4th September

Wolf dog puppies for sale Shoshone / Wolfzone kennels.
Wolf dog puppy viewings this week have been very good with four people coming to meet the dogs with a view of having a pup within the next year.
Meli female pup has just gone as a companion to a very nice home with a Malamute cross whose owner was duped into buying him as a Czech cross.
Shaun and Isla came over with friends to look at pups, they have fallen in love with the last Boots female, she has gone to a really nice home with two Labrador males as exceptional role models for her.
After a long chat with Shaun he has been waiting for a hybrid male to complete one of his packs.
All being well if Shaun can develop a relationship with Matzi over the next few weeks when he will be visiting to spend time getting to bond with Matzi to make the move easier for him.

I decided that as I only use him a couple of times a year that he will go to join a new pack at Shaun’s this way it’s a benefit to both of us and Matzi.
I will still use him to breed from and he won’t have the stress of being around the girls in season here

We had two re home 2-year-old castrated males in this week one is still looking for a home as soon as possible due to our new litters needing the space.
He is a big lad called Storm he has a gentle nature, his only real fault is he is strong on the lead, he has a floppy ear which makes him look quite cute. He is a Saarloos /Inuit cross.
He prefers to live in the house, he is good with other dogs.
The second boy has already been homed with a wolfdog female.

Vicci has been here this weekend she has been practicing her clipping on the poodles.

This weekend has been so busy with a constant flow of people, hence the short blog as we are absolutely shattered and need to be ready for an early morning as the concrete arrives to do the three yards tomorrow.

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