5th April

Saturday night Kirsty and I went to Cardiff to pick up Teeko, we had a good drive up even though it was so windy,
We got to the house and the owner let Teeko the hybrid puppy in, he skulked into the room and under the table, I called him and put my hand out and he went mad he jumped all over me making squealing noises and then ran to Kirsty and gave her a kiss, he was so pleased to see us the owner was sat in shock shaking his head, he said he has never seen him like this, he really couldn’t believe his eyes.
There is not a chance in hell Teeko would have let us leave without him, we were out within minutes and on the road home with the happiest puppy in the world, even one that doesn’t really like to travel.
We had a good drive home and got back at 10.30, so it was only a five and a half hour round trip.
When I got home I put Kiro and Reo away for a few minutes and put Teeko in with Sara and the Labrador puppy group, we went mad kissing everyone and jumping around whining, he didn’t know what to do with himself.
After a while it all went quiet and everyone cuddled up and went to sleep.
I let Kiro back out and then let all of the house dogs out while I washed up and got the morning feeds ready.
I sat down just after 11 and checked my emails and phone messages another long day, but it’s all in a day’s work when a dog needs you.
The wind had followed us home from Cardiff it was terrible trying to sleep with so much noise outside.
Sunday morning
I woke up to hear the wind and rain; I also noted missing an hour’s sleep was not good either.
I let the house dogs out and then Kiro back in and the lab group out with the two hybrids, as it was so wet they went into the bottom block and had their food in there where they could stay dry for the day.
I went down to the kennels and got everyone out and fed and cleaned.
Coosa’s group went out for a about an hour and then went into the top kennel area with food until the rain eased a bit.
After finishing in the kennel I put the house dogs in the bottom yard and cleaned out the lab group, I got the frozen feeds out for the morning and then cut up the chicken for lunchtime feeds.
Next was to clean the puppy room in the house and then back up to the kennels to let a group out as the rain was easing up a bit.
I moved the bitches away from the pups and cleaned their kennel right out and sprayed it and wiped it all down and then put them back into the kennel.
I picked up in the drive and brought some shavings in while it was not too wet.
I also needed food in the house for the poodles.
I had some food while I was in and a chat to wolf as he was looking after his neighbour’s dog after a house fire.
Next lunch time feeds for everyone and let the house dogs out.
I spent some time with the lab group and then up to the kennel to hoover the office area and get the feeds ready for the puppies.
I also got the evening feeds ready as I wanted to get a reasonably early finish if it was going to be raining.
I popped back to the house and made my dinner for tomorrow night so it could marinate in the fridge.
I let the next group out from the kennel and wrote the blog so I could be up with them as it was looking like it would rain anytime soon.

Monday morning was cold and windy but dry, I did the house dogs and then put Kiro in and let the lab and hybrid pups out for food.
I went down to the kennel and fed the puppies and let everyone out and cleaned them out.
Coosa’s group were out in the field and Cito and Shone went out, the house puppies went out in the yard, I cleaned their room out and then back down to the kennel to swap dogs and sort out the last of the paper work for the hybrid puppy going to Kuwait.
After that was all finished and I spoke to the airline to get the flight date and the day they require the puppy to be delivered I then had to get all the drive cleaned up and open the gates as the kennel guy was coming to replace some panels, I was just up by the gate when he arrived, so he made a start and then I cut up the chicken for lunch time feeds.
Everyone went out as much as possible and then came in with chews in their kennels.
Andy fitted all of the kennel front for me and then did a few odd bits of plastic weld that the dogs had worked lose and pulled up so it was sharp.
It was late afternoon when Andy left so I locked up the gates and then let the dogs out on the drive.
I got the evening feeds ready and then spent an hour with the lab group and the hybrids trying to get pictures of Teeko, I spent an hour talking to a potential hybrid owner.
The rain started so everyone came in and then Coosa’s group came down and had food.
I locked up the kennel and the fed the lab group and put them away; I popped into the house and fed the poodles and put my dinner in the oven and then went out and hosed the labs yard in the wind and rain.
When I went back in the house it was in darkness and no smell of my dinner cooking, so dinner was a sandwich and candles out.
After a couple of hours the power came back on so I left the food cooking for the next day.
I had a quiet evening with the house dogs.
Tuesday morning was gale force winds, I did the house dogs and then went and brought Kiro in and fed her.
Lab group fed and cleaned out.
I opened up the gates ready for Hannah coming in at 8 am.
I got everyone out and fed, all the kennels cleaned and then put Coosa’s group out and Shone and Cito.
