5th July

Saturday night Kate came over and we had dinner and a few drinks, it turned into a bit of a late one, after everyone had gone to bed I tidied up and then got the morning feeds done for the house dogs and let them all out for half an hour before bed.
Kiro and Reo went out with food.
House dogs in and time for bed at just after 1 am.
Sunday morning was hot and wet, I did the house dogs and while they were out I put a wash on and hoovered the downstairs and cleaned out the puppies and fed them.
House dogs back in and then Kiro and Reo in.
The labs went out into Coosa’s back pen as the rain was heavy, I cleaned their kennel and then fed Cito and Shone and the yorkies.
I went down to the kennel and woke everyone up.
I did my dogs and then Nick did her dogs, I let the labs out after everyone was done and then did the fire.
We had breakfast and then I brought the labs in and let Cito and Shone out in the field and the house dogs out in the bottom block.
I got the frozen feeds out for the morning, Nick got her group out again and then loaded their car up ready to leave, after they left all my dogs went out again.
The house dogs came in and then the next lot of washing went in.
I sorted out my emails and then some paper work.
I cut up the chicken ready for lunchtime feeding.
We then had a really heavy shower so I thought this would be a good time to get a quick bath while the dogs were all inside.
Everyone went back outside and then I moved the yorkies back into the kennel and disinfected the yard.
I swapped over dogs in the field and the drive.
I had a long chat with Josh a friend of mine that has one of Narla’s pups, he is doing really well, he was my first boy to leave when the litter were sold, he is doing so well with him I was really pleased.
I power washed all of the top kennel area and outside pens and the track.
My friend arrived and then I power washed the track and tidied up around the fire pit.
Sarah pulled all the weeds from the top fence around the top shed area.
We cleaned up in the bottom yard and bottom block.
We cleaned everyone out again and the Coosa group came in and had food.
I locked up the kennel and then let Kiro and Reo with their food.
The house dogs all came in and then I got the meat out for the next day.
Monday morning was a hot start the house dogs went out and then Kiro and Reo in.
The labs went out and had food, I cleaned out their kennel.
I fed the house dogs and then we went down to the kennel, we cleaned all of the kennel dogs and then did the fire and fed the hybrids and put the labs back out and brought Shone and Cito in the bottom block.
Sarah picked up in the drive and then we swapped dogs around and then hoovered up in the kennels.
Sarah washed the kitchen while I was power washing.
Sarah and I got all of the vaccinations up to date and then wormed some of the dogs.
Lunch time feeds all cut up and everyone fed.
We went back to the house and then my bitch started to whelp so we sat with her and then I did lunch while Sarah kept an eye on her, she was a little rough with the pups to start but soon settled down.
One of the little boys is not doing well he is so small he won’t be with us long poor little mite.
I swapped dogs around while Sarah did guard duty with the bitch and new puppies.
I had 8 loads of washing to get through today; thankfully it was nice and hot so nearly all of it washing dried outside.
I got the meat out for the next day and then we stopped for dinner.
Labs and Coosa’s group swapped over.
All the kennels dogs were out for their last run, the bitches and puppies were fed.
We got the shavings and food out for the next day.
My friend has been on and off the phone and we have been checking out adverts and breeders looking for a good health tested cocker puppy, they are in very short supply with full health testing.
I did the evening feeds and then we had dinner.
I hosed the yards and then brought everyone in and locked up the kennel and let Kiro and Reo out.
The house dogs came in and had food.

