5th March 2011

This week has flown by; the ground wire is nearly finished on the new paddock.
The block work on the new building is going well.

Cedar has had her puppies and they are doing well.

Mia and her puppies are both gaining weight nicely.

The little csv pups are growing fast they are ready next week, they are a handful with a large litter they go out into a big outside pen in the day, its all roofed over so if it rains they are still dry.

The hybrid puppies have started to be weaned they are loving the food and making a terrible mess, they are going to be very big puppies with heavy coats.

Dogs for rehome are

2-year-old female ¾ Saarloos

1 eight-month-old csv Saarloos Inuit female silver grey

2 Labrador females one yellow and one chocolate both 6 years old.

Smokey Inuit male 5 years old

Cedar and Boots are available in June to go together both will be 6 this year.

Two csv pups are going to new homes tomorrow both owners have been here and spent the day with the puppies today for a little bonding.
Kiro is none to pleased her babies are leaving.

Wolf one of our new csv owners came laden with toys, treats, food, and hundreds of denta chews and rasks so kia was delighted to see him, she is now munching on a 2 foot long Hide bone.

Echo is running around with a toy duck quacking and Doodle the yorkie has run off with the bunny, all fairly normal in our house for a Sunday afternoon.

One of our 8 month old re homes has left today; she has gone to a very knowledgeable home with Husky owners.

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