5th January

Sunday morning was so cold I put the house dogs out briefly they were keen to get back in.
I did their feeds and the puppies in the house.
I went out to the first lot of puppies and the first tap was frozen fed and cleaned them out and went up to the kennel and the drive was like a skating rink it was so hard to walk up there without falling over, when I got in the kennel Coosa had got his bucket off the holder again and soaked his kennel.
All the gates and water buckets were frozen solid it was a nightmare trying to open the gates my fingers were sticking to the metal.
I fed the puppies and put the poodle group in the yard and Kiro out. I cleaned them out and got Kiro back in she was making so much noise, she came in with her food and I let the lab group out and fed them.
I cleaned them out and one of the puppies’ kennels then all the little dogs came in as it was so cold.
I put the two hybrid groups out and Reo I cleaned all their kennels and the rest of the puppies.
After I had finished I came back to the house and cleaned the house dogs pens out and did the washing.
Next I burnt all the rubbish and got the frozen feeds out for the morning.
I fed the puppies and then went out in the field with the lab group so they would be quieter, when they came in I went out with the poodle group and then came in and checked the house dogs.
Next I went out with the hybrids and put Reo back out, I stayed out in the field for a while then came back in and cut the chicken for the house dogs and the little dogs in the kennel.
I washed one yard but the other one by the house was still frozen so I salted that one and left it.
I spent a short time on the computer and then fed all the lab and poodle groups and then they went out for a while.
Next out were three wolf dog groups who stayed out for most of the afternoon which gave me chance to get feeds done and straw stocked up.
I did paper work for puppies that were going out and a couple of vaccinations.
I got the beds down and water done for the night and then brought everyone in and fed the puppies.
Narla and Shone came in for the night.
Monday morning the weather was really bad I did the house dogs and fed the first group of puppies, Amy arrived and we cleaned out the pups and then went up to the new kennel.
We put the poodle group out and Kiro we fed the pups and got the first two kennels done as quickly as possible so the dogs didn’t drown.
Next out was the lab group and Reo, they were fed and cleaned out and then Coosa and the hybrid groups went out and they had their food outside while we cleaned their kennels and the puppies kennels out, the house dogs were moved over into Coosa’s pen so they had room to run around and we cleaned them out and got their dry food in for the evening and their toys.
Nathan came to do the electrics the emergency lighting is now finished and the certificate is done for the building inspector, the alarm is now all wired up and working.
The sensors on the outside lights are all set up.
We still have a few more bits to finish on the electrics like lighting in the drive and maybe electric gates we are looking into now.
The cctv needs to be finished off.
We did the house dogs and then the frozen feeds; I left Amy doing a list of jobs as I had two people booked in to see puppies.
Amy did the lunchtime feeds while I was sorting out paper work.
We cleaned two of the bottom yards and then Amy left so I carried on with the next yard and then fed the house dogs and the little dogs in the kennels.
I went out with the two lab and poodle groups and played ball with them for a while to keep them happy.
Next I put the hybrid groups out so I could get the feeds ready and sort out things I needed to get done.
Tory had to have a brush she looks like a shaggy sheep, not that she looks much better now, most of the wolf dogs are moulting and they look so untidy I hate seeing tufts of fur sticking out all over the place.
I did the beds and the feeds and then got everyone in and fed the puppies.
Tuesday morning I was woken up before the alarm by the rain what a great start to the day, I had finished the house dogs and was just washing up when Amy arrived so we did the first group of puppies.
We went down to the kennels and fed the pups and let the groups out the same as we had done on Monday morning.
I was waiting for BT to come and sort the telephone extensions out I got fed up with waiting and then rang them I spent an hour and a half on the phone being passed from one Indian to another and was totally peed off with it all.
Eventually the upshot of it was I have to have yet another line put in, well I have two lines now I am not having another so Nathan is going to sort it out for me.
Amy did the house dogs and changed the vet beds and moved the poodle puppies in together while I was still busy.