Tuesday morning was really hot I did the house dogs and then I put the labs out I cleaned their kennel and Kiro back in for the day.
I fed the house dogs and then checked on my new puppies.
Sarah and I went down to the kennel and did all of the kennel dogs and then Sarah picked up in the drive and opened the gates ready for the meat delivery arriving, I had tons of bones on my first delivery.
Then we went to Sainsbury’s quickly, when we got home we put the next groups of dogs out.
I power washed the bottom block and the yard, Sarah hoovered and cleaned floors in the kennel, I power washed the kennel mats and hung them out.
The next delivery arrived that was 30 kilos of chicken so I froze 10 kilo and then cut up 20 kilos for the next two days.
We locked up the gates, no visitors for a few hours.
We had lunch and then fed the house dogs and then Coosa’s group.
I put a bath out for the labs for them to play in.
The kennel dogs were all fed and went out for a short time.
I did the fire and swapped over dogs in the field.
I had feed orders to do and emails and then I got the dinner prepared and put it on to cook while we did a few odd jobs and then I fed the bitch in the house and the yorkie pups.
I fed the Labradors and left them out to play in the bath in the yard.
The yorkies were playing out in the front pen.
I fed the kennel dogs and brought my rescue dog and Siren and Narla in.
Coosa’s group stayed out until late.
I did a few bits on the computer and then sorted out Hannah’s list for this week’s grooming.
I spoke to a couple of people about my poodle puppies.
I did the evening feeds and then we had dinner, all the dogs came in and the kennel locked up.
Kiro and Reo out and the house dogs in.
Wednesday morning was very hot I did the house dogs and then the labs.
Kiro and Reo went in and the kennel dogs all out.
Hannah arrived to groom.
Michael arrived to top field 2 and three as they were getting very overgrown and there was a strong chance of dogs getting grass seeds in their ears.
I finished in the kennel and did the fire and then went back and cleaned the labs pen.
Sarah gave me a hand to worm everyone and finish off the vaccines.
Jono arrived to pick up Sarah, Kirsty came down to have Lupus’s claws clipped and stayed for coffee.
After everyone was gone I finished off feeding everyone.
I swapped dogs around and filled up the paddling pools and baths again as it was so hot, none of the dogs wanted to be out for very long.
I got the van ready and stuff loaded for the evening for training.
I brought the washing in then got the meat out for the next day.
I spent some time up with the hybrids and filled up all of their water again.
All the house dogs were fed and then Cito and Shone came in for the evening, I left the doors open for the little dogs.
I fed the kennel dogs and then left Hannah to finish off the little dogs and off I went to training with Shiraz, via Tesco’s to get some shopping.
Training was good.
I got home and sorted out the dogs and hosed both yards by the house and finally finished at 12.30
Thursday morning was dry but soon became very wet.
House dogs done then labs fed and out.
Kiro and Reo in and the kennel dogs all done.
I did some picking up in the paddock and then Coosa’s field.
The fire was sorted before a huge down pour, I was up at the top gate so I got drowned, I came in and got changed.
While it was pouring down I cleaned all the floors in the house and then did lunch time feeds.
I had two bitches to get mated so that took up my next hour.
Meat delivery arrived so I had 80 kilo’s to sort out and cut and freeze.
I spent a couple of hours in the kennels with the dogs.
Evening feeds ready and then everyone went out again until 10 pm then Coosa’s group came out of there field and into the bunny field for half an hour before bed time.
Everyone in and locked up, Kiro and Reo out and the house dogs in, I cleaned their yards and then in as I was shattered and bed.
Friday morning another hot muggy start, house dogs out and labs out Kiro in kennel dogs done.
I went off to the osteopath and then cash and carry thankfully it was raining so the dogs being in was no problem.
I got home and let everyone out and fed them.
The afternoon was mating’s grooming and cleaning out puppies.
I went off to the vets with three dogs and then got back and did evening feeding.
Everyone in by 9 pm as it had been a long week and the rain was just starting.
Kiro and Reo pout and labs in.
Saturday morning I did the house dogs and then I cleaned the puppies out and then put the labs out and fed them.
Kennel dogs all done and Wendy and Brian arrived to sort out all of the new gates at the end of the drive and field three.
Wendy and I did the fire and then I had people here picking up puppies.
Kirsty popped in to drop off shampoo and pick up food
Kate arrived to bath Lobo.
Wendy and Brian were working up at the field.
I spent quite a while on the internet looking for quotes for a poodle to go to Scotland.
I did the lunch time feeds and then we had a bacon sandwich.
Feed out ready for the next day.
Kate and I cleaned out the puppy pen and moved Chianti over into the next pen so I had the pen back for the poodles in the house.
The labs went out on the drive and Lobo stayed out with Shone.
Cito came in with the poodles as she doesn’t like Lobo for some reason.
I had another bitch come into season so we had a swapping around session with the bitches.
I came in for a while and wrote the blog as it would be busy later with feeding and stuff.
Wendy and Brian finished the field gates it was all fiddle jobs wiring the gates and hanging them then making sure the dogs could not get underneath, it all looks really good and the dogs have already been out in the big field and loved it.
Wendy and Brian left.
Kate helped me with two mating’s this afternoon neither of which were easy.
I fed everyone and then Kate left.
I brought Coosa’s group in and had an early finish at 8 pm.

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