5th February

Last Sunday was a good day the weather was fine until late afternoon, which allowed all the dogs to get plenty of time out.
Wendy and Brian were here doing odd jobs and Wendy helped me with the morning cleaning this in its self gives the dogs something else to focus on.
While we were out doing some alterations to how the dogs will pass each other’s fields on the way out on exercise needed to be changed so that the males can not see each other.
By putting up galvanized sheeting this caused a problem with the wind not being able to travel through the panels so it broke the frame on the gate.
Now we have put a line of round wooden fence posts to allow some air flow and to block the sight of passing dogs, thankfully it has done the job we had anticipated it would, therefore the stress levels in the males has reduced significantly which is a blessing right in the height of breeding season.
Kate popped in for a couple of hours and gave us a hand so we finished and all went out for a roast dinner.
By the time we came home the sleet was terrible.
Monday morning Kate had problems getting in due to having snow and she lives in a fairly isolated place.
Here we just had Huge flakes of very wet sleet all day long, it was so bad the dogs were literally swimming in mud by the gateways.
Each group only went out twice and they were very greatful to come in, as they were in longer they all had treats and hide chews to occupy themselves, they were extremely quiet for the day, I think Kiro thought I had better be quiet or I may have to go back out in that disgusting weather.
Everyone was in and finished by 5 o’clock, which left me plenty of time for a few hours paperwork.
Kirsty dropped in with her hybrid boy Lupus as she wanted me to look at his feet and advise on the gravel rash he has got from running around in the car park at the pub, he is one of the nicest natured dogs I have ever met, Kirsty has taken on a private dog trainer who is a friend of mine to give extra stimulation with Lupus and Kirsty’s other dogs, even he commented that Lupus was very keen to work and to please you whenever possible, this dog a credit to Kirsty and all the work she has put into him has really paid off,

Tuesday was a really early start, Coosa decided it is not raining so he wanted to come out at 6 am he was not going to give up howling so I did the housedogs and got him out as soon as we could.
The cleaning all went well the dogs had a good time out for exercise.
We moved Lobo into a new pack as he was starting to pick up bad habits from the girls in his group, he has now joined Cheauh and Starr to learn some more manners, and they are all getting along well.
We vaccinated and microchipped all the pups that are leaving this weekend.
I thought I would just power wash the yard again before out afternoon visitors, umm bad idea I got a nice drowning from a loose connection on the pipe from the power washer, we could not get it tight enough so Kate popped it up to the repair guy and picked up the next batch of vaccines.
Shaun and Isla came over to do part of the five day course on Trauma, this all went very well and the dogs did what was expected under the circumstances.
Our dog we use on the aggression course was also used on this course, she was the perfect dog, so well behaved I think people found it hard to believe she was the dog they had met before in a different situation.
When everyone had gone Shaun and Isla stayed for dinner along with Kate, we had a really nice quite evening chatting.

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Wednesday morning went really after we managed to clear the mud that had completely frozen solid.
Without having the power washer in the bottom block we just used buckets of hot water to scrub the pens then hosed the off after.
Most everything was finished early so we let the 10 small housedogs and three wolfdogs out in the field for a good run.
Kate finished off the last few groups to go out as my Royal Canin rep popped in for a coffee for an hour.
The afternoon went very quickly with no problems and then Kate and I went off to training, Kate did very well with Peaches the poodle.
C was good but not showing much enthusiasm with the class I think she was feeling tired from being out in the field with all the smaller dogs earlier in the day.
Not much sleep on Wednesday night as they all decided to howl three times during the night and each time I got woken up it was harder to get back to sleep.
Thursday was Kate’s day off so we were off to a slightly slower start as Hannah does not do any of the dogs on her own as she has only been with us a few weeks, everything was frozen solid so no real cleaning can be done first thing in the morning, everyone gets fed goes out in the field and has their buckets of water defrosted, then the pens get washed out on the second time they go out.
Late morning Kate turns up with the food shopping for Friday nights dinner and to spend some time with Lobo and ends up staying for the day and doing some lead work with Starr and Roka as I am looking to rehome both of these two girls.
Hannah spends the afternoon clipping Razzel while Kate and I do the dogs.
Quannahy started whelping late afternoon she has had ….Boys and …girls, most of the pups take after Wayakin, the sire of the pups in colour.
This is Quannahy’s first litter she is young and very fit, she had the pups quite quickly and with easy, she did not appear to be tired and she is doing really well looking after them all a very proud mum.
Meli one of our recent older girls we re homed is doing very well I have had an email from her new owners to say how happy they are with her and that she has settled in very well.
Friday was an interesting morning everything was frozen solid, it took ages to defrost everyone’s buckets so I am prepared for Saturday all the spare buckets are ready to give them fresh water in the morning and leave their buckets to defrost in the house.
Kate was off for the morning and Hannah was in for cleaning and exercise time, she is doing very well considering that she was in shock after her first day, Hannah had previous experience in working at a kennel but soon realised that it was nothing like working here with a large number of high ranking dogs.
In the afternoon Shaun and Isla came over with a really nice group of people to do another course this one was on puppies and rankings in the litter, everyone seemed to enjoy the course and said how pleased they were with what they had learnt this week.
Three of the cockerpoo pups went today.
Shaun and I had a chat with a guy from the BBC about possibly using some of our hybrids for some filming.
Hannah spent the afternoon on ear cleaning razzel, and a puppy trim on Peaches.
Kate came in to help with the last hour of the evening on the outside dogs and to finish off dinner for all of us.
Quannahy is a little unsettled with her puppies so Shaun and Isla have come over to stay the night and spend time with her giving her the security and confidence she needs.
It is rare for me to breed from a low ranking bitch like Quannahy, I always take preference to an Alpha bitch, having given this a lot of thought over the last few days I am going to rehome Quannahy after she has weaned the pups as I feel she will be better as a pet than a brood bitch.

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