I was trying to hold the phone and clean the puppies kennel which slowed things down considerably.
Amy did odd jobs and cleaned yards while I was with a customer and then the next customer turned up before I had finished with the other people.
We had a meat delivery so I sorted that out and then Amy fed the puppies while I went to mole valley and got shavings and then to Sainsbury’s to get the puppies yoghurt and some milk.
Amy washed bowls and sorted out the last few things that needed doing in the kennel.
Simon was here fitting the disabled ramp for wheel chair access and then he put more screws in the bucket holder that Coosa had pulled off the wall.
We have now got boards we can slot in so the dogs don’t go past their own kennels.
He was going to do the cavity closures but he thought Kiro may eat him so he has left that job for now.
He will be back in a couple of weeks to put some shelves up and some cupboards in the office.
I cut up chicken and fed the little dogs and then brought the lab and poodle groups in and put the hybrid and wolf dog groups out.
I had a few things to sort out with Simon and then I needed to ring back some puppy enquiries that were waiting for my attention.
I fed Narla and Shone and the house dogs.
I got Coosa bed put down and water in I moved the house dogs back to their own bed and did the puppy feeds and the morning feeds.
I cleaned up the outside yard and then brought the dogs in as it was getting dark.
I fed everyone and then came up to the house and put the heat on for the house dogs and had a quick bath and then went out for the evening with my sisters and friends for a meal, and then a New year party, we had a great evening ad I got home just after 1 am.
Wednesday morning the weather was terrible I did the house dogs and then the first group of puppies.
I went down to the kennels and did the groups on at a time so I could get them in quickly if it rained too hard.
Wendy and Brian came down to give me a hand, We got everyone cleaned out and fed, the hybrids went out for a while then went into the top kennels and had the inside pen two and the back pen, they stayed in there and had their bones.
We came in for breakfast and then went out and I fed the pups while Wendy burnt the rubbish.
I got the frozen feeds done ready and Brian took them up to the kennels.
I had a couple of pups to get paper work done ready for the next day.
In the afternoon I disinfected the bottom yards and then cleaned all the old kennels at the top.
Everyone came in at about 4.45 so I fed and then came in and did nothing for the rest of the night I was so tired after being out late.
Thursday morning I did the house dogs and then Amy arrived so we did the first group of puppies and then down to the kennels.
We fed the pups and put out the first two groups, then fed everyone and started to clean out the puppies.
The first two groups went up to the top kennels while we cleaned their pens.
Hannah arrived and started grooming as we had two puppies going out and she had seven pups to bath and groom.
Next out was the little dogs, we cleaned them out and then they came back in as it was really wet.
Coosa and the hybrid groups went out.
We finished cleaning and then brought Kiro down and put the hybrids in for food.
Nathan arrived to put the telephone extensions in the new kennel.
We did the frozen feeds for the next day and then had two people here looking at puppies.
Amy disinfected the bottom block and then we did the lunch time feeds.
Amy left and I hosed the bottom block and cleaned the house dog’s yards.
I brushed Cito, shone and Narla as they are all moulting and having all of them in the bedroom is a pain when they are all shedding all over the place.
I went out and checked all of the fencing to make sure there has been no digging or trees fell on the fence again.
I brought all of the dogs in and did the feeds.
I went to check my emails and found the internet was down so I was ages on the phone trying to get it sorted out.
Friday morning was fairly reasonable not too much rain.
All the dogs went out and I cleaned the kennels and then left Amy to dry them while I sorted out the meat delivery.
I was then on the phone again trying to get my internet done, it turns out I have to wait until next Wednesday to get an engineer to come out and fix the problem.
I cut up the meat for the little dogs and then we cleaned the bottom block and all of the white boards.
I fed Shone and Narla and then a puppy owner came.
I did the paper work for the next pup leaving.
I had to ring pet plan to active all of the insurances as I cannot do them on line.
We did the lunch time feeds and then I did some worming and vaccinating of the older dogs.
By the time I had finished checking them over and vaccines it was time to get everyone else in.
I had to clean the yorkies kennel as they had yet again tipped the water over, at least with the hybrids you can fix a bucket in the kennels.
I fed the pups and locked everyone up.
House dogs all came in and I did the feeds and then wrote the blog.
Saturday morning I was late up so I did the house dogs while Amy started on the first group of puppies.
We went down to the new kennels I did the feeds while Amy put the poodles out and then fed them outside.
We put Kiro out while they were out as it quicker to clean one big kennel and one small while two groups are out.
They were cleaned and then came back in we did the same with the lab group and Reo.
Then Coosa and the hybrids went out and we cleaned their kennels and the puppies were moved and cleaned out.
I came up and started doing the house dogs and cleaning the floor.
Our poodle puppy went and then we did the meat for tomorrow.
We bagged up two bales of straw and then filled a couple of bins for feeds and straw for the next few days.
The hybrids went in for food while the lab group went out and while they were out we cleaned the bottom block and I did the bottom yard.
I fed the chicken carcasses while Amy fed the puppies.
I gave Narla a very quick brush, she could have done with longer but there wasn’t time.
I have been chasing a puppy owner about delivery of her dog but I seem to be chasing my tail.
I spent the afternoon between paper work and doing the dogs for about three hours and then I re cleaned everyone and did the feeds.
I brought all of the dogs in and had to vaccinate ten of the dogs and then feed and do the puppies.
I finished the blog in the hopes that I put it on a memory stick and gave it to my sister to leave at my mums and my son to pick it up and email it to Jaq.
Let’s hope all ok’s to plan.

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