.
Sam had everything under control here , she had fed and cleaned out the pups and spent the rest of her time picking up in the fields this is around a ten hours a week to keep the fields clean with no muck or bones.
I did the feeds for the next morning and went round and checked on all of the dogs.
I spent a couple of hours with the house dogs and then off to bed.
Monday morning was Kirsty and I the house dogs were finished when she arrived and everything picked up in the yards, Kirsty let the two groups out while I started the pups.
After all the bottom groups were finished we did the top kennels, Matzi and Coosa groups went into outside pens while the little dogs from the bottom went out.
I finished off up the top while Kirsty got all the van cages papered ready for my trip to the vets, I had the two pups going to complete their passports for Italy and Rainn for her scan as she looks like a beached whale and still has three weeks left to go before the pups are born, we are so excited to be getting Coosa puppies this is the high light of the year and we are all praying for a male and a female pup for future breeding stock.
Rainn has at least four puppies so there may be one or two puppies for sale to the right homes.
On the way home from the vets I stopped and did some shopping and the bank.
I got home and we cleaned out the van, fed rainn and the pups then straight on to lunchtime feeds for the little dogs.
I had a couple of phone calls to sort out and the washing to catch up with as Kirsty was rushed off her feet.
I spent the afternoon out with the dogs and did a bit of training with C and Shone, everyone stayed out late as it was a nice day so by the time I had washed all the yards and done water buckets it was just after 7 pm.
Then the house dogs were out until 8.30 while I did some work in the house, and then we chilled out for a couple of hours and made some phone calls.