I lit the fire which was challenging and then had breakfast and let the house dogs out.
Next I let the puppies out and I cleaned the puppy room and left it to dry.
I got washing on as Hannah would have loads of towels from bathing the dogs.
I went back up to the kennel and Hannah had arrived and started bathing one of the poodles.
The meat delivery hadn’t arrived so I phoned to find out what time it would be here, the chicken hadn’t arrived at butchers so I said I would go and pick it up at lunch time.
I had hoped the second delivery from the other company would be here but I phoned them and they said it would be around 5 pm.
This gave me some spare time to brush and clip one of the poodles and then Hannah could bath and tidy her up in the afternoon.
I had a puppy owner come and pick up their pup on the way home from their holiday.
I fed everyone and then gave them all bones as I picked up hundreds today.
My next job was to request the forms to open an account with another company for chicken carcasses as I can’t be messing around with waiting for food to come in at all different times.
I got the evening feeds ready and then wrote the blog knew I was going to finish late with the meat not coming in until 5 pm and then having to cut up 40 kilo’s.
Coosa’s group had been really good this afternoon so I went up and spent half an hour with them, they were not so good in the morning we had a few howls.

I hoovered the kitchen and the office area and then took the plumbing under the kitchen sink apart and cleaned it all out.
Hannah and I had a coffee and then she left.
The house dogs went out for a run on the drive and then the meat arrived so I put them out in the garden and then put a group of dogs out in the drive and cut up the meat.
I fed the labs and hybrids and then hosed their yard.
Coosa’s group came in and had food, I fed the puppies and locked up.
As the house dogs were out I went out to play with them while Shone and Cito played running up and down in the yard and the bottom block, Rupert thought it was great fun to antagonise Shone, they were playing chase up and down and then Rupert would hide behind the back corner and then jump out and run at the fence, they were worn out when they all came in.
Kiro and Reo went out and had their food.
I had dinner and then fed the house dogs.
Wednesday morning was a cold dry breezy start; I did the house dogs and then put Kiro away and fed the lab group and the hybrids.
I went up and did the kennel dogs and then Coosa’s group were out so I put Shone and Cito out in the field and did the fire.
The house dogs were out in the yard, I stopped for breakfast and a bath so I was half way ready for evening training.
I had a couple ring up to view puppies so I picked up in the drive and opened the gates for them.
After they left I got the lunch time feeds ready and swapped over dogs and brought Coosa’s group into the top kennel area and Shone and Cito into the house.
My neighbour had a house viewing so I fed everyone and did a few emails and then Dave arrived for a visit for a few days.
We had coffee and unloaded his car and then let all the dogs back out again.
Dave moved all of the old panels from the kennel to the garage while I sorted out the paper work for the new account for chicken carcasses and then paid for the flight for Sara.
I wrote today’s blog and then got the evening feeds ready.
I fed everyone and then brought Coosa’s group in , well everyone except Coosa he was throwing a tantrum as Dave is here and he hates other people being around , well most men anyway.
I put the others in and then went back up and got Coosa, I didn’t feed him his few bits of chicken as he made it so difficult to bring him in.
I got changed and then Shiraz and I went off to training, the puppy class were exceptionally good and then Shiraz was in the bronze class, she was very good until she broke her stay.
As the test is coming up next week I also did the silver class with Shiraz to see if this would help her as I thought she wouldn’t be as confident around the big dogs.
She did well this meant she had to do 2 minute stays which is twice as long as she is used to doing.
The gold class did very well this week.
We finished up and tidied the hall and off home.
When I got back Dave had the house dogs out watching tv and he had cleaned the labs yard and washed one of Coosa’s pens up at the top kennel area.
I checked my emails and fed the house dogs and had a glass of wine before bed.
Thursday morning was dry but you could see it wasn’t going to stay that way for long.
I did the house dogs and then the lab group, Kiro went in and then we went down to the kennels and got everyone out fed and cleaned.
I left Coosa’s kennel to soak in disinfectant.
Shone and Cito went out in the field and we did the fire and then had breakfast.
I cleaned the puppy room and Dave pick up bones in Coosa’s field.
I went back to the kennel and finished off washing the bowls and then cleaning Coosa’s kennel.
Dave dried it while I was sorting out pictures for a customer.
Dave took down the old wire and posts from an old boundary fence.
The rain started at about 11.30 so I put the lab group in the bottom block and brought Cito and Shone from the field to the house and put Coosa’s group up into the top kennel area to eat.
