5th August

Sunday morning was an early start I finished the house dogs and got Coosa and Matzi out for a run then loaded them into the van and off to Shaun’s.
Both boys travelled fairly well, it was a slow drive as Coosa is not too keen on travelling normally and would be sick.
I think having Matzi with him gave him confidence as he looks to Matzi whenever he is unsure.
When we arrived Shaun told me which enclosure to put the boys into and off I went up over the field with them both.
The wolf dogs and the wolves heard us approaching and started to howl, Coosa looked as if to say oh no not these guys again, but Matzi just strutted up the hill and straight into the pen.
I gave both boys a hug and a kiss and told Matzi to look after his dad.
Off they both went investigating the new environment and running up and down the fence checking out the wolves.
I stayed for a coffee and made sure they were both ok, then off to pets at home to get a load of chews and treats for the house dogs, then to grab Kate a bit more shopping.
I got home and went through some last minute things with Kate before she went off to a christening.
I got the van cleaned out and ready with the clean blankets to pick the boys up after my holiday.
Suitcase and everything loaded and ready or when Kate arrives back here at 7 pm tonight before I leave.
Kia has been really off this week even before I booked the holiday she has been quiet and grumpy with some of the other dogs in the house at night.
She has started to lose weight and is not as strong on her back legs as she used to be, I have told Kate to increase her food and decrease her exercise.
I am more worried about leaving her than I am any of the other dogs, I am hoping it is just a bad week for her and she gets back to her old self soon.
I spent as much time out with the dogs as I could for the afternoon.
I fed everyone and then did the last of my emails as I am not intending to go near a computer while I am away, Jacqui will be answering my emails and Kate will take care of any phone calls and sort out anyone wanting to view labradoodles but no one will be in to see wolf dogs while I am away.
I left home at 7pm all on schedule. A half mile from my house I thought I saw a yellow tail of a dog sticking out of a hedge, so I turned round and went back. The yellow dog was in fact a female Labrador, she was eating a deer carcass. The carcass was moving even after I put the yellow dog into my van..the reason was that there was a black male Labrador on the other end of the carcass! He took a little more persuading and a little longer to catch. Both now safely in my van,I headed off home again. First call was to the dog warden, unfortunately they didn’t work on a Sunday. Second call was to emergency animal incident, they couldn’t help me either. Next call was to the local boarding kennels but unfortunately no one was home. Next stop was to the two local vets, one doesn’t do evenings and the other had moved their emergencies to another vets many miles away from me. Out of sheer desperation I went to the police – not their problem! So before going completely mad I made one more phone call to Carl Kaswell, my previous animal welfare officer from Torridge council. Thankfully, even though he doesn’t work on a Sunday, he came and met me in South Molton. We unloaded the dogs and put them in his van and he has taken them off to the vets in Bideford as neither of them were microchipped, tattooed or were wearing a collar. They will both be going to the Dogs Trust on Monday morning. I am absolutely disgusted with the system on stray dogs at the weekend! Had it not been for Carl, I would have had to take them home and found somewhere to put them. This would have been an absolute last resort, not knowing if they were carrying any infectious diseases or even been vaccinated. What would someone else done in my situation? I am going to write a letter to the council explaining that dogs do not know the difference between a weekend and a weekday and had the strays caused a road traffic accident, someone may have been killed ( or the dogs themselves) due to the negligence of the council!
And now I am actually off on my holiday!

I arrived back just before 7pm so Andre & I could sort out the last few bits before she left for her much deserved holiday. 7pm came and Andre left. Not only to return 40 minutes later with two stray dogs, she found on the side of the road, they both were in a very poor state. Neither of them had any form of identification which was very disappointing. After all the commotion ended I just relaxed for the evening watching telly (perched on the edge of a seat :0) )with all the house dogs.

Monday morning was a fairly early start as I am working alone. I managed to get everyone out and fed by 10am which meant I got plenty of time to spend out in the field with everyone – poo picking of course. The lovely job. It was nice to be able to spend time like that with all of them. Whilst the labs were out I scrubbed their yard clean. Taska and Lycan are really missing Coosa :0(. In the late afternoon I did a bit of strimming round the muck heap, It looks a lot better now. The meat delivery arrived so I sorted that quickly so the flies didn’t have a feast. I Made up the next evening feeds, one less job for tomorrow. I finished around about 18.30pm, got the house dogs feeds ready for the morning the kirsty came round. Lola and her pups have settled nicely together no problems there. End to a good first day :0)
Tuesday morning was a very wet start, the heavens were open!. I Got everyone in and out without getting them too wet. It wasn’t long before it stopped raining so I could let the dogs back out. The afternoon soon appeared so I spent about an hour cleaning the labradoodles ears and giving them a brush. I Got an area ready for Rosie for when she has her pups, I put her in there with Tease just for company until she whelps. I’ve had two of the wolf dogs come into season, thankfully its only Kiro- who is by herself and Eba who isn’t with Matzi at the moment as he is away. I did a bit of
de-weeding for a while. Time to settle everyone down for bed time. I went out with Kiro and Kia for one last run before Kiro went down to her night pen, gave Kia a brush- she enjoyed that.
Wednesday- Another awful day. Everyone went out as normal in the morning but afternoon run was a quick outing as the weather wasn’t too good. In the mean time I managed to finish poo picking field two, and bath 3 Yorkies. I didn’t realise how powerful Andre’s big woofer hairdryer is, so consequently nearly blowing the yorkies off the grooming table, They didn’t look impressed. Later on in the evening a family came to see one of the Biscuits pups they have bought, it was nice to see such happy smiley faces.
Thursday morning started off lovely, well that soon changed. It rained on and off all day. I hosed down Roxy & Atlas pen- they looked a bit confused. Andre called, she is having a lovely time, too hot she says if only it was like that here. All the wolf dogs are looking very fed up with this weather they want to lay out in the sun like their mum is. Sophie is in tomorrow and Saturday it will be nice to have a hand.
I can’t believe how quickly this week has gone, its Friday already. It has been a very tiring week as I’ve been on my own but it has been nice to spend so much time with all the gang :0) . Sophie and I got things done a lot quicker this morning as there were two of us. Had the chance to clean all the pens out thoroughly as it takes time when you’re on your own. Rosie started whelping so I spent the rest of the day back and forth checking on her as I didn’t want anything to go wrong. Kirsty came round to keep me company in the evening once she finished work, it was 2.30am finish. Mother and puppies are doing well. Saturday. Feeling very tired I got up early. It was raining. Managed to get everything finished and little extra done before Sophie left early and I had people coming to view puppies. All went well. On and off it was raining all day once again. I went out with the labs this afternoon for an hour playing ball and poo picking at the same time. Let’s hope it’s a relaxing evening. Kia is getting back to her old self again now which will please Andre when she gets back.

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