Tuesday morning was a nice early start at 5 am as the outside dogs decided to wake up nice and early for me to see the lovely morning frost, I decided to make the most of it and get the house dogs fed early and the first of the vet beds in the wash.
After they were all back in their beds I picked up from them had a coffee and renewed some adverts.
I did the insurance for puppies leaving and had a quick tidy up.
Kirsty came in and put the first two groups out, we did the pups and the bottom groups, we had 4 pups leave and Roka our wolf dog also going to her new home today, Helen held her for me while I took her stitches out all was well, I slipped the stitch blade back into the sleeve and missed the inner lining and only put in through part of the sleeve so hence when I picked it up again to take it to dispose of I ran the blade right across my thumb, I felt so sick I didn’t even curse I grabbed the blue roll and held my hand tight until I could get to a good supply of plasters in the kitchen.
Roka has settled in well, Helen has a couple of my dogs over at her kennels at the moment so Roka will feel at home.
We had a disinfectant delivery and a big meat delivery, so that needed sorting out straight away as the sun was out for the first time this year.
We have moved a couple of hybrid pups to the kennel where Roka was so they can have an outside yard when the weather is nice they will alternate with Kiro and Siren.
We went up to finish the last of the kennels in the bottom block and when we came back in Narla had got hold of my credit card wallet, not impressed as she has half eaten my visa card.
Shone stole my sandwich at lunchtime so lunch was off the menu, what I managed to rescue I gave to Razzles group she was not pleased but then that made two of us.
Kiro was on form as she had to be shut in for an hour while my new sky dish was fitted as he was a nice chap and I thought it best she didn’t eat him.
After Kirsty left I burnt all the rubbish and the boxes from the morning deliveries.
All the dogs were quite lazy just chilling out in the sun in their yards.
I got the paper work ready for the pups leaving early in the morning to go to Italy.
Also had doodle pups leaving so it was people on and off all day.
The phone didn’t stop with enquiries for pups.
I got all the dogs out for an hour at a time, Kiro went out in the field but it was too soon for her to be going up the steps she is in a lot of discomfort with her leg so back down to the yard for a little longer.
I disinfected the yards and got everything ready for the morning.
After everyone was locked in the house dogs went out for a couple of hours.
Wednesday morning I had finished the house dogs before Kirsty arrived, so I was sorting out the paper work and the Italy pups being loaded while Kirsty put the first two groups out and did the bottom groups.
After the pups had left I went out and finished off the bottom groups and then we went up to the top kennels.
Hannah arrived early as we had lots of dogs needed grooming and most of the little dogs are now in a short cut in anticipation of summer coming and this will make the grooming quicker.
I did not have much time to help so I just clipped off two young bitches while Hannah held them and she will tidy them up next week.
We stripped the whelping area out completely and trigened it so it could soak until we could get back to it.
We got everyone done and then the house dogs back out, we had more pups leaving and people viewing puppies, our next pup is going to the Caiman Islands, he will be leaving in June.
All the washing sorted and rubbish out.
Kirsty finished and I re did the whelping area walls and floors again.
I fed everyone and then did some phone calls before going back out to get the meat ready for the next morning and cleaning out pups again.
I left all the yards for Sam to clean and the water buckets for the next day.
I went off to training with Shone and took C for company; we had a quick walk before going in to class.
Shone was very good her stays are perfect, heel work good the only thing we are working on is recall she is doing this on a training lead as she feel insecure in the hall but I had the same problem with C as they are not keen to work in a closed environment, she will get their it will just take a little longer.
I always felt with C that she taking everything in but not being 100% cooperative but it really did pay off as she is impeccably well behaved even when we went for a walk two dogs went for her and she just grew and stood her ground there was no attempt to retaliate, this is a good example to Shone.
I got home and let the house dogs out and finished a few jobs that Sam had not got to, and then my phone was nonstop all evening.
Thursday morning Kirsty and I were very busy, much the same as the day before, I popped into town with Shone and Kirsty finished off the bottom block and yards.
We had two lots of people viewing and picking up pups.
I did the normal lunchtime feeds and sorted out frozen feeds, and then I cleaned the whelping area again, put the boxes back together and left it to dry off over night.
Vet beds washed and out on the line along with towels, a quick brush for Coosa and Kia.
I had a short time out with Narla and Shone working on recalls.
I cleaned the yards fed the pups and locked everyone in.
Kirsty arrived back again in the evening and we went out training with Moon until late.
When I got in I had dinner and an hour with the house dogs before going on the computer to finalize the arrangement for the filming and then bed.
Friday morning was Sam and I, the house dogs were nearly finished so Sam did the hybrid pups and then got two groups out while I started Razzle group and the other puppies.
We did the hybrids and Kiro then did the top groups, they all had their chicken carcasses and went out while their pens were done, I did Idaho.
Sam finished off Coosa’s kennel while I sorted out the delivery of plaster board and stuff for the builders this weekend.
After all the top groups had been out, Razzles group went out so we did the house dogs and got their washing sorted out.
Tango moved from the house to the whelping area.
Another bitch moved into the office, we changed whelping boxes on a litter as they need more room to run around the pen.
The meat delivery arrived and I got all of that done while Sam filled up feed bins and took the boxes up for burning.
We cleaned the airline crate for Moon ready for next week’s filming; we had spare whelping boxes to clean before they could be put away.
I had a couple of quick calls to sort out for puppy training we are running in a couple of weeks’ time.
I have also booked my Coosa pups in to our training club were I take Shone.
I had one puppy leave that is coming back in a couple of weeks’ time when his owners go away on a holiday they already had booked.
I tidied up the lean-to ready for another load of electrical stuff to go in there for a few days before it gets done.
I filled up the paper areas and put out new disinfectants and blue roll.
We burnt the rubbish and then cleaned the yards and the bottom block.
We had a number of vet beds to soak and wash.
I Sam did the odd jobs before leaving , I stopped for a very quick lunch as I had people picking up a pup, my Son was coming over to put some more cables in for the under floor heating.
I cleaned the yards and then Kirsty came round to pick up Moon for some more training, they went off while I carried on with cleaning and getting the last group of dogs out.
When Kirsty came back she swapped over a couple of groups of dogs while I finished off hosing the bottom yard.
I fed the hybrids and some of the pups, I had my last customer here just after 6 pm.
After they had gone I locked up the dogs outside and let the house dogs up the field while I did some paper work and washing up bowls.
I sat down with the house dogs just after 8 pm for a couple of hours then morning feeds and computer before bed.
Saturday morning was a slow wet start the little dogs had to go out in the bottom block as the rain was so heavy.

We did the pups and fed the bottom groups, the weather broke and the rain stopped.
We did two top groups out and cleaned out Kiro while they were out.
All the top groups went out and then we did the rubbish, the washing and vet beds.
We cleaned the yards and Sam did the odd jobs while I was on the computer for nearly two hours on and off.
We fed the pups before Sam left and Kirsty arrived to pick up Moon to meet up with a group of friends that she was using as a distraction for Moon in his training.
Cliff and Sonya arrived to pick up our hybrid girl Delta -Si to join their family and Koda there other fantastic big hybrid boy from Camouse .
We had a coffee and chat and looked around the kennels, we went in with Coosa’s group and he came right to the gate, he is stuck to Rainn like glue, I am dreading moving her as he is going to be so sad, he will howl for days and it will be really mournful.
Kirsty brought Moon back and gave us the run down on the training while we had a coffee before Cliff and Sonya left.
I had a couple of things to sort out with the plasterers.
I fed the little dogs and swapped dogs around to the field, then got all of the yards cleaned.
Kate popped in while I was finishing off feeding pups and getting meat sorted out.
After I had finished we had a quick chat and then I went to Sainsbury’s quickly, when I got home it was just after 8 so Kate left and I watched The voice with the house dogs and had dinner.
Time for feeds for the morning washing up, the blog and bed.

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