I cut up all of the chicken and then fed everyone as and when the rain eased off.
We stopped for a coffee and I got the dinner prepared for us for the evening.
Dave went back to doing the fence and putting in new posts while I washed Narla and Sirens kennel and then bedded them up with loads of straw as they were both out in the rain.
I spent the afternoon doing paper work and letting dogs out when I could.
I wormed all of the puppies and brushed Narla.
I got the evening feeds ready and the puppy packs in order of which owners were going to be arriving first in the morning.
Evening feeds ready, I had a bit of time before bringing in dogs so I spent a little time with Sara on the lead she hated it just as expected.
I cleaned the bottom block and moved the lab group and fed them, now time to feed puppies and get everyone in and lock up for the night.
Friday morning was another cold and wet start, house dogs done and then Kiro in and the lab group went straight up to the bottom block for food as it was so wet.
We went down to the kennel and fed and cleaned everyone out, Coosa’s group were out in the field and Shone and Cito out in the other field.
We left the rubbish in the shed as it was too wet to have a fire.
The puppy owners arrived and all left happy with bundles of fluff.
The meat delivery arrived so I sorted it all out and got the feeds ready for lunch time and the next day.
My neighbour had another house viewing so Coosa’s group were in the top kennel area with food while they were looking at the house
After they left we went to mole valley and bought some more fence posts and ordered another gate and a pallet of shavings for next week.
We made a quick stop in Sainsbury’s on the way back, when we got home Dave unloaded the shopping and I let dogs out and then we had lunch.
Next Dave went up to do some more on the fencing in field three and I did the puppies and let dogs out.
I re cleaned the puppy room in the house and then moved the labs into their yard as it had stopped raining.
I disinfected the bottom block and then gave Sara a short walk on the lead she didn’t like it any more than the day before.
I hosed the bottom block and then got the dinner in the oven for us.
I got the evening and morning feeds ready in the kennel and then the rain started again so I fed the labs and put them away and then got Coosa’s group in and fed them.
The rain had eased so I let the house dogs out on the drive while I wrote the blog.
House dogs back in and Kiro and Reo were now out for the night.
Saturday morning was cold but dry, the house dogs went out and then Kiro came in, I fed the lab group and Dave took the meat up for Coosa’s group.
We cleaned the lab kennel and then up to let the rest of the dogs out in the main kennel.
Everyone went out and were fed and we cleaned the kennels and moved the puppies in new kennels and cleaned their kennels out.
Coosa’s group were out in the field so Dave took everything up for burning and I put Shone and Cito out in field one and lit the fire.
The house dogs went out in the bottom yard, while we swept and cleaned the floors in the house.
I got the frozen feeds out for the next day.
We stopped for breakfast and then went up to the kennel to do some slight alterations on the bars for the sliding fronts on the puppy kennels.
Dave went yup and carried on with his fencing while I fed everyone their chicken carcasses.
My next job was to brush Matzi as he was starting to look scruffy and I hate lumps of fluff and old coat hanging on a dog, it looks like no one cares about them.
Matzi loves his brushes; he gets very angry when Coosa comes up to muscle in on Matzi’s quality time with me.
Matzi flew at Coosa I thought he had bitten him as Coosa screamed so I had a look on his face but no he was just warning him.
I did find a very big lump on Coosa’s face which was another cyst in the same place he had one last year, so I got a large needle and put it straight through the cyst and cleaned it out, it was disgusting so much mucky stuff, so I then had to wash all of the side of his face.
Taska was very concerned about this so she sat at the gate and watched, after I had finished picking at Coosa I gave him a treat and then let him back out again, Taska gave him a full inspection and a kiss.
Matzi came back and finished his brushing session.
I gave Taska and Coosa a bit of a brush but not much as neither of their coats are really starting to moult yet.
A couple rang up on the off chance of seeing puppies so I picked up in the drive and opened the gates.
After they had left I did some gardening for a couple of hours, I was joined by my yorkie Rosie as she had jumped the five bar gate to come and sit with me.
I finished and went up to see how Dave was getting on.
Now I was aching so I thought it was time to stop and write the blog.
Next was to get the evening feeds ready for the house dogs and kennel dogs.
I fed everyone and then brought Coosa’s group in and fed them.
Kennel locked up, I fed the labs and then cleaned there yard and locked them up for the night.
Dave spent some time doing the outside light as it doesn’t always come on when you walk past it.
Kiro and Reo went out for the night; we had dinner and then chilled with the dogs for the evening.

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