5th December

A freezing cold snowy wet and icy week we have had it all and survived it very well considering.
Heaters and heat lamps everywhere has helped tremendously with no freezing pipes.
We have had to rubber mat a path out to the fields as we were struggling to stand up, I think the dogs found it funny that we were hanging on to the fence to take them out.

D’Quilla may have one hybrid male puppy left, he is a strong outgoing lad with a nice character, and he has the look of his dad Matzi.

Shaun and Isla have a hybrid from D’quilla so it will be nice to give updates on his progress.

Our other lad Aspen has been getting acquainted with his new owner today, they seemed very happy and relaxed to spend time getting to know each other, he will have a great home with an experienced couple and this new pack of dogs.

Our little home- bred Labradoodle Tease gave us quite a shock at the beginning of the week, she was proudly nursing five beautiful little puppies when I went in to let her out in the morning.
This litter was not expected for another two weeks, sneaky little Reubin must have been up to his tricks earlier than I realized.

On the front page of the web site is a short video of the wolf dogs this was taken by Cathy and Bruce in their earlier visit, so thank you very much for taking the time to shoot the video.

Soul had her hip score back this week it was under 10 which is great as she will be bred next year, this will be a hybrid litter possibly using Wayakin he is a forest brown pure bred Saarloos male owned by Shaun Ellis.
Anyone serious about owning this type of dog would be considered during the year.
If we have a suitable number of owners waiting then the mating should be around November /December next year.
Prospective new owners can have a look at Shaun’s web site for information on Wolf and wolf dog courses.

Paul has said our girls have all settled well in Orkney despite the serious change in climate for them all.
Great news with Cujo being scanned she has been confirmed in pup, so lots of little Christmas puppies for Paul and the family.
Moppit our noisy little Labradoodle has enjoyed her move to Scotland she has become a housedog until her new companion arrives.

Anyone looking for an older re home female please look on the older dogs page as we have a five year old looking for a new home in the new year.

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