5th June

Saturday night I was expecting a real heavy down pour but it lasted about one minute.
Shone sat staring most of the night at the office door hoping to see the yorkipoo puppies, she was whining and tapping on the door.
It took almost three hours before she came away from the door, she couldn’t understand where the puppies were as the last one had left in the morning.
I was up just before 5 am all the dogs done Coosa’s pen cleaned and the house doors and windows opened to get some air flow to help dry the lime plaster out.
I had dogs out in each field, both yards and the drive and then I went out at 7.30 and started brush cutting the weeds along the banks.
I swapped over dogs and washing until 12 o clock and then fed everyone.
I went back out for an hour strimming and then I had to stop I was aching.
Next was to bring in the dry vet beds and do a bit of paper work and wash everyone’s bowls.
I spent some time out with each group; my poor hybrid group are having issues with ticks probably as they are only a few feet away from my neighbour and the fields surrounding me are all full of sheep and lambs at the moment.
Evening feeds all done and the kennel floors all wiped out again.
I went out in the pen with Razzle for a while as he can’t really have any exercise yet.
Matt left and I locked up the gates and swapped over dogs, I had to empty the paddling pool as the dogs were still playing in the water and I wanted them to come in dry.
Everyone was in by 9 pm.
A later start no one woke up before 6 am so that was nice an extra hour in bed.
Everyone was out and cleaned; I washed the hall way in the kennel and then went up to let the dogs at the top kennel out.
I was hosing Coosa’s pen when I heard Shone bark,
I thought oh well it must have been a cyclist going past as she only barked once.
The next thing I looked up and jumped out of my skin Wendy was stood in the middle of the pen, I had no idea that they were coming down, Wendy helped me finish the pen and then they took me out for breakfast it was really nice and a total surprise.
We got back and then they left and I swapped over dogs and went out for an hour with the strimmer.
I finished that as it was now time to cut up the chicken for lunch time feeds.
I had just fed everyone and then Matt arrived to do some more plumbing.
Rach rang and we had an hour catch up as she has been away for a few days doing promotional work and networking.
Time for picking up weeds and grass in the drive for an hour with the bitches, some wander off up the field and the others shadow me while I pull up the grass and weeds.
After weeding my neck was aching so I did an easier job I checked emails went for a wander around and saw Coosa’s group and then back down to sit with Shone’s group in the yard and then a quick chat to Matt.
Everyone was fed and then I swapped all the groups around.
Out again for another couple of hours strimming.
I stopped for dinner and then let the last groups out while I was getting the evening feeds done.
Matt left at 10pm so I ran around and brought everyone in and locked them up.
Everyone was finished by 7.30 and Jordan came in to give me a hand with the strimming so I showed him where I wanted done and then had chat with the builders.
I went back up to the top kennels and hosed out Coosa’s pen and the labs outside pen while they were in the field.
I had some people come to look at puppies for a friend of theirs as there as she lives a long way from here.
Chicken delivery arrived and then I cut it up and fed everyone.
I had another couple come and view puppies.
I had a long chat with a friend of mine about his wolf dog that was having an mri at Fitzpatrick’s referrals.
I moved each litter of puppies up one kennel and washed out all of the kennels did the water and changed eight vet beds to add to my pile of washing.
A quick chat with the builders and then did the evening feeds brought some groups in and then off to see Nath, Laura and Sophie.
We had a nice meal and then back to sort my dogs out before bed.
Everyone was finished by 7.30 and then I power washed the front pen and the rain started I got soaked.
I picked up in the drive and opened the gates for everyone coming in.
I went around and brought everyone in and put the next lot of washing in.
I had a quick chat with the builders as they were having a meeting last night with another builder that has just retired.
Next I made some phone calls to try and get some info on a problem I have with one of my yorkie’s.
I had another call to get another engineer in to look at the treatment plant again as it is still not quite right.
Next was to have a chat with my sister about both of our building projects.
I left groups of dogs out and went to pick up meat for them.
I got home and swapped the dogs around and unloaded the meat.
Chicken cut up and then everyone fed and the little dogs all had bones after their chicken.
I went and had a long chat with the builders about the next lot of lime we need to order and then had a chat with lime base and placed the order.
I sorted out the next lot of washing out to dry.
My customers from yesterday came back with more of the family and booked their puppy to take home after their holiday.
I took the bitches out for a wander around in the drive for a short while.
Next was to swap the labs and Narla over in field.
I made up the evening feeds and then took the puppies out for a play.
All the bitches went out on the drive for an hour with bones they were all happy and not shouting to come in.
Everyone else was out until about 8.30 and they all came in and had the last feed.
I brought up all the dry vet beds ready for the morning and then had dinner and made up the morning feeds.
A really busy morning all the dogs done and all the outside pens washed.
Everyone out side in the sun with bones.
I washed all the bitches’ kennels out and changed beds.
Hannah arrived to groom the dogs and then we treated every one of the kennel dogs for ear mites as a few of the bitches have them and unfortunately you can’t just treat some of them.
The builders arrived and we have just taken on another guy to help out with painting and overhauling the old windows.
I wormed all of the puppies and checked ears but thankfully they are all ok.
I took Razzle to the vets and had the tubes and stitches taken out of his nose, it does not look pretty by any means but he is much happier.
I got home and cut up the chicken and moved dogs around for feeding.
A quick trip to the builder’s merchant and then time for a play with the hybrids.
Caught up on the mornings answer phone messages and then back to the phone calls to sort out more building stuff, and a couple of things I had forgotten like to tax the van.
I had to speak to the company making my indoor kennels for the house dog room as there is a problem with how they will do it.
Everyone stay out until 5 pm when I opened the gates to let Hannah and the builders out.
Everyone now gone so all the dogs back out until dark.
After all the dogs were finished I got Jordan the labourer to give me a hand moving dog food bags and a general tidy up before he went back to help the builders.
I went to town and picked up the tiles ready for the tiler in a couple of weeks’ time.
While I was out I got the dreaded shopping out of the way.
When I got home we unloaded the van and then I fed everyone and let the pups out for a run.
I sorted out a couple more things with the builders and then a customer came to view her puppy.
I spent the next two hours checking puppies and cleaning the dogs ears after their ear mite treatment yesterday, some were terrible and some not too bad at all.
I got all the feeds ready for the evening and then went to my osteopath appointment; all went well I came out feeling quite good.
I got home and sorted the dogs out and then had dinner, I fed everyone and then changed dogs around in the field.
The last dogs went in at 10 pm.
I woke up feeling terrible my neck hurt I had a banging headache and felt hot and sick, I knew this was from the treatment the previous evening, so the morning cleaning and feeding was very slow.
I took over an hour and a half longer than normal, but it all got finished slowly.
The lady having Tease my labradoodle girl came to visit with her dog and her husband for an hour.
After they left I fed everyone their chicken and then had another ear cleaning session for about an hour.
I caught up on the blog and the stopped for lunch.
Sorry I can’t finish the blog I have an injury on my right hand it accidently got crushed.

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