5th June

A short week after our wet bank holiday weekend.

Cedar and Boots have gone to their new home together, they will have a fantastic retirement I am very happy for them both but we do miss them after six years they have left a big hole here.
My little Boots pup who I have called Rokka will carry on the line for future breeding, she will live with either Sea or Koko the two-csv pups from Kiro and Cito’s litter.

Zamu is being introduced slowly to Coosa and his girls for a few weeks if all goes well then Zamu will stay as a future stud dog.

Zulu a pure csv owned by Paul and Mandy Winder has come to join us for a while he is a stunning well-mannered dog and an exceptional example of the breed.

A’Lupa has had her pre hip score ex ray and it looks good so fingers crossed for the next one in a few months time.
She is still in Italy at the moment.
I have had recent pictures and video’s she is looking beautiful.

Shaun and Isla popped over this week they are busy with dog courses for the next few months, there are a few places left if you are still looking to do a course this year you will need to book and secure your place.
Kate has her course next weekend, she is really looking forward to it.

Echo is doing really well after her spaying, she is now back out on steady exercise.
Well should be steady but Echo does not quite comprehend slow, Wolf and I went out for a walk on Exmoor with Kia and Echo, they had a fantastic time playing in the river then chilled out for a while in the pub while we had a cream tea.

For the last ten years I have sold my puppies with Royal Canin food, well we have now had a slight change of direction.
After a meeting with Wolf and several discussions about diet and ingredients we have
Started to produce our own food.

The food will be branded WOLFZONE foods.
All of our food will be hypoallergenic; we are only producing top quality food we are not intending to do a budget range.

Our puppies are now on a supreme puppy food poultry based this they will be weaned on to at two/three weeks.
The change in food to our adult fish and rice will be from 6/7 months old.

The food is not just for the wolf dogs we are also feeding our Labradors, yorkies.poodles and labradoodles on the same food.

Puppies we have for sale

Cito has a male and 1 female pup left they are coming up 8 weeks old. Both silver grey very nice quiet laid back dogs just like his mum.

Boots has two girls and two boys left they are 7 weeks old.

Two girl pups from Mia.

Meli is due very soon dad is Reo they will be ¾ csv .

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